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Published: Friday, Aug. 30 2013 2:10 p.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

It would be awesome if people opposing the standards actually knew what they were about.

Columbus, OH

These folks are unbelievable. They are the same ones who, and I am actually no making this up, don't want their children to finger-paint because they think it is a covert way for the federal government to collect their fingerprints. I am amazed by the number of people who still think this is a federal government initiative.

Ironically, they are also often the people who lament to poor quality of public education and compare us to other countries doing better. This was an attempt to improve the quality of public education, by starting with the end goal (we want high school graduates to have these skills) and then working backward to outline the steps toward acquiring those skills. It focuses much more on writing and creating independent thought (the horror!). It wasn't initiated by the feds, but by leaders in business in conjunction with those in higher education.

Sometimes I wonder if these folks' biggest fear is that it will actually work, and our school might actually be something to be proud of.

Layton, UT

This is much fear about nothing folks. I am not an educator, have read the common core and compared it to the Utah core of old. This is a very good core set of standards and Utah can change it or adjust it to their liking. There is nothing insidious about Common Core.

Providence, UT

Have these folks tried learning about why No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and, now, Common Core Standards came about? Are they aware that all are attempts to remedy a real problem--America's steady slippage in international assessments of educational outcomes and general decline since before the appearance in 1983 of "Nation at Risk," a damning report on the state of American education? And are they aware that it is America's failure to plan long-term that has left the country with very uneven K-12 standards, funding, and commitment?

The consequences of inaction could be as severe as a nation no longer just at risk but in decline.

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

Common core opponents need to read the old Utah standards side-by-side with the Common Core State Standards. They will find there was just as many things "objectionable" in the old standards. At least the CCSS are more rigorous and are going to be uniform across many states so FINALLY, those of us who move with our jobs don't have to see our kids bounced all over academically when we move state to state.

It makes so much sense to have common standards in our nation! Why is that being lost on this argument? States have all the flexibility they want to alter the standards, but at least this gives us a chance to know if our kids are going to be able to compete with kids from other states for university acceptances.

I will add that it was an amazing political feat by Obama to get over 40 states to agree on a common set of standards by bribing them with federal money that never materialized! Really a very amazing accomplishment. And that is why people are so angry - another "win" for Obama is tough to swallow!

Kearns, UT

Wow! I went to their blog and read some of the posts. Boy does their paranoia run deep.

I'm all for praying for what you believe in, but to me this "call to prayer" smacks of desperation and tries to convince others that God himself is against Common Core.

Frankly, I think God might have a few other pressing matters to worry about.

Salt Lake City, UT

Vaccines cause autism, Obama is a Kenyan. The moon landings were faked. Bush was behind 9-11 What else am I forgetting?

Mcallen, TX


What else are you forgetting?

Observe some history of the different philosophies forced on schools over the passed decades. Cooperative learning being one of them.

Than relate it to our current economy of high unemployment, poverty, welfare, illiteracy, and our need to bring in skilled workers from other countries. A third of our college graduates are from other countries.

This is not a display of a great education system. It's disaster.

Common Core is nothing new, but a re-run of failure. The proof is staring you in the face.

Bountiful, UT

This article and the comments above parrot the progressive party line. The truth is that Common Core is a Federal intrusion into local education. Calling it "Utah's Common Core Standards" is misleading. Common Core Curriculum is accompanied by probing personal questionnaires to which your children will regularly be subjected; questions that ask about your family's social and political attitudes and of telling family practices. When I heard the questions being asked of elementary school children, I could hardly believe it. I felt that we had moved to Germany and back in time to 1940, and "Der Fuehrer" was waiting for reports from the classroom.

The math standards in Common Core are inferior to the standards most Utah schools and teachers have maintained, and the math problem-solving patterns defy logic. Watch your children's math assignments. You will discover that what you learned in school won't allow you to offer your child any assistance. Why don't you withhold judgement until you learn more about this insidious Trojan horse.

Resisting parents have been bullied and ignored. But a majority of the delegates at Utah's State Republican Convention condemned Common Core and called for its rejection.

Highland, UT

What would be awesome azamatbagatov, is if press accounts would start reporting the fact that our issue isn't with the standards themselves. They are weak and there are better, but the people against Common Core are seeing a lot broader picture than what you think. This is about massive loss of privacy and local control. Did you know the assessments are funded and overseen by the feds and that teachers will be evaluated on test performance? Did you know teachers aren't allowed to see the tests? That's going to force them to teach to the exact standards. States would be dumb to change the standards when the assessments aren't going to change to accommodate those changes. Did you know the school grading that's going to take place will be based in large measure on assessment performance? Did you know the feds recommend tracking over 500 data points on every student in a database sharable with "interested parties"? I'd guess most people are pretty clueless on the real Common Core issues because most people don't read source documents. We do. Sign the petition at Utahns Against Common Core. Thank you Christel. We'll be praying.

