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Published: Monday, Sept. 2 2013 10:10 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

“Virginia was giving up and they looked defeated. If we keep that mentality the whole game, they’ll stay defeated all four quarters. We made some mistakes, of course, that kept them in the game, and (as a result), we gave them the game. If we cut down on some of the mistakes and keep executing and do what we need to do, they’re going to get tired, bow down to our will and we’ll go out there and do our thing.”

Wow. Obviously BYU "gave" the game away. It is the reason for every single one of BYU's losses. Fun fact, BYU has actually never lost because the other team was simply better or because its opponent made some big plays the resulted in a W; just ask them.

Salt Lake City, UT

Look! Everybody is doing it!

"The name of the game for Texas this season is tempo. As in full-throttle, no-huddle, don't-stop-to-catch-your-breath pace of play. Coach Mack Brown's goal is to average 80 or more plays from the line of scrimmage, a blistering pace that could wear down opponents."

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Two For Flinching

Good grief, BYU didn't give the game away. Virginia won the game. Give Jamaal a break, he is after all an 18 year old kid. If you were in his shoes and had played your guts out at his age you might feel inclined to say the same thing.

From what I saw, both teams made mistakes but in the end Virginia out executed BYU and "made one more play" as they say. In the end, one team has to win and the other team has to lose. In this case, BYU was on the losing end. It appeared to me that, through much of the game, Virginia played cleaner football and executed better.

I will say though, it's tough to pin this loss on Jamaal, even though BYU probably would have one if he caught the ball. He was the one who got 4 yards a carry on 33 carries. You can't really say this often, but that average wasn't because of great blocking, it was just a good individual effort from a young player playing hard. He can't be doing that every game though. Other guys like Adam Hine need more carries.

Issaquah, WA

First of all, Jamaal and BYU shouldn't forget about the Virginia game. They should be embarrassed, and angry, and rabidly motivated to prove that there is actually some substance to the, as of yet, ridiculous forecasts of a competent coaching staff and offense.

Second of all, I agree that it's easy to point fingers and make statements about how the other team didn't win the game but that BYU gave it away. Looking back to last year, and now including this game, that makes something like six games lost by a total of 17 points. So, it's easy to look for the smallest circumstances and hypothesize that the game could/should have been won. However, BYU put themselves in the situation of losing the game on the smallest of circumstances, and that's not an excuse. Own the performance and put enough points on the board so that you can have some bad calls and bad luck, and still win the game.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

This article is full if good ideas for tee shirt slogans:

1. A chipmonk eating an acorn on Wlliams shoulder! Slogan "we came out with a chip on our shoulder"...
2. "92 yard drive"...below a picture of Bronco hoisting a big trophy above his head for that moral victory!
3. Big letters...MY BAD above pictures of Bronco, Anae, Hill, Williams, football, raindrops
4. A football image and underneath it....THIS IS A FOOTBALL Then a medicine ball and underneath it...THIS IS A FOOTBALL THAT IS WET

Does the reporter know that is D1 football, they use like 20 footballs and there is a team of guys who work all game to switch them out after every play? They dry them off, keep them under towels. It's quite a process actually...

Beaver, UT

@Two For Flinching "BYU has actually never lost because the other team was simply better or because its opponent made some big plays the resulted in a W; just ask them." "we gave them the game."

Never lost because the other team was simply better?
54-10 come to mind?

2 Fur, Football has its cycles during the game, momentum shifts continually during the close ones.

I have NEVER witnessed a football team GIVE a game away.

A lose comes from a sound defeat, mistakes or poor coaching.

Take your pick.

Phoenix, AZ

1. Give the kid a break. He has been asked the same question in multiple ways by the media since the loss. He is and humble and trying to answer the questions
2. He is trying to look on the bright side and put lipstick on the pig. What choice does he have? Should he stand up there and say they have no hope at all for the rest of the season and give up?

Don't tear on the kid for his words. Yes, they were 2-3 plays away from being 1-0, but they are not anywhere near 2-3 plays away from being 11-2. They are about five starters away from that level.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm all for moving on but the painful reality is that Anae will continue to run the same plays over and over. The line will continue to miss blocks and Hill will continue to be inaccurate with his throws. This coming game will be more of the same, go fast, go hard, punt.

