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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 7:45 a.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

Wow! It's the first game of the season, folks. I will agree, BYU made big mistakes that gave the game to Virginia. Give Virginia credit, however, for taking advantage of those situations. BYU, however, did not capitalize on the turnover margin advantage.

Let's put this game in the past and focus on next week. The sign of a strong team is to look at their mistakes and adjust for the next game. I hope BYU has what it takes to be a strong team. Virginia may also be a better team than we gave them credit. I can see BYU starting out 2-1 for the first three games of the season. Utah, to tell you the truth, also has a lot of problems to work out in their game. We'll see, however, how that turns out when the game is played.

san mateo, CA

Ute fans better be careful. This defense is still amazing and it looks like we have a decent kicker. I would at least hold off on the trash talking until you actually beat us.

I'm still optimistic, even though we threw that one away.

Murray, UT

13 for 40 in passing for Taysom Hill? They should have given the ball to QB Ammon Olsen. If BYU wants to pass this year, they should switch QBs now to Olsen. I heard Olsen has a better arm.

meridian, idaho

Anae offense is no different than when he was at BYU the first time and it is not much different than what Doman tried to do last year. I still can't understand why the offensive coordinator is not up in the press box like all the other OC's in the nation.
When it is 3rd down an 7 or 8 yards to go, everyone in the stadium knows you are going to pass for a first down and you know that they are going to rush the QB with everyone. Why don't they have a play action pass play to at least hold the defensive just a little so a play can be made. Also, early in the first quarter we were 2nd down and 1 yard to go and threw two passes rather than pick up the first down with a running play. Fans, it is going to be a long year for the Cougars again this year with the out dated offensive that has not changed. If you want to see what a college offense should look like, you should have watched Washington play. Talk about up tempo!!!
They know how to run a fast and hard offensive.

Saint George, UT

Go Hard Punt Fast

Woods Cross, UT

One of the worst losses in a long time. Virginia is a bad, young, one dimentional team and they played BYU better than even. Why? 1. BYU does not have the athletes on the Oline to play the hurry up offense. They had to go to their two minute pro offense at the end. 2. Hill has a lot more work to do before he will be an average QB. He throws off his wrong foot when he is moving and down field accuracy is not a threat. 3. BYU's defense is several notches below last year. While the linebackers are good they gave up a lot of rushing yards to a team that had little else and the line is significantly weaker. A passing team will rip the dbacks also.4. BYU's coaching staff was very slow as usual to react and change game plans. They had two half times to do it with the weather delay and made no adjustments. These guys are in real trouble with the schedule they have this year.


Anae: "I'm really excited and pleased with the way our QB played." Hill completes 13 of 40 passes. What am I missing here? Poor coaching decisions and the inability to make plays in the clutch continue to plague this team. More specifically, the mistakes they make are huge and game changing. I would prefer fewer slogans and more results, but if a slogan is required how about play smart.

Plano, TX

Fire Anae Now. Seriously, it's never going to work. Didn't before, and this leopard's spot haven't changed.

The Big One
Salt Lake City, UT

can't people remember what a disaster he was the first go round? remember the definition of insanity

Cottonwood Heights, UT

All Harmon did was explain how the "better" team beat themselves and gave the game away. You byu people and your excuses! It's unbelievable!

Orem, UT

What's up with all the loser Ute fans coming here to taunt? Idjits.

Anyway, it would have been nice for a win, and it's clear that Hill and the offense are not world-beaters, but I don't see this as all doom and gloom. Home for for Virginia, and it took some very wet weather that led to a couple of turnovers to give them the victory. I think the bigger story is that the defense couldn't stop Virginia on that last drive. So: A) the offense isn't as good as we would have hoped, but I think they'll get get better as the season progresses; and B) the defense looks good, not great like last year.... We'll see how that goes.

Wally West

Well, Bob. You just put crisco on the soles of your shoes & took a voluntary 1st step down a slippery slope.

Idaho Falls, ID

"All cougie fans preach how great the cougies are how they should go undefeated, to a BCS bowl, etc. "

"All"? Really? Hyperbole, straw man and downright dishonesty. Cite me even one cougar fan making such a statement, let alone "all." And Mildred and Ernest don't count.

