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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 10:40 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Leaving blame on the offense is fine, but it doesn't stop there. A blocked punt and an illegal block on a vital kick return that cost 40 yards (or so), and penalties (false starts, geez) added to the mess.

South Jordan, UT

Taken from a national sports publication about college football's fans:

7. BYU: It's one thing to be a fan of a mediocre team, but if that's your lot in life, don't you at least want to be a fan of an unpredictable mediocre team? The Cougars pretty much picked up where they left off last year, losing 19-16 at Virginia, the only difference being that they are running their offense faster. But faster doesn't mean better when it's BYU. Think of it this way. Would you rather watch Taysom Hill complete 13 of 40 passes the way he did against Virginia, or six of 20? I thought so.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

The Cougs need to bounce back to a Huddle Offense, Go Fast, Go Hard, Nitro, Banana Rama Offense requires a certain personnel. Anae isn't and he doesn't have it. Good things happen in a huddle.

Bronco needs to stop the Slogans, T-shirts, Charades and the Pomp and Circumstance and roll up his sleeves to bounce back and play good old fashion Football.

Here's an idea; a plain blue and white T-shirt, spotless from any advertising. A representation of a clean bounce back start.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Maybe after this last game at VA, the coaches can figure out who on the offensive line can block. You can have a great QB and RBs but if you don't have a line, you are toast. The O-line is the most under-rated part of football. You must have an O-line that can make holes for the RBs and protect the QB. Keep the RB back there if you need help blocking.

Also, the coaches need to adjust during the game and use those plays that seem to work. I agree with Anae that his call of the pass play was completely bone-headed.

So, Maybe Texas will be overconfident this next game and we can pull our stuff together? C'mon Cougars.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

execution on offense, defense and special will have to improve for BYU to stay in the game with Texas. And we can't have any poor decisions coming out of the coaches booth.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Harrison took and passed a BYU Independent Study course, but BYU officials did not allow the credit to count because the school only gives permission for its own student-athletes to enroll in its online classes. However, the NCAA ruled in Texas’ favor, making Harrison eligible."

When did the NCAA make this ruling and why is the news a small part of a separate story?

Beverly Hills, CA

I wonder who will mess up this week, Spirit, Honor, Tradition or all the above?

Roy, UT

Go fast, go hard philosophy should be but one method of offensive attack, a tool in the toolbox, not an absolute do or die...need to change that up as dictated by conditions, opposing teams strengths/weaknesses, etc. I see a need to be willing to Coach changes as needed to win during the game, not just stick with a failing plan throughout...the age and maturity of BYU's players should allow them to be more versatile. Go fast/Go hard is a football method of attack, not a Gospel Principle, there is a difference.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

All of these close losses the past two seasons indicate poor game coaching. Good coaches find a way to win close games - mediocre coaches find a way to lose them. While I think that Bronco gets great effort out of his players the in-game decision making is atrocious. Somehow that has to change.

La Grange, TN

BYU's football game at Virgina last Saturday was a tuff way to introduce a new offense, Quarterback and new offensive line. Just when the Virgina defense was starting to look a little sluggish because of the new up tempo BYU offense, there was a two hour game delay because of the weather. Think about that...two hours for Virgina to get rested and adjust their defense, leaving BYU with only three quarters to wear Virgina down in. BYU on the other hand had Virgina's offense stopped cold. All of the Virgina points except for their first score were the result of errors made on the BYU offensive side of the ball. I believe in BYU's new offense, and I think after their offensive line starts jelling and Hill gets a little more comfortable under center, they will be just fine. Unfortunately Texas is coming to town Saturday and BYU better HURRY! I sincerely believe we will see a brand new BYU Saturday, and Texas better be ready for a really ticked off BYU team. Last weeks game for Texas (New Mexico State at home) is not BYU at Provo. Big Difference.

Cinci Man

Boy did my expectations take a dive. The hurry up offense did nothing except cause BYU to run more bad offensive plays. What happened to all the running over people BYU was going to do? Only the second to last series was good. What happened to the passing game? I cringed every time Taysom dropped back. What happened to the fear the "go fast" offense was going to offer?

Oh my. At least the Utes brought it home! I'm going to have to decide after the game against Texas if I'm going to watch the taped game. And I was so excited for a great year. Am I alone?

newhall, CA

The anemic offense will do no better against Texas. Anae should never have been brought back. The hurry offense is offensive to watch. Hill isn't near the calibre QB of QBs past. This team is mediocre and Texas will eat them for lunch. For all the hoopla of Bronco's tactics, he makes for a better defensive coordinator than a head coach. This will be his final year here if this team doesn't have a winning season. I thought the last game was as boring and predictable as any offensive scheme. Anae is past his effectiveness as an offensive coordinator. Texas will win big. BYU offensive will be lucky to score 14 points. Be ready for a 0-2 start.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT


Lets do the math here, you wrote "Just when the VA's defense was starting to look a little sluggish because of the new up tempo BYU offense, there was a two hour game delay because of the weather. Think about that...two hours for Virgina to get rested and adjust their defense, leaving BYU with only three quarters to wear Virgina down"

Why cant BYU wear VA down in the second quarter, even if its after a rain delay, or even the third quarter or fourth.
Weak Sauce excuse.
Go Fast, Go Hard, Nitro, Banana Rama Offense is a joke, its almost as ludicrous as having two QB's start a season on offense.

Remember it rained on VA also.

Layton, Utah

Texas is going to destroy the hapless Cougs even with their vaunted "up tempo" offense. Its going to be ugly. and Byu will never be a football team anyone is scared of while Bronco Mendanhall is at the helm. He's a D coordinator playing at head coach, time to make a change Holmoe.

West Point , UT

I think there are a few Cougar fans that need to be talked off the ledge. I'm as frustrated and disappointed as anyone, but sheesh people. You're all packing it in after game one. I agree we are in for some disappointment and mistakes and poor play at times, but one game does not a season make (remember that mantra we've been preaching to ute fans? How about follow it). BYU is going to struggle offensively this season, I agree with that, but folks, we have a great defense, and good players that will keep us in games and give us opportunities to win. I believe the offense will improve, steadily as the season progresses. How much they improve remains to be seen, but our defense will keep us in games until the offense pulls it's weight. In the end it's just a game, not life. Stop calling for firings of coaches with a 72% winning percentage and OCs who have had some success in the past. Try and have a little more patience & perspective. Anae and the boys will put it together, it's a work in progress. Chin up guys!

Provo, UT

Two words that could make this offense a lot better on Saturday: Cody Hoffman.

Santa Monica, CA

Why do I get the feeling that "look to bounce back" will be a common theme for BYU football headlines this season?

No Conference Will Take Us

The time has arrived. Playing an independent schedule is not working.
Football at the school should be dissolved. Better off to focus on intramural sports like flag football. BYU could play BYU-Idaho, New Mexico State, Idaho State, BYU-Hawaii.....At least we could rebuild our brand and legacy that way.

san mateo, CA

It will all come down to the question of whether BYU can score a couple of touchdowns. That's all it will take to beat a team like Texas. Our defense is just like last year. It's great and you couldn't really ask for much more.

LOL at the article that says BYU is mediocre. We haven't had any great teams lately but I believe we have been to 8 consecutive bowls and have won 6 in a row. There are very very few schools that have EVER done that in their entire history. It's just that we haven't had a top 10 team for quite a while.

If we can improve the offensive scheme and Taysom can improve and gain some confidence it will be a great year.

Oceanside, CA

Re: vinnyb3
"Two words that could make this offense a lot better on Saturday: Cody Hoffman."

Can he pass?

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