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Published: Saturday, Aug. 31 2013 10:10 p.m. MDT

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Still slow, still soft
Salt Lake, UT

Rain impacted teams the same.

I knew byu would be bad.

But not even I thought they would lose here.

Now 0-3 is guaranteed.

Will it go 4, 5? Before a win?


Kyle has never gone 0-3 or 1-4(bronco already has)

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

don't make excuses... conditions were the same for both teams.


Excuses, excuses, excuses. Those conditions were the same for both teams, and Virginia won, fair and square.

Sandy, UT

Just likE the BYU writers to try and make excuses for them... If you guys struggle with Virginia imagine your schedule down the stretch. Gonna go 0-3 in state plus you have texas and wisc. Time to eat crow cougar fans!


Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Pathetic article...

Homer Simpson Call...

The headline should have been "BYU's offense, defense and special teams, with poor coaching staff plays the ONLY role in BYU's embarrassing dismantlement"

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Now I could be wrong but didn't it rain on Virginia also or was the clouds selective?

The A Game
Logan, UT

"Virginia beat BYU, 19-16. But this game belonged to Mother Nature."

That's because in Virginia, football players aren't affected by rain like BYU players. Wet footballs for BYU are dry for Virginia. Mother Nature definitely was against the Cougars. Not fair.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

If I were a big fast offensive lineman in high school, I would seriously consider BYU because you have a good chance to play when you are freshman.

Agua Dulce, TX

I'm not going to make excuses, but then I am.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

If it hadn't rained, we would have won big.

Park City, UT

The Utes did a rain dance, who knew it would work in Virginia! Too funny...

East Salt Lake City, Utah

“I’m not trying to make excuses, because we didn’t make plays, but by the fourth quarter, the balls we were throwing were completely waterlogged,” said quarterback Taysom Hill.


That's funny considering the completion percentage for both teams:

Hill 32%
Watford 56%

So it seems only one team had a problem with waterlogged footballs, the team that got exposed.

Atlanta, GA

I drove 8 hours from Atlanta to see the new Cougars perform. The stadium closed all of the food stops during the lightning delay, and only opened up less than half of them afterward, probably because many of the UVA fans went home. We stood in line for 45 minutes, and when we got to the front of the food line, they were out of food. I had a very stale, very hard, plain pretzel (no salt!), and my son, who had come down from Baltimore, had a bucket of squishy popcorn. Then we went out and watched the rest of the game in pouring rain, with lightening strikes that somehow were ignored this time, only to see the Cougars self destruct. I wondered why I bothered to drive up for this. But I did get to see my son and his family, including 3 beautiful grandchildren. I suppose I should thank the Cougars for coming to Virginia so I could have an excuse to see my kids, but wow, the Cougars sure were a disappointment. They have a LONG way to go, and not a lot of time to get there!

Mesa, AZ

"only to see the Cougars self destruct"

Yep, never heard a byu fan acknowledge they lost because the other team was in fact better.

BTW, wasn't it absolutely delicious to see The ACC absolutely straight own byu/UGA? LOL

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

Article said...Virginia beat BYU, 19-16. But this game belonged to Mother Nature...Wrong This game belongs to Virginia...Come on Cougars rebound next week.

Hyrum, UT


Considering BYU had 139 more yards offensively than Virginia had, it's hard to make a valid argument that Virginia is better. Had you actually watched the game objectively, you would already know that it was just 1 extra turnover late in the game (bad coaching decision) that kept BYU from winning. It wasn't that Virginia looked or played like a better team.

All the important stats (except the final score) indicated that BYU was the better team. They had almost 50% more yardage, more first downs, and more time of possession. It was just 1 extra turnover at a critical time that was the difference.

The more you keep bad-mouthing the Cougars, the worse you are going to look and feel when they beat your Utes in 3 weeks. And yes, it will still be happening.

Hyrum, UT

@ The A Game:

One thing you apparently haven't considered, but is a valid fact... Virginia does get a lot more rain than Utah does. Consequently, the players from that area definitely have more experience playing in the rain. Not an excuse... just a fact.


Tators, one thing you apparently haven't considered, but is a valid fact... it's hard to make a valid argument that a team is better than the teams they play when they so consistently make critical mistakes and turnovers that lose the game. If we're talking about a great team that this hardly ever happens to, this is a different story. But with BYU, one need only look at how often it happens to them. But by all means, keep your yardage statistics handy for your moral victory throughout the week.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

I was there and it'd be difficult to understate the impact of the delay and the 3rd quarter deluge in terms of the dynamics of the game and the gameplay itself. It was the most bizarre and uncomfortable game I've ever been to. That's not an excuse. The game hinged on a several key plays, some involving the weather and others not. UVA overcame the wacky weather and BYU didn't. Crazy game all around.

That said, I and a lot of others cheering for BYU had pleasant conversations with the Wahoo fans as we huddled together under the stadium for a couple of hours. I think that they were stunned at the large turnout by the Cougar faithful. From that perspective, it was a positive experience for both fanbases. I'm still hoarse from cheering/shouting/venting, and looking forward to another trip to Charlottesville in a few years.

Hyrum, UT

@ StGtoSLC:

Yes, I've considered that. But how can you possibly make so many judgments and assessments of how the Cougars currently are based on just their first game of the season? Especially one that that was played on the road and in a big rainstorm. It's a new offense with a new quarterback and with a new offensive coordinator from last year, so don't try to carry over any tendencies in your judgments from before this season.

If it does keep happening after the first game or two, then yes, what you say is could be true. But things very well might get corrected and not be true... as well. You, like everyone else, should wait a few games before jumping to too many conclusions and negative judgments. You just want the negative to be true... so that's the only way you can see it.

In the meantime, their performance statistics did give reason for encouragement. It's much easier to get rid of a few turnovers, then it is to make a completely dead offense into something great. Be a bit patient and you will see for yourself.

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