Gus Tunkle
Pleasant Grove, UT

Jamaal is a super awesome and cool player. He will come back strong in this next game and lead the BYU Cougars to victory! I am rising and shouting RIGHT NOW!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds to me like the coaches know exactly what needs to be done. Take some time folks and look at how many error free days you have had in the last week. See (unless you aren't honest with yourself), and you have the benefit of having a know everything, never make a mistake life coach too. I rest my case.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

I feel that many of the comments here do not address the topic at hand. The Virginia game is over and Texas is coming up. From the looks of last week's game, I don't feel much has changed with the Cougars. Yes, the season is still young and much can be accomplished. Last year, the BYU AD made statements about how things were going to change. At first glance, it does not look to me like anything has changed. Given the improvement in schedule for this year, things do not look to be getting better. Passing game has too many dropped balls. BYU cannot run the ball and expect to grind down their opponents. That game is just not there. Well, we have another week to see how things go. After that, it may be time to look inward and think about making a coaching change.

Phoenix, AZ

I'm not forgetting the missed catch. I'm not forgetting the loss. I'm tired of watching Riley Nelson type quarterbacking (skipping the balls to receivers or over throwing wide open ones). I don't care if the weather was bad, good teams have good players and can hope for some good breaks under these situations. I don't care that Hoffman was out. Championship teams find a way to win without excuses. Hill better bring his A game on Saturday and the O line better decide to show up. I made fun of Erickson at ASU (and subsequently Utah) for his poor play calling and I thought I saw that in Anae. I'm tired of the pre-season hype and then watching a mediocre season.

Draper, UT

Appreciate Coach Anae and Jamaal taking the blame for the loss. Tysom should do the same as 13 for 40 is totally unacceptable. Yes, there were few drop passes, but a 50% completion is not good by any standards. I know Coach want to protect Tysom's fragile ego, but time to grow up and move to the next level. Learn from the last game, but it also mean looking at things honestly so you can correct them. Everyone makes mistake, it is an imperfect world.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

How Refreshing:

“While offensive coordinator Robert Anae blamed himself after the game for calling the pass play that resulted in a costly turnover, Williams took ownership for not making the catch.”

Everyone is quick and willing to accept responsibility for a mishap from the players to the coaches. I like that. No more miscommunications. No more passing the buck.

Yes, we lost a game against Va. that everyone in the know says that we should have won.

Yes, the heat and the humidity was terrible. Yes the thunderstorms delaying the game through the timing off on both teams. Yes, Cody Hoffman was injured and could not play. If any one or more of these mishaps were different, we might have won.

The important thing to me is our schedule.

I am proud, win or lose a close one, our team with our schedule makes me proud.

I would rather have a 6-6 season with the schedule we have than to have a 10-2 or 11-1 or even a 12-0 season with a line up of Patseys. A bowl game means nothing to me at all when we win with a Patsey Schedule.

Omaha, NE

So if both teams execute on every play who wins the game?


West Jordan, UT

I'm amazed at some of the absolutist posts.

Of course a player can feel that his team gave the game away. A botched snap resulting in a safety...more descriptive of a team giving up two points than the other team "taking" it. A poor play call or poor execution on a critical play giving the other team great field position and an easier chance to score...more descriptive of a team giving away opportunity than having it taken from them by something proactive that the opponent did.

What is so hard about that concept?

But, of course the game is long enough and full of enough opportunities that we often hear..."it shouldn't come down to that,"...which is true...but, ironically it often does.

It sounds like Jamaal and the coaches recognize mistakes and weaknesses and will work to improve. What more can you ask? Would that we all could objectively view our weaknesses and find a way to improve day by day.

Most of the time, it really is just about improving yourself—regardless of the competition. Make the change and improve and move on to the next game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why is it that all these BYU fans are so negative all the time? Do you even cheer for BYU or are you just along for the ride when they do well? Get yourselves together and act like an actual adult, not some whiny kid who just got beaten by a video game.

Woods Cross, UT

If BYU plays like this for another two years, they'll be begging to get back in the MWC.

Hyrum, UT

@ Vladhagen:

It's not the Y fans who are so negative. It's the Ute trolls that mostly live for the opportunity to cut and slander BYU whenever they get the chance. There were some definite positives shown from BYU in that game, but not one mention of any of them from the Ute trolls. None! That's the reason for taking their negativity with a grain of salt.

This is strictly an article on BYU and we still get that "Go Utes" that doesn't belong, nor do any of the stupid slogans that Hey Baby stayed awake last night to come up with. He's still strutting around with a smirk for thinking he's such a smart guy for doing so. The trouble is, it's all very lame and no one was impressed... well, perhaps maybe a troll or two.

@ Two For Flinching:

How can you talk about all of BYU's losses when they've played only one game this season with their new QB, new offensive coordinator and new offensive strategy? Statistics are kept for a reason. Considering BYU dominated almost all of them, one could argue they did somewhat give the game away.

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

Are Oregon State's and Kansas State's teams a total failure? Should they just give up the rest of the year? Give me a break. There is still a lot of football to be played. Let's hope that the team learned something and can do better on Saturday.

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