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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 7:45 a.m. MDT

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Roy, UT

Seriously, it seems the go-hard, go-fast thing needs tempering with wisdom, to be willing to change that up when needing to burn clock, such as at end of first half, or to abandon it altogether in adverse weather and game delay such as Saturday...need wisdom and courage to change game plan as conditions may dictate over the course of a game, not stick to a losing proposition...its a football philosophy, not the Gospel Principles we are talking about here.

Saint George, UT

Glad to see Anae take responsibility for this one. He blew it! What's more, he still has the tendency he had before to call the same pattern of plays. In short, he's predictable. Look back at those situations where we gained 7 or 8 yards on the first down and then ended up not making a first down and having to punt the ball. In almost every case, with only a yard or two to go, he went for the long play--with a pass play--rather than just focus on getting the first down. I don't mind an occasional pass play, but isn't it better to run the ball generally since we have at least two downs to make just a couple of yards. By calling a pass play, he's not surprising anyone. Everybody knows BYU likes to pass and they're waiting more for a pass play than a run. So, Robert, mix it up more. Focus on getting that first down rather than gaining 10 yards.

Richmond, VA

Before the game, I was filled with much hope and excitement.
After the game, I was visibly depressed and wanted to vomit!

Yet again, it's another case of much hype and no bite! After all the glaring pre-season hype, the so called go fast, go hard offense seems nothing more than a gimmick, a joke that's not even funny. Hope they can work the problems out or it's going to be a long and painful season.

As for those who bragged about how great and exciting the new offense is, I said before to please consider the effect when hype and predictions don't come true. This is a glaring example of what I meant, so may I humbly ask you guys to simply put a sock on it before you have the urge to boast again. You make like miserable for the rest of us by giving fuel to the likes of those who live to mock and dissed on us.

Go Cougars! Good luck against the Utes and the Aggies at least! I had a level of confidence before but now I'm resting only on hope after watching last night's game!

Bountiful, utah

The problem was not the called play, it was a bad pass- too high and too hard for the back to control (rookie mistakes).

Orem, UT

@netwidt: Anae neither needs nor deserves you to stick up for him. He's well paid to make the right calls. That call was terrible. Harmon is paid to analyze the games and provide his interpretation...which he did. I have no problem with criticizing reporters...nor football coaches.

Salt Lake City, UT

I knew this would happen. Ever since BYU went away from their a successful offense in order to accommodate a running QB, it has been a disaster. I just don't get why BYU has been trying to change. They should go back to the pro-style, drop back passing offence that has always been so successful for them. The read option doesn't work for BYU and it never will. Now we're stuck with a QB who doesn't know how to pass and a very predictable offense. Thanks Bronco, for letting a QB force his way in due to just his "leadership" abilities and letting Heaps go. BYU's offense went from being dangerous to an embarrassment under your watch!

North Salt Lake, UT

Gary Crowton: "I wanted to win by more" Ahead with seconds left but a turnover loses BYU the game.

Bronco Mendenhall: "I wanted to win the game" Going for 2 instead of kicking the extra point to tie and let the defense win it in overtime. BYU loses game aginst Boise St.

Brandon Doman: "Miscommunication" Taysom Hill runs a meaningless play at the end of the Utah St game. BYU wins but loses Hill to a season ending knee injury forcing Cougar Nation to endure 8 more games of Riley Nelson ineptitude.

Robert Anae: "I thought we could get the first down" Ahead by 4 with under 3:00 remaining. Throwing a wet ball by a 13 for 40 quarterback to try and get a meaningless first down instead of doing the safe thing and punting and letting the defense win the game. BYU loses game on an interception.

Anybody seeing a pattern here?

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

I guess I am the only one that thinks it was the right call it just did not work!!! Williams is a great pass catching RB, he was open and a completion would have given the Cougs a first down!!! There is no such thing as a "safe" play in football! You can play the Monday morning what if game all you want to! I think we will see a much different BYU team on Sat. at home against Texas!!!

Go Cougs!!!

