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Published: Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 7:45 a.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Fall Fast, Fall Hard

Salt Lake, UT

It's not Anae's fault that a wide open receiver can't catch the ball. Perfectly thrown pass too.

Kearns, UT


Actually it is. Williams isn't a receiver and doesn't have the hands to grab a ball that he has to struggle to reach. That why he's a running back.

BYU was ahead. Anae should have called a "safe" play and run the ball and then punted on fourth down or gotten the first down on the ground. Especially with the pass completion record that Hill had racked up to that point.

It was an ugly game all around. But, that play, that call from Anae, sunk the ship.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

I don't care whose fault it is, the season is over for this fan. BYU needed to run the table this season, get the BCS title game and beat Alabama (or whomever got there with them). And in going undefeated during the season BYU needed to be a wide open, high scoring aerial circus with a solid running game and be an offensive threat. Instead, same conservative stuff. YAWN! Defense did well though.

Syracuse, ut

looked just like the 2012 season, defense plays hard and does what it needs to do to keep the game close and the offense comes out and drives the train off the cliff.

I hate to be pessimistic, but my beloved Cougs could very well start out 0-3 this year unless this offense figures things out. Not just Hill's fault, plenty of blame to go around here. Missed passes, dropped passes, penalties, missed blocking assignments, and the list goes on and on.

A little help from special teams wouldn't hurt too. No more blocked punts and penalties ok?

Stay strong, gotta show up and play Texas with some heart next week, even if you do lose.

Go Cougs.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

That was so funny!

The defense was handling them fine.

Only byu is capable of finding a way to lose that game!


If you can't beat Virginia, who will you beat?

Utah will make byu 0-3.


Week one was perfect!

Omaha, NE

Appears as though nothing has changed with Anae's offense :(


Omaha, NE

Too many excuses in this article. They were beat plain and simple. Now move on.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Not even I thought byu would lose!

I guess I overestimated this team!

And I knew you were terrible.


Cottonwood, CA

Who makes that call? Nobody!,,

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Where was the offensive line? How can 4 defensive lineman beat 5 to 6 blockers?

Houston, TX

Dick slammed Anae hard and he deserves it. Anae just gave away a win and a season. Now, I hope he will bounce back next game, but he deserves all the blames.

Sugar City, ID

I don't know enough about football to question any call, but from a human interest point of view, Ammon Olsen deserves a start against Texas. That is meant to take nothing away from Hill but Olsen deserves a chance.

St Louis, MO

"I don't care whose fault it is, the season is over for this fan."

I don't think you quite get the meaning of the word "fan." A fan doesn't bail on his team after one shaky game and tough loss. Or even a tough, shaky season if it comes to that. A fan is disappointed and possibly upset after a loss, but if your only motivation for watching and supporting a team is that they might win a national title, relatively few fans would have any reason to watch any schools play. How many teams have a legit shot at the title this year? 15, at most? BYU really didn't. Utah certainly doesn't.

Find another hobby. Seriously.

Salt Lake City, UT

Taysom Hill looks like the next coming of ....uh ... uh... Riley Nelson.

Duckhunter, where are you? I need an explanation for this loss. How can Anae's offense look so inept?

South Jordan, UT

Gotta to hand it to Anea- he's taking the blame for the loss.

Actually, it wasn't that one call that did it. There were so many mistakes by the offense, coupled with "special" team miscues, that it's amazing the Cougs kept the score so close.

UVA was a younger team, the QB hadn't played as recently as had Hill, etc., and the game looked a lot like the Texas loss a couple of years ago.

Too much ineptitude.

Lehi, UT

Well said, Dick Harmon. Lets give a little credit to the boss too though..:

I listened to Bronco on Wrubell's show from the press box earlier in the week, and he was acting like he had the greatest team in football. Smacking about how camp is too long, and how he could get the work done in far less time. The work wasn't and isn't done. This team sputtered all night. They looked so rusty and sloppy, it's a miracle they ever had a shot in this one. Yet another squandered opportunity on the road for Mendenhall. He almost never wins the important ones. And make no mistake - this may be a bad Virginia team, but this was a critical win.

The worst part for me is reconciling the fact that the mediocre Utah team I watched the other night is going to beat us on their way to their worst season in years. I hate losing to Utah--especially in years when they aren't good.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

SlopJ30 -- you are of course correct. But I had been having fun trash talking about going undefeated and getting a shot at the high and mighty SEC. That was dreaming... but more fun to be undefeated going into November with shots against Wisconsin and Boise State if they were ranked high... the fun fan debates about who plays who, SOS and deserving that BCS shot. That is all off the table now after just one game, timidly attempted by a disappointingly conservative offense.

Cinci Man

I'm glad Anae owned up to his mistake. It was clearly his. A man admits his mistakes and learns from them. Thanks coach. You are a true man. It was forgotten to mention that the ball was wet, the turf was wet, the running game was the main success on offense, and Taysom Hill had a poor passing game. It was simply a human error and 20-20 hindsight points at Anae. had the pass been completed and the first down obtained, he would have been touted as a hero who preserved the win and made a gutsy call.

My expectations are lowered for Texas. But I can hope that the Cougars come with the fire they lacked today. They CAN win. Bring it all to the field and leave it there.


Be careful, Anae. If you volunteer that the loss was your fault, Bronco just may believe it, and you may find yourself being driven out of Provo for the second time.

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