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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 28 2013 5:00 p.m. MDT

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BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

On Sunday night Miley Cyrus put on a performance at MTV's Video Music Awards that appeared specifically contrived to elicit controversy and, by Monday morning, sure enough the controversy had arrived.

For those who missed it, Cyrus put on a performance that ranged from simply bizarre to crudely offensive. Such a performance is bait, and I use that term on purpose, for the more sanctimonious set to thunder about the degradation of our society.

If on cue, the Parents Television Council, a nonprofit "watchdog" group and perennial foil of naughty media everywhere, issued a press release condemning the VMAs, which, of course, succeeded in little more than drawing more attention to them.

The council called also for legislation that would allow viewers to select cable stations buffet-style rather than getting stuck with multiple channels they don't want. I'm actually sympathetic to this kind of a la carte cable system (although adult viewers should have the opportunity to select more adult-oriented channels if they wish and efforts to scrub cable clean seem nannyish).

People, we were had by Miley plain and simple. This was a premediated attempt to get our attention and I think it worked.

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU track star your comment is spot on!

Tucson, AZ

And my family didn't even know about this until it hit online news sources. (I think my kids still do not know. Cyrus is not even on their radar.) That is because we do not watch TV. Haven't since 1990. The Miley Cyruses, the Lady Gagas, and the originator of public sleeze, Madonnas of the world have no power at all if you do not pay attention to them. Turn the TV off. As long as it is on, the networks will continue to broadcast garbage like this. Then it eventually will truly become a consumer choice/control media/market by choosing what programs you will watch from the Internet.

Lilburn, GA

Pretty is as pretty does - this was NOT PRETTY!


Sounds like everyone is jumping to judge yet no one person really knows Miley. Just her act. They are in fact "actors" with a persona. I'll teach my daughter to manipulate the masses like Miley, and I will have succeeded.

Cache county, USA

This is her choice. Plain and simple.
Do I agree? No
But don't throw stones.
I've done way to much of that in my short life.

Burley, ID


"jumping to judge"

Huh? You have got to be kidding. All Miley needed was a pole and her act would have been complete. There was absolutely nothing about her "bump and grind" act that I considered valid entertainment for 14 year olds.

I found what she did disgusting and tasteless.

Burley, ID

Add my vote to those who want "ala carte" programming to come to cable, Dish Network and DirecTV. Sure, I can turn off those channels I don't want to watch, but I am still forced to have to pay for them with the way the programming packages are offered.

American Fork, UT

Why is this a 'dear daughter' moment? If you've done your job, the stupid antics of Ms.Cyrus are but a stupid sideshow to a daughter who by now knows trash when she sees it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Miley is such a poor role model that it is embarrassing people did not walk out. Good job Moms who are teaching their kids to avoid anything like this.

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

Three days later and this is still on the front page??? Hilarious! Miley, and her family, know exactly what they are doing, and all the conservative uproar is only helping them more. Don't like it, don't watch it - YOU hold the power to turn off the TV, and YOU have the power to talk to your kids about proper behavior, don't expect someone else to do it for you because you're too lazy.

Michael Matthews
Omaha, NE

What MIley Cyrus did was just the natural progression of what Hollywood does with values and morals. Shock, make money, repeat. Her only fault was that she went too fast. Brooklyn Decker, the SI swimsuit model says she's shocked. Really?? Miley probably sees what she is doing as the same as Brooklyn's acts. Brooke Shields is shocked... how did she get started in the biz? Mainstream media embraces the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris HIlton... why? Their acts that launched them into the spotlight are certainly more shocking than this one. Why does Hollywood and the Media act this way?

We are why. Our society pays attention and by doing so, our money goes. Every click on that salacious news story. Every time we watch anything immoral. Everytime we pick up that Cosmopolitan or SI swimsuit issue. Everytime we wear that outfit that is just a little too short or a little too tight, we contribute to our society's norms and values. Miley Cyrus is just a reflection of ourselves as a society. Every action we've done along those lines has contributed to what she is right now.