Bountiful, UT

That's nice of Anae to take all that blame but if he had called a running play and it got stuffed (like a lot of our running plays did that game) then people would've criticized him for being too safe and predictable or conservative.

It was a safe pass to the RB who let the ball go through his arms. Maybe we shouldn't have been passing 40 times in a game with that much wind and rain and Taysom looking like a slightly faster more athletic version of Riley Nelson, but with the OL not being able to punch their way out of a paper bag, what else could Anae do?

There were way too many errors on the field for Anae to take the blame. We let them block a punt (giving them a short field and a TD), we had a bad snap into the end zone giving them 2 points (very nearly a TD), and the interception went through the arms of Williams (not Anae's fault) and into the arms of the defender.

I guess the biggest mistake was in hoping Taysom would be more like Max Hall and less like Riley.

Murray, UT

Please don't re-hire him a 3rd time Bronco...

Anchorage, AK

Hard to believe I'm done after just one game, but I am. ESPN and their SEC bias has ruined the college football experience and my last vestige of hope, an upstart independent, has gone down in flames after one game. I will now spend my Saturdays mowing the lawn, accompanying my wife shopping, or preparing dinner over watching this team. Robert Anae still calls the same stupid plays he did last time he was here...he now just does it faster and harder.

Orem, UT

The call was fine. The pass was there, the catch should have been made. The failure of the play wasn't Anae's fault, it wasn't Hill's fault, it was Williams' fault -- a perfectly catchable ball. If the catch is made, we likely win the game. The probability of an interception being made on a conservative pass made like that is about as low as a fumble being caused on a run. A slippery ball is not as easy to hang on to. Had Williams been given the ball on a run up the middle, who's to say he wouldn't have fumbled? Anae, Harmon, and anybody else who says it was a dumb call are wrong to do so.

I've seen too many games go awry because of over-conservative play calling. The BYU-Utah game in 2010 comes to mind: we're moving the ball just fine all the way down the field and suddenly become conservative since all we need is a field goal -- no gimme at 40+ yards.

As somebody said, the game isn't lost on one play. The 13 of 40 passing was a primary reason.

casper, WY

Anae took the blame. Why shouldn't he? THat was the stupidest call ever. But for Anae, BYU is 1-0 even though they played terribly. Fire Anae. Now! And quite frankly, Bronco, if you can't find an offense its okay if you follow him.
What an embarrassment.
Yes Bronco the offensive line was horrendous. But to say you were please with Hill's play is ludicrous. 13-40. The few he did complete were behind the line of scrimmage. And as bad ad the receivers were they actually bailed him out 3-4 times. Change quarterbacks. Change offensive line. Change head coach.

Salt Lake City, UT

Is it me or is there an over abundance of Ute fans on here. It seems to confirm the fact that they still act like the little brother in the state. As a Cougar fan I haven't read one Ute article in 3 years, because I have NO interest in that team. But I guess these guys do have an interest in the Cougars. Little brother has to find our what big brother is doing. Oh and Chris B. your comment if BYU can't beat Virginia who can they beat, I seem to remember not long ago Utah losing to one of the worst teams in the country at home, Colorado is horrible and you've struggled with them for 2 years now, so don't get on a high horse.

This game however blew this season for BYU, our defense is good enough to beat Texas but that pittiful offense won't sniff the end zone. If Taysom can't comlete a freaking pass take him out! He needs to control how hard he throws and just throw it where it needs to go. Anae made a stupid call and it's getting tiresome to watch!

American Fork, UT

I'm not making excuses, because we should have made the plays (or the play calls) necessary to win. But to those "fair-weather" fans who are bailing on the team, remember three things. No Hoffman (anybody who says we didn't miss one of the best receivers in the country is flat out wrong. We needed his sure hands). Two hour delay right when BYU's offense was starting to get going. And awful, awful weather that took us away from playing our game. Excuses? No. Realities? Yes. I'm not saying we will beat Texas or go undefeated the rest of the way, but don't give up on the team after one game!

Santa Ana, CA

The intended target was wide open.It was not a bad play. Having too many players sprinting to get down field on a punt and not enough blocking to prevent a blocked punt, not THAT is a coaching decision.

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