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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 9:10 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Maybe the reporter could have asked whether drugs were involved? There's a lot that needs to be answered here. And of course, the remedy will be that our police become even more militarized.

Further, anyone take note of the lockdown of a large area? Was this for public safety, police safety, or simply a demonstration of police authority? Or does no one care?

Militarized and authoritative police, and spying on all citizens' electronic communications and activity. That's a police state.

san diego, ca

Honest question. Why is the cop a "hero?" I think its tragic he was killed. My heart aches. But he was simply murdered. He didn't really do anything special. A hero is somebody who does something or makes a decision that is heroic. This guy was simply doing his job. Don't get me wrong, I am horrified by the loss of his life here, but hero? Anybody who happened upon that guy was gonna get shot.

I am also horrified by the police militarization. So the officer is shot and suddenly every cop within a hundred miles shows up with an M4 and a grudge. We're lucky nobody else was hurt. Look at boston, the police shot and almost killed one of their own while trying to shoot the bad guys.

Finally, Police work is the 14th most dangerous job (for death) in the US. Policemen die at a rate of about half the rate of farmers. Something to think about before you advocate more police power.

West Jordan, UT

It is so disappointing to read the comments of people who are so willing to pass judgment against those who must make split second decisions about the safety of their lives and others. Sure, there are bad cops just like there are bad teachers. Whenever human beings are involved you will have good and bad, but this does not mean we should start throwing out hate terms and lump all into a group, just because of a very few. Think people! and thank you to those who risk and sacrifice so much for us.

God bless the memory of this officer and peace and comfort to his family.


Our prayers are with the Johnson family, too sad an officer has to die for the public to show simpathy and understanding for a police officer's job and to recognize the nature of their job

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

Your proposed solution to this problem is more pretty female officers? That's not at all sexist.

Tooele, UT

Re: "A hero is somebody who does something or makes a decision that is heroic."

You mean like putting himself between us and the bad guys every day. Like investigating and handling the incident on Sunday that started out as a parking infraction and, with no apparent warning, turned into murder and mayhem?

Like dealing professionally with an unappreciative, often hostile public that feels duty bound to confidantly, but ignorantly second-guess every action?

Real people call that heroic.

Fools mock.

West Jordan, UT

What in the heck are you talking about? The police officer just went to check out why a vehicle was sitting in the road parked strangely which is his job. And from the outcome we know that the vehicle needed to be checked out. You talk about SWAT teams and how maybe if a pretty unarmed female officer just went up to the car maybe the suspect would have responded nicely. What are you smoking? The officer never opened fire on this guy, the SWAT team wasn't there at the time and he may have already shot the woman in the car with him. This is not a case of an officer out of control causing a guy to feel cornered and flip out. There was already stuff going on with this guy. He had a woman and gun in his vehicle and he was driving up and down the road crashing into things This situation is not an example that fits your rant about militarized police. An officer checked out a suspicious car and was ambushed. If his gun were at the ready he would have fired back. He wasn't looking for a shoot out.

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