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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 7:45 a.m. MDT

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Cinci Man

Wasn't there a game against Georgia years ago when BYU got greedy and tried a touchdown pass to pad their lead and it was intercepted and Georgia ran it 100 yards for a game-winning touchdown? Anyone remember that? Was it Detmer who threw that? My memory is fuzzy and may be wrong. Please enlighten us.

West Jordan, UT

Another Anae era starts with a disaster. Bad play calling all day. He should stay a line coach. He's good at that. He is not a OC!

Peachtree City, GA

As I remember it, when Anae left BYU fans had been relentless in their criticism of his overly conservative play calling. He was characterized as an extremely boring offensive coordinator, never taking appropriate risks. Now Harmon is bashing him for not being conservative enough. I bet that seat facing your keyboard is nice and comfy, nothing like the hot seat you'd like to create for Anae. Pretty easy knowing the right plays to call after the game, Mr Harmon.

lloyd braun
ogden, utah

Come on people. Seriously!! Now we're going to hear about how Ammon Olsen is the guy. The pattern continues. I'm a Ute fan first, Aggie fan also, but even I am smart enough to not throw the season away yet. I read last year about how it was Riley Nelson's fault, and how Taysom Hill was going to save the day. Now Ammon Olsen? Give me a break. Just get behind your team and quit being the "overly critical" fans that you are. I'm going to give them a break, and wait a bit longer to judge. It's embarassing a church owned school is so heavily judged and criticized by its fans, who are mostly LDS. I feel bad for you. Quit judging so soon, and support your team. They want to win. Practice what your church preaches.

Fairfield, CA

I don't agree that the call was bad. (SLC Nation is right.) A first down likely salts the game away. Keep in mind that UVA would have been in 4 down mode when they got the ball back.
The throw was a bit high, but I;m sure that Williams would tell you he should have caught the ball. Execution (or lack thereof) was to blame. And how about Sorensen's hold on the kick return? But the biggest blown play was the drop by Thompson on 3rd and 10 at midfield on BYU's last real possession. That was an easy reception and big first down.
Anae's play calling left something to be desired, but more for the constant up-the-middle handoffs that went nowhere, not for a simple pass in the flat that should have been a first down.

Central, UT

Chris B., As a UTE fan, you sure spend a lot of time on the BYU comment boards. Maybe as a fan, you should spend a little more time supporting your team rather than paying attention to what is going on over here. Thanks for the attention, but your guys can use your support a little more.

Central, UT

Wookie, "They were beat plain and simple..." What? Did you see the game? BYU held VA to 230 yards of offense. VA scored two touchdowns, both of which were on drives of 10 and 13 yards, one after a blocked punt and another after the well talked about 3rd down pass play that should have been a run. 2 pts came from a bad snap by BYU and the 3pts came with under a minute remaining in the 1st half while BYU was playing the well known "prevent" defense so as to not allow the long play, but giving up many 10 to 15 yard plays instead. VA did not have a sustained drive all game long, yet BYU's offense and special teams handed them points. This doesn't sound like they were beaten, this sounds like they beat themselves. Yes, BYU lost, and it was ugly, but they were certainly not beaten.

Salt Lake City, UT

Taysom struggled to hit open targets, over throwing most

The line is still a mess

Anae is like a broken record with his play calling. Still. I called run or pass correctly over 90% of the time. Too many 2nd and longs which mostly turned into third and long. How about a screen or two to give the defense a reason not to bring the house every other play?

Hadley should have caught his would be interception.

On a pass Hill actually threw in the vacinity, Jamaal should have caught it for a first down, instead it's intercepted. It was high but not a crazy reach whatsoever. Ran before completing the catch.

Another pass Hill got close to the target, Brett Thompson should have caught on third down for a first down.

Defense got hosed again with the only two touchdowns scored on them being shorter than 20 yard fields.

Should have, should have, should have. But didn't.

Virginia made plays when they had to, BYU didn't.

Magic Happens
Kaysville, UT

Netwidt has is right. Cougar fans, supported by Mr. Harmon's article want to be able to argue both sides of the Anae debate, which ever side is convenient at the time. It's time to be a fan, afterall it's only the first game.

As a Ute fan, despite all the reasons (excuses) given for the loss, weather, play calling, officials, inexperience, time zones, etc, (and I'll also throw in a couple, lack of position mastery and performance at a higher level), one word comes to mind after watching last nights game, TRADITION!!! (Should have left it on the uniforms)

Go Utes

andrews afb, MD


I am sure no one would have complained about anae running out as much of the clock at the end of the game.

