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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 28 2013 5:05 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Anae has a great offensive mind and will vastly improve the offensive plays that are run this year. I am excited to see the hurry-up system. It will keep most teams off balance and will wear defenses down in the 4th quarter.

Salt Lake City, UT

I said this when Anae left and I need to say it here again.

1)There is no improvement without Change.

2)Change always costs.

3)Not all Change brings improvement.

I admit I thought the Y needed change when Anae left and I hoped Doman could do it.

It cost the Y several games the first year because Doman tried to add too much according to his own assessment.

They watched Heaps flounder and stuck with him, it didn't help.

They changed and it helped for awhile

But last year Reilly Nelson didn't pull himself when he was more hurt than most of us knew but could see.

So we now have another Change.

It can mean improvement

I hope the cost has been paid by the players under Tujague.

Let's all support them as they go for improvement

How well each player has bought into it can determine the improvement or the failure.

Without risk you will never improve.
If you improve you are a genius.
IF you don't you risk everything.

I love the goal to improve and the direction they want to go.

Go Cougars.

Lindon, UT

The article says Anae will coach from the field not the line. What does that mean - is it a typo? Another article quoted Anae would not be coaching in the booth.

West Jordan, Utah

So many unknowns and question marks this season for Utah and BYU on ofense. I would say BYU's defense is solid especially after last year, but the DBs going down with injury and a lack of depth are concerning for the blue. For Utah's defense; it's new faces and hyped potential. As for USU, they have Chuckie Keaton and that says a lot.

West Jordan, Utah

Offense that is.

Orem, UT

Okay...great, we'l see Saturday, hoping for the best...how in the heck do you pronounce Tujague????

Spring, TX

Two primary concerns:
1. When Doman tried to coach from the field, it was an abysmal failure. Granted, so was Doman, but Anae not being in the booth is concern.
2. Anae was predictable in his play calling. I hope this new offense is less predictable. It sounds like it may be, but that is still a concern.

Finally, how do you pronounce Tujague? Can someone give me a phonetic spelling?

Salt Lake City, UT

It's Garrett Tujaque (Two jay) The jay is a slurred "shay" with almost a "z" sound.

Salt Lake City, UT

Is that sea foam green that Anae has accenting his shirt? Will that be an official BYU accent color?

Saint George, UT


"From the line", as in "phone line", or booth.

Yes, that was an unclear way for the author to put it. They're sports writers. They have mundane jobs and quotas. They resort to horribly repetitive cliches, catchphrases, cheesy endings, hyperbole, and in this case unclear designations.

Quantity (quota) up/quality down...

Cinci Man

I am optimistic that with all the concern expressed for the predictable Anae offensive game of the past, he has added variations to the lineups and can catch defenses off guard with his improved game plan. No one screamed louder than me for his removal the first time, and no one is more optimistic that he has done some self evaluation and created improvements. Let see what he has. Let's see what the Cougars bring to the field. Bring on Saturday! Go Cougars!!

Richmond, VA

The verdict on the new offensive scheme will be clear after this Saturday's game in Virginia! I too don't understand what coaching from the field is as opposed to coaching from the sidelines. But, whatever it is, if it proves effective and successful, I'm all for it and life will be good.

As for Tujague's pronounciation, I think it's "tooshay" but if not, well then just call him Tootsie, just not at his face or your muli (backside) will meet his footsie! lol!

Go Cougars! Good luck to Utes and Aggies too!

West Jordan, UT

Though I agree that Anae's offense in the past was predictable, it is hard to say it was not effective, or that he needed to go. The offensive attack that was present during his tenure was more than respectable. Look at the players listed. I am glad that someone with his offensive mindset has decided to shake things up and utilize his strenghts he has in his players.

West Point , UT

A few points I think need to be made:
1) for those concerned that calling plays from the sideline (with input from the booth) is worrisome: Chip Kelly called all the offensive plays for Oregon from the sideline, Rich Rod at Arizona called all the offensive plays from the sideline. How have those offenses faired? I think an offensive coach should call plays where he's most comfortable calling them, but Kelly & RR have shown that it works very well from the sideline (again with input from the booth).

2) those that thought Anae didn't do a good job or was predictable his first time around, go look at BYUs offensive output and rankings while he was here. He was very good at controlling the football and the clock while putting together long drives, which in turn helped the defense. He was more than effective regardless how predictable some may have thought him to be. We all saw the alternative, and agree it wasn't as good.

3) Tujague is pronounced close to what SLCWatch said...two jay with the jay sounding like the jay in Jaque Vaughn...two jshay.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Maybe it was the personel that we had, and maybe it was that Bronco didn't let the reigns go to much, buy my memory of Anae leading the offense 2+ years ago was a predictable, boring, anemic offense...especially in 2nd & 3rd and short situations. How much change can really be expected this time around? We certainly seem to have better horses in the stable, just wondering if we know how to use them correctly.

Omaha, NE

I am excited to see if Anae can improve. He was too predictable before and when you state that you are coaching to players strengths, it worries me because it will take a few games to figure out what those are and then play your defense accordingly. I wouldn't be surprised if you see teams using Gary Anderson's circus defense which nullified Anae's offense prior to him leaving the Y. As for the go fast and go hard philosophy, for teams that do not have depth, this will be a huge advantage for the Y, but for teams with depth, the D can sub whenever the O subs and thus the advantage will be null. Look at this theory when Oregon plays Stanford, advantage...none.


LV Edwards!
Pleasant Grove, UT

Hmmm. ~Frown~ Sounds like it will be a good year.

Mission Viejo, CA

About Predictability:

Vince Lombardi was predictable. John McKay was predictable. There is an argument that execution is the key. Everybody knew that Green Bay was going to run to daylight and feature the sweep. John McKay's student body right was totally predictable. Problem was, nobody could stop it.

Execution of Anae's new offense will be key to its success. Fast, hurry up without execution would be disastrous. Crowton's offense first year was amazing. After that everybody knew what he was calling. So it takes a good scheme and good execution. Crowton's gimmicky scheme failed. Doman's scheme failed in part because of poor execution and part because of being a poor scheme. Anae has been successful, and will be this year. The scheme has been proven and I expect that it will be executed well.

Oceanside, CA

Interesting. He was run out on a rail by the coach and fans. In two years, doing the same job, he has acquired all of this new knowledge and innovative skills and now comes back a different and improved coach. He'll be working with an iffy offensive line and unproven QB. Good luck.

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT

"Meanwhile, Anae will be calling the plays from the field, not from the sidelines."

I assume this means he will be playing rather than coaching? Maybe that's his secret. Lead by example. Look for Anae out there blocking for Taysom Hill! What number will he wear?

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