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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 28 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

KW looks really upset. The Aggies will hand the utes their first lose of the season and we will see that look often this year.
I can't wait to hear the Chris B and the other ute posters spin after the game.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah 30
Usu 17

We will handle them like the WAC team they are

Mark it down!

I will remind you all I called the win

Sandpoint, ID

Boise is overrated this year. Washington will handle them at home

Fight On!
St George, Utah

Unfortunately I have class until 10:30. Anybody know of a site online I could catch a re-run of this game?
Please and Thank you!

U 90
Corona, CA

I can't remember a season where there was more uncertainty about how good the Utes will be. Probably not as good a Chris B predicts and not as bad as the trolls prognosticate. Biggest question marks are:

How much weaker will the D-Line be? A small step back is okay, a huge step back will cause major problems

Will the LBs be any quicker?

Can the corners cover?

Will Travis W step up and lead or will he play like he did last year?

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT

@Chris B

Think back to just 2010. Remember how Ute fans thought comments like yours were arrogant hogwash? "We will handle them like the WAC team they are." It sounds like John White after the game last year, when he said he couldn't believe they lost to a non BCS team. It is wise to remember your own past.

South Jordan, UT

Utah will win. No big deal. Utah's offense will be better than last year and the defense will be prepared. When Whit has time to prepare for mobile qb's, they have done well.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ UteinIdaho

Agreed, not to mention that Sarkasian is on the hot seat at UW.

Great opening matchups all around.


Salt Lake City, UT

Harmon is correct in his assessment that Ute emotion may be key in hosting the Aggies. Utah State is much improved from years past and the Utes aren't so much better than they can just show up and expect to win.

Springville, UT

You can feel the doubt and fear.

Oh the drama!

Go Aggies!

Woods Cross, UT

Utah does not expect to just show up & win.

Utah expects to show up and dominate.

USU is certainly not the most formidable team Utah will face this year.

Domination sends a message to the entire PAC, & to Provostan as well.

It's time to send that message loud & clear.

No Mercy.

West Jordan, UT

I agree completely. The Utes cannot show up to this game and win by 4. they need to play PAC 12 ball and dominate this game.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

all the utah "emotion" is a scary thing... for utah!

Playing mad is a bad thing in most cases, you need to play smart and keep your head. On the edge, but smart. Mad most of the time does not equal smart.

utes win because of the pac12? hahahaha If that was the case they should have won last year!

The utes have not beat the Aggies since joining the pac10.2

Provo, UT

I say this half in jest/trolling, half seriously.

I just moved out to florida and would love to watch the game (serious). I think it will be good and I want to see both teams and how they will play (serious). Are they on fox or the new fox 1? Not sure I get the fox 1 station. Now here comes the troll part -- at least when BYU plays I know I can watch it out here in florida, being a national brand and being on national tv certainly is nice. Troll time over now.

Good luck to both teams. As a BYU fan even I'm excited for a good competitive game that I am not a part of.

And don't worry chris b, i did mark it down. I have taken several screen shots of your predictions so I can see how accurate they are later.


@down and six feet under

Mere wishful thinking on your pro-BYU anti-Utah part.

West Point , UT

Welcome back to the rival list Aggies...you were gone for too long, we've missed you.

Tonight it's time to send a message ringing through the Rockies and echoing from Boise to Fresno, that there's a new king on the MW throne that wins with extreme prejudice. Let the utes be an exhibition of what happens to any program that disses you as a "fluke"...even if they are only the PACs annoying kid brother.

Sandpoint, ID

@ sky2k1

Haha thank you for clarifying your true and your troll comments! If there were more coug fans out there like you(namely on these comment boards) I wouldn't despise the BYU fan base NEARLY as much.

Honestly though, I'm happy for coug fans such as yourself who get to watch your teams games on national tv. But, as far as this week, I would MUCH rather watch a game on the new Fox Sports1 in HD than a terrible ESPNU telecast. So far I am thoroughly enjoying Fox Sports1. Apparently some people don't get it on their tv package? I have the middle priced Dish package an I get it

Oceanside, CA

Re: Sky2k1

Yeah, you and one billion Chinese can watch your national brand. Outside of of the Wards, most people do not know who you are. You have to do something to become nationally relevant. However, that jersey thing recently came close.

Go Utes!

St Louis, MO

I always love headlines like this one, or quotes to the same effect. Emotion is the key? Oh, OK. So the U didn't really try last year because they weren't emotional enough? And if the Aggies win this year (which wouldn't exactly be a shock), was emotion then not really the key? Or would it mean the Ags somehow worked up enough emotion themselves?

Skill level, preparation, execution and a little luck will determine the outcome. I'm pretty sure "emotion" is going to be a wash. It's like the myth of "momentum" in sports. Hooray, we had all the momentum . . until we lost. Oh, no! We'd lost the momentum . . until we won. Both "emotion" and "momentum" as factors in sports are only illusions lazy sportswriters and fans see in hindsight.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Aggie fans drinking their bloody marys Friday morning, will further be reminded of their Crimson Clad Big Brother. Hope it goes down smooth, Aggs! You're going to need it. Go Utes!

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