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Published: Friday, Aug. 30 2013 1:45 p.m. MDT

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The Scientist who uses numbers without actual facts to support. . . A 2009 Gallup Poll confirmed— members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints comprise the most conservative of the major religious groups in the United States. Seventy-nine percent of Mormons attend religious services weekly, almost every week, or monthly. That compares to 53% of the overall American adult population who attend this frequently. . .


A Scientist - - - more numbers for your research. . . 2012, the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life released a survey, the first ever published by a non-LDS research organization to focus exclusively on members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…

For the vast majority of Latter-day Saints surveyed, those life choices have much to do with their religious beliefs. Eighty-two percent of survey respondents indicate that religion is "very important" to them, 83 percent say they pray every day and 77 percent say they attend church at least once a week. Beyond that, a stunning 69 percent of respondents fit all three descriptions, saying that religion is very important to them, that they pray every day and that they go to church every week.

us, CA

The fastest growing church in the US is Seventh Day Adventist. People remain on LDS 'rolls' till the age of 100 unless a death is reported earlier. PEW and others report figures provided to them by the churches themselves, so that depends on how transparent they choose to be. Anything that can bring more moral fiber back into society and encourage people to love and do for others is a good thing. I'd rather have a religion tossing BOM's at me than one that tosses bombs.

Mighty Mouse
Salt Lake City, Utah

Having spent decades reaching out to less active members of the church, these are some personal observations I have made: (1) during periods of their inactivity, priesthood leaders do not give up on individuals who have been baptized; internally, they are clearly considered "members" of the church; (2) most less active members still do consider themselves "members" even though they may no longer attend meetings with any regularity; (3) a very tiny percentage of less active members become so embittered against the church that they no longer consider themselves "members" and there is a process for these to have their names removed from church membership records if this is their true desire; (4) many members who have spent considerable time away from organized church activities choose at some point in their lives to return to full activity and are routinely welcomed back to the fold; and (5) we don't give up on those who stray, we don't look down on them for their decision, we do forever consider them fellow members and we welcome them home when they choose to return.

American Fork, UT

But, Wacoan, J.D. was referring to the potential of a Prophet that was NOT a Caucasian. Both John Taylor and Dieter Uchdorf, while not American by birth, are still Caucasian. I wonder about that, too, J.D. BRING ON THE SECOND COMING! THE WORLD IS FALLING APART!

Jersey, 00

As mentioned in the article the majority of church members live outside the USA and this is going to be increasingly the case as the church spreads to become worldwide.

Democrat and Republican are meaningless to the majority of people outside the USA - there are different parties in different countries. Also right and left are different in different countries. For example no party would stand a chance of being elected if they dare to suggest any model other than socialised medicine.

Huntington, UT

My opinion is if the 21st century is the "Century of Terrorism" - Alan Watt, Conspiracy Theorist. Then Revelations speaks of Wars. So if the Mormons don't fight in wars due to religious freedom (Babtism for the Dead)(Google Brigham Young Chapter 36) Baby Nukes being used. The result should be less hostile religions and more land for Temple work. =D Smoke 'em if ya have them.

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