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Published: Friday, Aug. 30 2013 2:10 p.m. MDT

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@ On the other hand:

"The Bluest Eyes" is on the list of 11th Grade reading at several HS in Utah(it is on the national list for Common Core, which several teachers are using). One of the students purchased in on Amazon to get a head start and brought it to her father after reading the disturbing content. It is now with the AG who is looking into child endangerment prosecution.

4th graders in several states in the East are being taught mastubation in the health cirriculums being sent out. English Common Core includes instruction on how to use "emotional arguments" to wim others to your cause and to practice this on your parents. CC is touted as "standards" for math and english, but the reality is that it is a program to over-write religious teaching, eliminate parental involvement in children's development, and conform our children to a secular, anti-religion agenda.

Facts are easily available in this internet age. Anyone can find this information. You should try doing some objective research sometime....

Columbus, OH


You are completely misrepresenting the curriculum. For example, children are taught how emotional arguments work. Every salesman and missionary is taught the same thing. But the goal isn't just to help them more effectively argue their point, but to also see when an emotional argument is being used to overcome a rational skepticism (like when someone says children are being forced to read child pornography or be instructed in masturbation in the Common Core).

Your beef overall seems to be that we're losing local control of schools, but that's absolutely not true. Every state, district, school, and teacher has the choice of which books from the list they would like to teach. If a community decides "The Bluest Eyes" is important to them, should they not be allowed to select it? THAT would be federal imposition. (Incidentally, it has incest and rape in it, but so does the Bible) As to your masturbation misrepresentation, it was a text exemplar for 9-10th grades (not 4th) and it was a book about Castro called "In the Time of Butterflies" and there is masturbation in it (like the Bible). Teachers can also read the Odyssey, Fahrenheit451, etc.

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