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Published: Thursday, Aug. 29 2013 9:45 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B was right!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Winning team(Utah)
Losing team(usu)

Winning team(Utah)
Losing team(usu)

Aggies, I told you so!

I told you so!

West Jordan, UT

UTES Win!!!

Congrats to the team! Congrats to Travis Wilson, Carl Williams, Nate Orchard, Andy Phillips and all the guys who EARNED this win.

Bye-Bye, Chuckie. Thanks for playin'!

Mcallen, TX

Wow! A PAC 12 team struggles.

Good thing for 15 yard penalties, and trick plays.

CO Ute

Congratulations to both teams on a very entertaining game and (for me) the right team won. I think USU will do very well and make a bowl game this year. As for the Utes, this makes one down and five to go for a bowl game.

Chuckie rocks and was glad to see our defense get a couple of stops late in the game. Wilson looked confident running Utah's offense and looks to be ready for a big improvement this year. Hopefully Kenneth Scott is OK, would be a shame to lose our best receiver in the first game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chuckie Keeton is the best quarterback in the state. I've said before that USU will be a greater challenge than BYU. Keeton proves the point.

Nice composure by the Utes to get back in and win. I thought USU went conservative too early. Where was the advertised "up tempo" offense for the Utes? You know you're running it 3 times at the goal line. Didn't make it? Pop back up, set, go!


Great game, Utes! Utah State is excellent, and Keeton is the real deal.


Your Cougars should be scared. The Aggies are going to crush you guys.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Thanks Worf. Good luck this weekend! VA was ranked #86 at the end of the season...Utah State #19...(Sagarin). Also thanks for the critique of the officials.
I think Kyle would like you to officiate next years game if you're available.

Let us know.

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

I think that this game showed that USU maybe is not as good as advertised. They seemed to be especially gased at the end and playing on the road caused them issues with momentum. I guess now it all comes down to the 21st and then whenever BYU plays USU (Friday in October?) . That will determine who owns the state.

West Jordan, UT

GoRed . . . you nailed it. The Aggies are going to shred BYU's secondary.

Mike W
Syracuse, UT


What did you expect? The line for this game was only a couple points... it's not like Utah's predicted to be beating down the doors for the national championship, and if you hadn't been paying attention the last 12 months, the QB for Utah State is pretty good and can light up just about any defense.

You also realize the late 1st half TD by Utah State was greatly aided by a missed holding call on the 3rd and long play by Keaton? Funny you don't mention that.

Good showing by Utah, I thought they were going to fold down 23-14, but the defense came up with some big stops, and the coaches made some good calls including the onside kick. Utah State will be fine and I look forward to them playing BYU again.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

That ain't how I had it scripted. But, a win is a win, right?! Wow. Great game for Orchard and Reilly. Good game for Wilson. Great game for Philips.

My heart can start beating again any time now.

Farmington, UT

Amazing how these two fan bases have the commonality of bashing the Cougars and claiming the best quarterback in the state is from a school that is 0-1. Wait until after all the intersectional games are over.

Utah didn't win as must as USU lost. Penalties against the Aggies kept two early scoring drives alive, a missed PAT and then receivers on an on-side kick that stood there like their feet were planted in either concrete or quick sand. Add to that the old Aggie special----play not to lose instead of keeping up the heat and playing to win. Once old MO has switched teams, it's pretty tough to get him back onto your side.

As far as being an entertaining game, I thought it really was and I thought it could have easily gone either way. I though USU was going to win until their offense play calling went into the deep freeze. Hopefully they will avoid that in the future (shades of Auburn).

The PAC 12 dodged a bullet tonight, for sure. They looked pretty mediocre most of the game. But they found a way to win.....congratulations.

Sandy, UT

Nice win for the Utes. @worf ... your bitterness tastes delicious.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

My comment 8/19/13

There You Go Again

Saint George, UT

"...The game 8/29 will be a true test for USU.

They will not sneak up on the UTES this year.

They will be facing a highly motivated UTAH team.

They are favored to win.

They are ranked.

They have a Heisman Candidate at QB.

The game is at UTAH.

The game has all the makings of a trap game for USU...".

The game turned out to be a trap game for USU.

As long as Keeton says healthy, USU will be competitive in every game they play this year.

Good Luck to the Aggies the rest of the way.

As Coach Whitt said after the game...

"...We are a very average team...we have a long way to go...".

An impressive interview, after the game with Fitzgerald, the humble young man who took Scott's the injured receivers place.

Stay humble UTAH and work continue to work hard to get better TOGETHER.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

Great win for the UTES...but I personally became a huge fan of Chuckie Keeton tonight. Here's hoping that the AGGIES win the rest of their games. GO UTES AND AGGIES!!!!!!

CO Ute

@too smart for you

Why is it that (some) Cougar fans constantly blame a team for losing the game instead of giving credit to the team that executed the on side kick successfully. Heard the same thing a couple of years ago after the 54-10 debacle in Provo. At least you didn't blame the ref's for making obvious calls on USU.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah State was a top 25 team last year that retained its' best player. The idea of a narrow Utah win really isn't a bad thing for the team by any stretch (they were 3.5pt favorites after all and won by 4).

Enid, OK

Wow. The Utes struggle mightily against USU?

You guys are in for a long, loooong season.....

Go Cougars!!!!!

West Jordan, UT

I hope BYU beats both teams, but this was a pretty entertaining game. Both QB's looked pretty good. The on side kick was a thing of beauty and a stroke of genius. Good luck to all teams this year.

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