Woods Cross, UT

I am an educator and THERE ARE serious concerns about the Common Core.

Two concerns I have:
1. The core-inspired math curriculum is a complete disaster. Students are either bored or confused. Ask most jr. high math teachers.
2. A serious reduction in reading literature in English classes. The emphasis is on non-fiction, technical reading and writing. We may see a generation of students who have never heard of Shakespeare or read a poem or work of fine literature. My perception is that English has been made the servant of the science and tech curriculum.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I have "discussions" with "Oak" and other common core dissenters on other boards. One does not have to chat with them for long before the paranoias mentioned by Cincinnatus above begin to cloud their commentary and soon taint all they they have to say.

Perhaps, these folks have had such little success in "enlightening" the public because God is a Common Core advocate and it is part of His/Her plan. Thus, their praying will be of little use.

Pooh Bear
Saint Louis, MO

I have not heard of Common Core before, but on the surface this sounds like another version of the Outcomes Based Education (OBE) program that was being touted not too many years ago (maybe it is still around, I've lost touch). My recollection of that program was that it smacked of socialism all over the place. Of course, there is always the 10th plank of the communist manifesto dealing with free public education for all children as a backdrop. If Common Core and OBE are similar or tied together, then it most certainly should be opposed, IMO.

Madison, AL

It would be nice if those supporting Open Core really knew what it was all about. Just like Obamacare it is loaded with hidden burdens that would destroy the school system that is controlled locally and teaches local values. This is what we get with a Department of Education, sooner or later the propaganda machine will steamrolling American society into lemmings, blindly letting the power brokers do as they please. Once again there is no way to undo this programmed destruction if it passes. Pray for divine intervention.

Clearfield, UT

Glenn Beck is behind a lot of this. Oak interesting comments. If you are right I don't see prayer as the answer. More information would be helpful.

Springville, UT

Two comments. First, the opponents to Common Core say nothing of substance, either why they don't like it or what they propose to strengthen the education system. It's like the GOP opposition to the healthcare act, opposition based on opposition and nothing more. Two, the concept that God is on our side and if you are not with us, you are on the side of the devil, this is an argument, subtle and overt, that the right wing and the GOP in Utah has perfected. Anytime someone uses this argument in any format, turn and run from them.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


Is this the same man who diligently fought in the Math Wars? After reading your post I am not so sure.

Utah has been using Common Core for three years now. The STATE runs the tests. The STATE reports scores not individually, but by school/district as a lump just as they have been for more than two decades. Individual students will not be identified by the federal government at any rate different to what they have for the last twenty years.

Teachers have not seen standardized tests such as the IOWAs, CRTs, ACTs or SATs till just before the tests are given out. They shouldn't see the tests so as to maintain the integrity of the test and for ethical reasons. Besides, Utah got the Feds to sign off on the foolish computer adaptive testing that will start this year statewide. No two tests taken will be the same. Data from the tests will have no proven validity or reliability for at least five years. This foolishness should be more concerning to the average parent.

The problem isn't the feds intervention in education. It has always been the state.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Common Core is a starting point; not a ceiling that prevents schools from teaching anything beyond it. Nothing prevents any school or teacher from teaching more than those standards. It's like the Uniform Building Code. The UBC sets minimum standards for the construction of your new home. It doesn't keep the builder from building anything better or sturdier.

If students are "bored or confused", that's the fault of the teacher, not the material being taught. With the possible exception of Philosophy of Education, I've never had a class where the material couldn't be made interesting and challenging. While we can have a reasonable debate about the percentage of reading material that should be literary classics, the real issue is that far too many students can't read well, period.


Where were these people when No Child Left Behind was implemented? More properly termed No Child's Behind Left. The Common Core Standards are so much better for kids. It allows teaching again instead of how to fill in bubbles and only study Math and reading. I suspect these protesters are the shills of the right wingers who want to do away with public education entirely so we can get back to the colonial days when only the elitists were educated and only the elitists ran the government.

Mcallen, TX

@JustGordon--don't be fooled by the fancy rhetoric.

In a few years, bad teachers will again be blamed, and a new concept will be forced on the schools. History repeats its self.

How many times do you go to a bad dentist before switching?

Look at our economy, and welfare state, than tell me the feds know what's best for education.

The evidence is clearly against them.

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