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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 7:45 a.m. MDT

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Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


The defense couldn't stop Virginia on the last TD because the defender in position had just been tackled from behind by an offensive lineman creating the hole. Had the weather been better the refs may have caught that one. I am not worried about the defense. I am much more concerned with the O-line learning how to push long enough to spring the running backs. That was missing most of the game.

I am sure BYU is looking forward to the ranked Longhorns coming to town. Texas had some problems in the first half with NMSU defense though they turned it into the expected rout the second half. BYU being a better defense than NMSU is an understatement. It will also be entertaining to see how long the Texan linemen will be able to go fast at altitude.

Cody Hoffman hopefully will have a big game after sitting out the Virginia one. He would have made the difference.

Love skiing
Salt Lake City, UT

Football is played and won at the line of scrimmage. The line play must improve or it's a long season for Byu. Changing QB is not the answer. How can they be effective if they can't be protected.

Omaha, NE

Derecha, it may prove worthwhile to stop making excuses. The Y was beat, they lost, and now it's time to move on. Beat themselves? I don't care, it's time to get to work and right the wrongs.



You all realize that this was a pretty good opponent to open up against, right? It's not a 4-8 team from the WAC, Virginia has a challenging schedule. Next weeks game vs Texas is going to be a challenge, but a lot of improvement usually happens between week 1 and week 2. Plus, the Cougars then have 2 weeks to prepare against the Utes. That is probably a 50/50 game anyways and to have the extra prep time is a huge benefit. So… the season is a long way from being done. And it wasn't all Anae. You needed to get that first down. If the WR/RB catches the ball rather than let it slip through his hands, game over. I hope Taysom (who clearly has room for improvement) doesn't feel to bad about putting the ball in the receivers hands. Oh, and D - how able hold the opponent to a FG when put in a bad position. Both times you gave up 7 when a defensive hold to just 3 would have won the game. The D is clearly the better aspect of the team right now, but a great D needs to make that hold. Just saying.

Logan, UT

Steve Jarvis.....Texas scored 56 points and New Mexico scored 7....I'm sure they could have made the score higher if they wanted to. BYU has NO chance against Texas!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

When get only 16 points out of 90 plays and 300 yards of offense, you have more to worry about than one play call. "Go fast, go hard" needs to go somewhere other than between the thirty yard lines.

Springville, UT

"@Ducky, mind games, sammy G, wer, cougiefaninTX, my two dads, tom in CA, etc.....LOL!!

I've posted this a few times and of course it still holds true..."

Is there any need for an explanation to 2BCSWins comment?


Didn't think so. LOL

This weekend's game has only proven that more work is needed. I'm confident that improvement will come.

Looking forward to next week's game.


That call may not have been the right one, but let's put the blame on the shoulders of the guy who went 13 of 40.

Frisco, TX

Head coaches are supposed to make critical calls. It seems Bronco wants nothing to do with the offense, but he should have made the call on 3rd down that cost BYU the game. Any arm chair QB knows you should keep it on the ground. The defense was playing great, the field conditions were horrible. Keep it on the ground when you're ahead and there's not much time left. I learned that in 8th grade.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

I don't blame Anae. Had the players simply executed on a basic play, BYU could have run out the clock. Next week will be much better!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

It just hit me!! Duuuuhhhh!

Go Fast=Firing Anae a 2nd time; after just one game.

Go Hard=No severance.

"Who would have thought BYU would run "21 dive" all night...

West Jordan, Utah

I think if BYU ran for a first down or ended up punting minus another special teams blunder, Virginia would have had very little chance of winning. BYU's defense had owned them and with a 4 point lead, Virginia would have had to have gone the length of the field for a TD as a FG would have done them no good down four. Coaching decisions have really hurt BYU the last twop years (i.e. Boise State ect..)

Hoffman being hurt is devastating to BYU. Hamstrings can linger and be reaggravated. White IV being hurt was a huge negative for Utah last year. With a game manager QB, White IV was Utah's bread and butter.

Florence, AZ

The only team befuddled by the new BYU hurry-up offense was BYU.

West Jordan, Utah

CCPederson has a point. Virginia's offense is not a threat. But with a punt, and needing a TD, they would "have been in 4 down mode" with an extra down to move the ball. That said, I think they had one timeout left and there offense is not a big strike offense. BYU's defense should be the focal point philosophically for BYU's coaches even with the OC (Anae) and his play calling considerations.

Highland, UT

The offense was the same bungling batch of ineptitude it has been for the last 3 years. The defense was stellar, virginia did not sustain one single drive on them the entire game. Instead offensive idiocy and special teams ineptitude cost them a game.

Will this never change?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


Texas didn't score till late in the second quarter against New Mexico State at home. Texas eventually got things going and ran up the score and apparently that is all you saw.

I can't wait for the Texas game. I hope THEY think BYU is as bad as the Utah fans on here do because that Virginia game was as bizarre as football can get. The altitude, fast pace, Hoffman and home crowd should be factors to get a Cougar win.

Holladay, UT

All of BYU's problems come back to the ineffective O-line. They couldn't keep the defensive front four out of the backfield, nor could they create holes on running plays on a consistent basis. Unless something changes, BYU is in for a long season. Utah's main problem last year was offensive line play and we Ute fans know too well how last season went. Utah's O-line looks a little better against USU, but we will see. BYU picked the wrong season, schedule-wise, to have such a glaring weakness at O-line.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

All BYU Fans are disappointed with this needless loss. The saddest part to me was that Book II of Anae appears to be just as boring and unimaginative as his first read. It looks like we will just be getting bad play calling faster now!

Murray, UT

Rigby, ID

Guy Holliday - fail with all the drops.
Robert Anae - fail with only 16 points and the most third down situations in the Bronco era.
Mark Atuaia - fail with Williams carrying the ball 33 times - too many - he's going to get hurt.
Garrett Tujague - fail with no pass protection and no running game until the 4th quarter.


How is it a fail on Atuaia that Williams carried the ball 33 times??? Anae calls the plays.Williams proved to handle the work load very well, he gained over 140 yards and proved that he can be a workhorse type of RB. Autaia gets a pass, he had his backs ready to go and they produced. The running game was actually one of the few positives on offense from this game.

Sandy, UT

It is nice to see someone step up and accept responsibility. However, a game is never about just one play. BYUs offense simply had poor execution most of the game.

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