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Published: Saturday, Aug. 31 2013 7:15 p.m. MDT

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Enid, OK

Article quote: "BYU quarterback Taysom Hill completed 13-of-40 passes for 175 yards, one touchdown...."

Those numbers aren't gonna cut it. Hang in there, guys.


(BTW, lightning delays suck!)


Heartbreaking finish, they had the game in hand. At least it looked like the O-Line got better in the 4th quarter, let's hope they can continue that play next week.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Tough loss for the cougs, good luck next week vs Texas

Cottonwood, CA

Has there ever been a worse play call than that pass at that time in that weather with a4 pt lead and and an opponents inept offense?
That call is a firing offense.

Herriman, Utah

The defense cannot do it all! But with linemen that do not block, receivers that drop passes, questionable and continued "up-the-middle" for no gainers on critical downs, and other thing offensive - I guess we can call this a truely "Anae-mic" offense that must get better in order to win.

Salt Lake, UT

I'd like to see you guys throw the ball in the rain. Taysom Hill will be ok and he is still a great quarterback.....


It looks as though BYU won't win the national championship now and is probably not the great team as advertised...


My takeaway (pun intended; too soon?) from the game:

1. Not only is BYU's O-Line bad again this year, it may be worse than last year's.

2. Taysom Hill is very athletic, very good to come in as a change of pace and surprise the defense some passing ability to go with strong and fast legs, but does not look like a starting, full-game QB. Even when he had time, 1/4 of his passes were in the dirt, several others off target one direction or the other (I can think of only one of these that was caught, a great adjustment by Matthews), many of these coming in crucial situations (the one that went off Williams' hands for the INT, the 3rd down play of the last possession). Having Hoffman may have won the game, but his completions probably would have only been around 50%, rather than 30%.

Salt Lake City, UT

So what have we learned from the first game?
1. Robert Anae is as predictable and boring as ever.
2. Go fast, go hard translates to 3 and out more often than not.
3. Taysom Hill is an ineffectual passer. It's like seeing Riley Nelson reincarnated.
4. It's going to be a very long and painful season for Cougar fans.

South Jordan, UT

Here come the excuses.

St.George, Utah

Not to worry, BYU fans and friends.
The odds of President Barack Obama causing the loss of each and every game of your season this year are quite small.

Still slow, still soft
Salt Lake, UT

I love it!

Byu loses

Utah will make byu 0-3 !!

This is awesome!

I am so happy!

Salt Lake City, UT

First of many losses for the year. BYU only can win teams that were in the former WAC and MWC. I use to be a huge supporter and fan of BYU football. I am no longer. I am so tired of their arrogance and self-righteous attitude. And BYU's fans are some of the most ignorant and rude fans in college football. Being at LaVell Edward's Stadium is not fun. Best to all of you BYU fans. I would suggest their is more to life. Give the money and time you spend on BYU football to a much more worthy cause.

Provo, UT

It's gonna be a long season.


3. The defense was not as good as I was expecting. UVa's offense looked bad, and they really only tried to pass downfield on BYU once from what I saw (which they completed to set up the FG), but were still able to move the ball just enough to win. I don't expect KVN will whiff on many tackles this season, but he probably missed more in this game than he did all last season.

4. Special teams doesn't look good. If many of your games are as close as they were last year, I don't expect you'll win many of them.

I was very much anticipating the BYU game this year, thinking it could very well be the year the Cougs get us, but I'm a little more confident in the Utes now.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

What happened to that Nitro, Go Fast Go Furious, 90 plays a game Offense.

Virginia's Defense was set way before the Offense was.

Wow, good luck Cougs

well informed
Salt Lake, UT

And this is why you should have gone to the NFL last year KVN and Hoffman.

Salt Lake City, UT

Play hard and play fast and get 16 points? What? QB 13 for 40, What? All the local sports media talking heads guarenteed that BYU would win this game. Gonna be a long season. Texas next, ouch! Then Utes which are not a great team will be 50-50. Adrian Dantley

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Surprising game. 93 offensive plays by BYU and 74 by Virginia and neither team cracks 20 points. Plus Virginia had the ball 34 minutes to 26 for BYU - even with 19 more plays for the Cougars.

With 360 total yards, I thought BYU would get more than 16 points. The average gains per play were pretty small though. It seemed like 3 yards and a cloud of mud for both teams. Maybe it was the weather, but then again, maybe the "play fast, play hard" philosophy isn't all its cracked up to be.

Hopefully BYU will adjust and get this to work. You aren't going to go far on 16 points a game.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Well the good news is that BYU fans can make their bowl game plans now. Even if they lose to all six of the decent teams on their schedule they should win against the six Patsy's they have.

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