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Published: Friday, Aug. 30 2013 12:30 a.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Chuckie is the best USU QB in more than a generation. The game isn't close with they typical USU QB.

Go Utes, CA

"who combined for 399 yards alone." Combined with himself? This writing needs work. The article also fails to give enough credit to USU. Utah beat a very good team tonight. A team that won 11 games last year and has likely improved this year (although it is too early to tell). I watched enough of USC-Hawaii tonight to form an opinion that the Aggies have a very good shot to beat the Trojans.

Utah has a lot of things to work on, but I'm pleased with Wilson's development in the offseason. I think they had more big yardage pass plays this game alone than all of last season.

Ogden, Utah

"Saturday’s 30-26 win over Utah State"???
What happened to my Friday? Am I in the Twilight Zone?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Although the Utes won, the prevailing mood was that even in losing, USU is closer than Utah to its goal."

Says who, Rock? You? So let me get this straight...Utah loses, you bag on the Utes. Utah wins, you bag on them anyway. Yep, you must work for the Deseret News.

"Prevailing mood??" Based on what?

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Surprise surprise, another Debbie Downer article about the Utes from Brad Rock, it's almost a given. Brad, in case you didn't notice, Utah won. Did the Utes play poorly in some facets of the game, yes, but scoreboard still says they won. I know it's painful for you Brad. You know what is going to be even more painful for you? When the Utes hand you're Cougars their fourth straight loss to the Utes. Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Another article very lacking in any sort of realistic perspective by Brad Rock. First of all, since when did 450 yards of total offense and 30 points against a top-25 statistical defense returning most of its starters become a disappointing showing? Not to mention Utah just had its first 250-yard passing game since 2010. In what ways is that not an improvement by Erickson, particularly for a first game? Secondly, Utah St is a VERY good team. Frankly, I think they're good enough to beat half of the PAC-12. They probably should have beat Utah tonight too. But for some timely penalties and a gutsy and well-executed onside kick, they probably would have. Credit to the Utes for getting it done, but do not go to sleep on the Aggies. Both teams looked better than last year in my opinion.

As with many columnists in Utah, it seems the only way Rock knows how to produce any sort of commentary is by being glass half-empty on all things sports-related in Utah. A little research and perspective go a long way, Brad

U 90
Corona, CA


You seem to be a glass half empty kinda guy tonight. The Utes did gain 125 more yards and scored 10 more points than last year vs. the Aggies. The defense could also improve in 2013 with the return of Blechen and the Miami transfer Gionni Paul. Maybe those things will factor in to one of your future stories.

Southern, UT

Once again the aggies lose. This season will be a long one for Logan. That's a fact.

Herriman, UT

No question Utah still has to get better. But last night was a quality win against a quality opponent. USU has a senior QB with a lot of experience, their entire O-line, including a center on the outland trophy watch list, back from last year, and a head coach who was with the program last year. Anybody that thinks that a bunch of returning players that were well-coached can't carry that over to the next season, under a new head coach, needs to look no further than the beginning of the Gary Crowton era. I am still worried about the utes getting bowl eligible. But not because they won't be a quality football team, but because they play one of the toughest schedules in the country this year.

Somewhere in Time, UT

The Utes were really lucky to win that one. The Aggies are clearly the better team.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Good article Brad Rock. The analysis of both teams was spot on. But for the one on-side-kick trick play that happened to work out for the kicking team, Utah State wins this one.

Littleton, CO

Wow, Rock shook the hornets nest with this article. Nervous, utes? A bit sensitive, aren't we? His point is valid -- the product USU put on the field last night has a much better shot at competing in the MWC than the utes have in the PAC. Why should that be so surprising or maddening to ute fans? Nothing the national media hasn't been stating for weeks. Yeah, utah's passing yardage was better and Wilson threw the ball well. But if not for Reilly and Orchard finally stepping up at key moments and a great on-sides kick, that would have been a VERY embarrassing loss for the utes and the PAC. Sheesh, take a deep breath, fellas....


A fake kick-off to catch up on the scoreboard with the dominating 300+ yard offense in 1st half by USU.

Ute fans are questioning their team again?

Durham, NC

I didn't watch the game, but all I needed to see was one thing: the Utes won. And, that's the bottom line. A win is a win. From a BYU fan's perspective, I'm expecting tough games from both of these teams, just like last year.

Bountiful, UT

Sounds like the Rock Monster and Chuckie have a Bronco/Riley Nelson relationship. Could you be any more negative towards the Utes Brad? I thought media was supposed to be impartial...try re-writing this article and have it on my desk in the morning

Christoph b
Salt lake, UT

Well a WAC 2.0 championship is not exactly the same thing as a Pac 12 title.

We won!

Like I said we would


Brad is right on... but perhaps not as critical as he could have been in one crucial area - the glaring difference in quarterback play.

Wilson was very lucky on a few of his completions. He delivered some of his throws while falling backwards, even with no defender in his face, and his mechanics were very, very poor. Its hard to believe they can't either coach an improvement in his technique or insert a quarterback with more promise. His numbers were better than his skillset.

Keeton, on the other hand looks like the real deal. He has a quick delivery and great touch on his throws - not to mention his tremendous footwork and feel for the game. If he had not been hampered by his foot cramps (or whatever his injury was}, the game may have turned out differently.

The Aggies have a star quarterback. The Utes were lucky to win with theirs.

Idaho Falls, ID

Good luck winning in the Pac-12 with gimmicks.

Northern, UT

Football fans in the state of Utah need to own up and realize that neither of these teams are all that good. Fans have bought into the preseason hype and they should objectively see that these are two mediocre teams that will do nothing on a national level. USU had their run last year but this year they have just lost too much. That's the way it goes with developing programs, they don't have the depth to reload every year. Utah is a program that is way overhyped with their fans flying the Pac-12 banner as they cry for respect. But the fact is, they have done nothing in the Pac-12 and it looks like they will not do much this year. Again, they may have a "special" year every so often, but not this year.

The bottom line is that as much as fans from this state hate to admit it, their college football teams are what they are....fun to watch for the locals but nothing special on a national level.

Salt Lake City, UT

Brad Rock says "Another addition was Utah’s first-ever “stripe the stadium” promotion. Fans were urged dress in red or white, according to seating sections. Not necessarily the image a football team wants — candy cane."

Really Rock? That's one of your criticisms of the game? You sound like a troll in the comments section. (For some reason) You're paid as a sportswriter for a newspaper. Readers expect intelligent, insightful observations. You're falling short.

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