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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 7:45 a.m. MDT

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meridian, idaho

RBB, Yes it nice that Anae steped up and accepted responsibility. His next step should be to resign.!!!!!!!! Same-O - Same-0.....offense. It's going to be a long season. We better get used to it. There has got to be a good offensive coordinator some place in the country that would like to come to BYU. There are 100's of high school coaches that have a better knowledge and feel for the game than Anea.

Proud Ute


Highland, UT

I'm waiting for BYU to play before I make an assessment, I need to actually see them first. My concerns for them are the o-line and the corners, other than those 2 positions they should be solid, but of course I need to see them first


Highland, UT

The offense was the same bungling batch of ineptitude it has been for the last 3 years. The defense was stellar, Virginia did not sustain one single drive on them the entire game. Instead offensive idiocy and special teams ineptitude cost them a game.


Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: CougarOnTheProwl

Williams carried the ball 33 times out of necessity. Williams was the only one doing anything. It reminds me of JJ DiLuigi in 2010. He was literally the only playmaker on that team at the time. That's WAY too many carries for a back his size. If it stays like that all season he will get hurt.

This loss falls squarely on the shoulders of the offensive line. They got their trash kicked up and down the field and played like PANSIES with ZERO effort. They weren't even acting like they wanted to play. If I'm Coach Tujague I am in their ear all week, and I'm benching anyone who won't block next week against Texas.

Charlottesville, VA

Painfully evident that football is way lower than #5 on Bronco's list of priorities...more like #15?
Worst opening BYU game I can remember...and I painfully witnessed it from the front row! But Bronco is happy, as long as they try hard and have strong testimonies...pssshhht. Too many high expectations with Bronco's teams:
1. National Championship (when? 2033?)
2. Amazing new hurried offense will tire any team (especially BYU)
3. Amazing new quarterback that passed up Stanford for BYU (who throws at receiver's feet)
4. BYU's best group of receivers ever (did you see many catches?)
5. The return of our amazing offensive coordinator Robert Anae (uhhhh, just hand the ball to Jamal & have him run it up the middle...again, and again, and again...)

Perhaps BYU's marketing department should stop pumping everyone up for runaway seasons?

Cedar Hills, UT

If Max Hall throws the pass BYU gets a first down and wins the game. Actually if Max Hall or John Beck were at QB they would have gone 25-35 for over 350 yards in the air and multiple touch downs instead of 13-35 and I forget the sorry yardage count BYU had in the air for the game. Yes Anae probably should have run the ball but the receiver was wide open and Hill threw too high ...as he did all game long. Actually the ball was either in the dirt or wildly overthrown and I have seen no improvement from last year with Hill when the did the same thing.The kid is a running / option QB in the Doman mold and I doubt he will be anything but that. Being athletic doesn't always translate to being accurate as we have seen with Tim Tebow.

andrews afb, MD

Maybe BYU just stinks at playing in the rain? There was supposed to be a 30% chance of rain yesterday.

When was the last season opener away game than BYU played where it rained? I would imagine some Washington team.

Alpine, UT

My worst fears regarding Anae's rehire were realized early in this game. I was always openly critical of him and he proved yesterday that regardless of the offense you're running, play calling and game management is important and he is clearly lacking in those areas. While it's true that he never should have called a pass play late in the game and deep in our own territory, he also shouldn't have handed off to Jamall 33 times during the game. When has BYU ever had a running back carry the ball 33 times? Go fast, go hard is definitely not going to get us any where if most of the time it means 2 yards and a cloud of dust. I thought BYU left that offense behind 40 years ago!

South Jordan, UT

Texas will roll over BYU. No doubt about it.

Idaho Falls, ID

So BYU goes up 7-0 in the first half. They get the ball back late in the half and instead of running the clock out,they still went soft and fast...took hardly any time off the clock and left Virginia time to go kick a FG. That's 3 points. End result, Cav's win by 3. Not controlling the clock in that situation was huge!

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter and I don't agree often, but that BYU offense was "same bungling batch of ineptitude it has been for the last 3 years".

Class act
Washington, UT

Traveling 2000 miles takes its toll but Virginia is a below average team in a below average conference. Why should Robert Anae be any different the second time around? Hurry-up doesn't equate to efficient. Just saying.

South Jordan, UT

It's about time for an in depth article on the effects of high altitude and athletes.

The only people writing about a negative impact on players at all are sports writers who keep repeating the same myth over and over. Occasionally, opposing coaches mention a negative effect, but that's an easy excuse for poor performance.

Enid, OK

Article quote: "It appeared that BYU — a team that had overcome a blocked punt and safety and had allowed the Cavaliers exactly zero sustained long scoring drives all day — was in total control, ready to skip out of town with a win. All that was needed was a conservative play followed by a punt....."


A lead.

In the rain.

With a QB that had NOT performed well throwing the ball all day.

On a 3rd down.

LATE in the 4th quarter.

With a defense that had been holding their opponent pretty well.

Hey, I know!, let's throw a pass in the middle of the field!

Come on, guys! There are times you play aggressive and then there are times when you play to protect the lead.

Stupid, stupid, stupid....

Once again, we get an "L" where it wasn't so much that our opponent beat us as it feels like we beat ourselves.


Surfers Paradise, AU

The defense played great. I think the offense was trying to set a different mark prior to kickoff. How many 3 & outs can we have in the shortest amount of time possible. I think we have set a new record in the books. What a joke of play calling and offensive line blocking.

Texas will pose a different set of problems defensively. Let's see if we can learn from our mistakes and not do them again. I am impressed that we did not have any major personal fouls penalties against us. That is a positive take-away from Sat night.

Provo, UT

BYU football is just too much hype and cant live up to it. Hype about heaps, Nelson, Taysom Hill and all of them were ok. But its not the QBs. Our O'line sucks bad. They need to go hike up the Y more than anything so that they can actually can get around and block. Them long horns are for sure gonna ride the cougars this weekend

Hillsboro, OR

I don't think it was a bad call at all. it was an easy throw that Hill should have been able to make, but he threw it high and Williams should have been able to bring it in. Had they converted on that they would have had four more downs to run the clock down and would have been fine.

Bottom line is it was Hill's fault.

Provo, UT

It's one game. Yeah it was a bit of a heart break, but I liked the way they played. I still look forward to the remainder of the season and seeing what Robert Anae can do with BYU's offense.

Holladay, UT

Well, I hear some team with an uptempo offense like BYU's is playing Virginia in Charlottesville this upcoming weekend. I wonder if they will score more than 16 points with their 94 offensive plays against that stingy Virginia defense. Ummmm, yeah, I'm guessing that the Oregon Ducks will!!

Las Vegas, NV

The experiment of go fast go hard may be good but not with this group. We will be lucky to win five games. Maybe next year.

Roy, UT

What an act of Charity for Virginia, they will love BYU forever, esp if it is their only win...we are about helping others, even football teams, feel good about themselves. Mission Accomplished. (and it was a game long, team effort).

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