Eldersburg, MD


We live with cultural values where tolerance is touted more than standing up for what is true and right. Renouncing something as wrong is now labeled unfair "judgment" of merely public behavior over someone's "true" identity. Such is deception.

People here expressing disdain of Miley's performance at the VMAs are saying, "love the sinner...hate the sins". Jesus Christ spent much time with sinners teaching doctrine, conveying love in a personal way, and demonstrating the example of righteousness. And of course, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.

But, should we cease questioning anything that we know is wrong because it does not match our personal standards of morality, decency, and principles? If someone cannot recognize the peril of downward spiral with popular culture that has been perpetuating for many decades now, they are kidding themselves. Miley is only one example.

Parents perhaps have the greatest sensitivity to the hyper-sexuality and other undesirable behaviors conveyed in many public forums, media content, and so forth. We can plainly see that our children are subject to more temptations having greater consequences than ever before in the history of the world. This is not okay.

Cache county, USA

Yes you should turn the cheek. Cause you will not gain from expressing thoughts on a newspaper comment board.
Everyone has an opinion these days.
And I guess this is mine as well.


Why were all you people watching the VMAs? With the history of this annual telecast, you knew there would be something that would offend you. And yet you watched anyway so you could be outraged on Monday morning. That seems a bit odd to me. Next time, don't watch. Find something else to do and include your children so they can't watch either.

Riverton, UT

Why is anyone surprised at the antics of Achy Breaky's daughter... Like father, like daughter..


We have already shut down our television and use internet to watch favorite tv shows. I think that many more are likely to do so based on this performance (We didn't see it but by now we all know about it). Don't chalk this up too readily as a victory for this individual and the commercial concerns for which she did it.

Hollywood, I believe, is already losing out financially, and new film studios having success, and cable and satellite TV are struggling more than a little. In such an economic downturn luxuries are being jettisoned all around and that includes TV programming, videos and cinemas. Don't like this terrible performance on MTV? Turn down cable and satellite tv options that do not permit you to select exactly what you want and do not pay for and eliminate what you don't want available in your home. If you can't afford it now might be a good time to terminate your service.

Eldersburg, MD


I was far from the VMAs and not even aware they were going to be broadcast. I imagine most people who expressed an opinion about what happened on here are probably in the same boat.

But, it's the news machine (for me internet based) that broadcasted her antics on every network and affiliation that made the story so public. The media machine makes it very hard to avoid things that might otherwise go unnoticed in the homes of latter day saints.

But, you make a point, perhaps the news really isn't worth the time these days as well, since much of it is so sensationalized and entertainment focused anyways :). Much better things to do!

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

"Simonian expressed her understanding that Cyrus no longer desired to be associated with her innocent past, and that no one could expect her to stay that way"

Actually that is exactly what I and many are hoping for and expect -- that child actors rewarded with worldwide fame, riches and the opportunity to be role models grow up to act the same way as adults -- pure, innocent, moral, dignified, in control of their lives, not objectified, self assured, sober, possessing a clean judicial record, unexposed, engaged in great causes... helping make the world a better place rather than accelerating its decline.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

As it has been pointed out, this "reaction" seems to be validation for Cyrus' "act." This is chalked up as a win for her, focusing attention on her faltering "career." True so far as one is willing to be the object of derision and scorn.

Rather the reaction gives hope that for some people, more than we would before Monday have pessimistically believed existed, there remains a line of decency -- that something can still shock and be weird. The reaction really isn't about Miley Cyrus.

Soon she will (if she doesn't change) become a postscript, an icon of a moment. When you see the name Janet Jackson... yeah... a big career reduced to one stupid decision and moment. Lindsey Lohan? Pathetic butt end of jokes about a life train wrecked.

Hopefully we can continue the dialog and check ourselves as a society. One can hope anyway.

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