You could make an argument either way about that call by Anae. There were so many mistakes by both the players and coaches this game that it is really difficult to make that call to pass on 3rd down, the critical one. It was the myriad of predictable calls and weak offensive line (especially left tackle) that was the key to this loss. I honestly thought there was no way that our defense would allow Virginia to score a TD after the turnover, but yet it only took one play. Who's to say that Virginia after a punt wouldn't have marched right down the field (with Unga out) and scored anyway.

Hill was really off mark but I think that was mostly an aberration. There were just too many other factors. It is certainly NOT cause to replace him yet.

Lehi, UT

If If's, and's, and but's were candy and nuts, we all would have a Merry Christmas! Let's look at the potential of the offense instead of the negative. I think we all saw what the offense can do with a 92 yard drive capped with a touchdown in the 4th quarter. I see some big things happening with the football team this year. The team made some mistakes, and they are also running a brand new offense this year. BYU is going to get better, and we have some wonderful talent to improve on. It is tough to see my team lose and it hurts, but we move on and hope for the best. I would have liked to see the cougs win this first game, but they didn't. So we look to play Texas. If BYU can move the ball like they did on that 92 yard drive we will beat Texas hands down. Greatness doesn't happen overnight, just ask MJ! I love our defense, those guys are amazing and they are fun to watch. If everyone on the football team gets working on all cylinders we will have an awesome year. Go Cougs!

North Ogden, UT

13 of 40... Somewhere Riley Nelson is probably still smiling. It seems like last season, all I heard from Y fans, was how much better their team would be if Hill was the starter. Ouch, a tough dose of reality on Saturday? Anae shouldn't baby Hill, Hill made the bad pass that was intercepted. Anae has bigger problems, most of their whole offense was Williams, 33 carries. To score more than 16 points, they'll need more variety. Did Hoffman play? It looks like this season will be similar to last season.

Idaho Falls, ID

Anae's calling the same play over and over and over again on the same down situation is NOT going to win over the hearts of Cougar fans.

"Go hard and go fast" will work, but you have to mix up the plays and you have to block. The rushing yards gained in this game were essentially obtained by the merits of the runner, with little to no help from the offensive line.

Was there any substitution going on at all on the O-line?

san mateo, CA

BYU gave up 220 total yards on defense, and 109 in rushing. I would say that is a great effort when they are always on the filed due to offensive problems, and in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Window Rock, AZ

Come on guys grow up; football is like life. Pick up a go on. There is no established offensive philosophy. Stick with one whether we win or lose. Fast and Hard or Pro Set etc. I think the players have a good attitude in trying to embrace a non established and set in stone offensive philosophy. What do I know. Enjoy the hot dogs and popcorn all season long.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Anae made a gutsy call based on what should be available. It didn't work.

Anae made a call that had it worked gets the first down and no chance for Virginia to likely touch the ball the rest of the game. The defense should expect a run and the pass play certainly was there as expected. Its a shame Williams couldn't hold on to it or at least kept the ball from going behind him or that Hill swung the ball at his numbers. Bad things happen in the rain.

I was very critical of Anae during his last stint in Provo. He wouldn't attempt field goals against ranked teams when it appeared to me that the risk of being stopped on fourth down and getting nothing exceeded the value of momentum that getting three points would bring. He was WAY too conservative back then. Even though the play in question resulted in a turnover the call was the correct one considering how the punter had been doing.

BYU should learn from this loss. Next couple of games are here in Provo. Those are both winable games if the Cougars don't second guess themselves.

Park City, UT

Shabba- I'm thinking the U will go in to Provo 3-0, and full of confidence, The Y will be 0-2, and full of doom. Normally, that would make me as a fan feel confident. But nothing will bounce you back to reality like a rival, so I think the game will be closer than it should be, considering all I've heard about how Hill is so much better as a QB, and KVN is the best LB in the state, if not nation, I would be careful as a Y fan trashtalking until U actually beat us! It goes both ways, each side has it's you know whats, and I prefer to let the talking be done on the field and scoreboard.

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