There are times like when it is MORE than appropriate to play conservatively. They could have just kneed the ball on 3rd and punted on 4th and I would have been happy.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

The problem with BYU and BYU fans in general is they are all stuck in the mid 80’s mind set. The Football world has greatly changed since then. No longer can BYU get by with great young men with average talent.

BYU domed their program when they left the MWC. BYU further hurt their program by not begging the Big-12 to take them in the league. Yes, the ESPN thing was a good money grab but at what cost? With no conference title to fight for, their season ends with their first loss, as it has this season. BYU is an average mid-major team. That is reality. Get use to it and deal with it.

I have watched the play several times. The assumption all of you are making is a run and punt would easily salt away a win. This is pure speculation at best. The play would have, should have worked. The pass was a little high but very catchable. Additionally, what kind of D stand was that as the runner bounced his way into the end zone? Quit believing the hype coming out of fall camp. You are what you are

Gilmer, TX

It's really sad when the offense is so bad that the OC must punt and rely on the defense, but that clearly is the situation BYU is in--even against a very weak Virginia team. Yes, Anae, Hill, and Williams blew the play and the game. I hope the offense can get better and if it doesn't I hope that they will do everything possible to let the defense win.

Gilmer, TX

At least Anae doesn't argue with reality like Mendenhall. I'm glad he is recognizing a poor decision (he should have had very little confidence in the passing game) and not loudly shouting he would do the same thing in any similar situation. At least that gives us some hope. Sports writers have given this Texas Cougar fan false hopes about this offense. I still wonder if there is any chance that Olsen could give a spark to the offense. It's sad when one player, Hoffman, can't play that the offense would be so terrible. But just like last year, on many plays if the offensive line had just fallen to the ground after the snap they would have been just as effective. For all practical purposes the offense gave up 16 points and scored 16 points.

Harwich, MA

Once again the examples of incredible preparation, unmatched devotion, some of the most highly touted recruits in the nation and coaching staff without peer have shown and given us cause to reflect and hope that "there's always next year". Thanks Robert.

Rigby, ID

Guy Holliday - fail with all the drops.
Robert Anae - fail with only 16 points and the most third down situations in the Bronco era.
Mark Atuaia - fail with Williams carrying the ball 33 times - too many - he's going to get hurt.
Garrett Tujague - fail with no pass protection and no running game until the 4th quarter.

Mission Viejo, CA

After watching the crazy game, I watched Washington destroy and I mean destroy Boise State. UW too has moved to the go fast offense, throwing out a lot of last year's offense. UW's defense is much better than last year but not as good as BYU's. The difference was quarterback. Price was priceless.

But he's a senior now (I think) and Hill is a Sophomore. Basically, UW didn't change their offense of last year, they just trimmed it down. BYU is learning a completely new offense. But I'm concerned about Hill's poor passing. Boise and UW both has great passing. Robert may have to consider Olsen at some point.

This season is not over, there are plenty of games to win. Tough loss, but they will rebound. Bronco has had some tough first game losses and pulled out very good seasons. We'll see what happens, but it is unrealistic to think BYU will get through this season with less than four losses.

West of I15, UT

@Ducky, mind games, sammy G, wer, cougiefaninTX, my two dads, tom in CA, etc.....LOL!!

I've posted this a few times and of course it still holds true.

Jan - August....All cougie fans preach how great the cougies are how they should go undefeated, to a BCS bowl, etc.

Sept/October- Cougie fans dissapear after early losses because they are so embarrased of all the talk of nat titles, BCS games, going undefeated, how much better they are than Utah, etc.

Nov/December- After the highschool schedule kicks in and they get a few wins in a row the talk builds back up to how the mighty cougars are the greatest team in the country even though they lose games on the feild where it matters....LOL!

Go fast go hard and go home with an L....LOL

Rigby, ID

I'm not ready to give up at all. I believe it will get better.
Anae - 16 points, the most 3rd downs in a game in the Bronco era - fail.
Tujague - No pass protection and no running game until the fourth quarter - fail.
Holliday - Several dropped passes. Reminds me of pre-Cahoon - fail.
Atuaia - Too many carries for Williams, he's going to get hurt. Where are the other guys - fail.

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

Return to the standard offence. Lose the "hurry up". The hurry up has it's own time and place during a game, not the entire game. After 144 years of American football, one would think that if the full time hurry up is so great, it would be used extensively by now.

newhall, CA

Time to find a legitimate offensive coordinator. Anae should NEVER have been rehired. The QB position continues to be average. Hill is OK but not even close to being on par with the past greats. This offense is stagnant, boring and predictable. BYU will end 50/50 this season and will NOT be going to a bowl game. This should have been a W.

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