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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 27 2013 9:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"Offensive line rotation" is code word for "Not very good and out of shape."

Rotating offensive lineman, thats a good one.



It will be fun to see how this new offense does in real games, can't wait! Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Has this ever been tried anywhere?

bountiful, ut

Funny that such a post would come from someone who could start the season 1-2... The team 'they' came to bash will be sitting at 2-0 when the blah red machine comes through Provo and with the win that day (September 21st for the layman) 3-0 versus 1-3... You really should let the team do some talking first before you dwelling on 2011 come in here to 'bash'... I mean seriously... I now hope for an Aggie or is that Grabbie win more than I did a week ago! The trash talk mandates a poor season start. Oh, and that lone win, Weber State... WHOOPTY DOO! lol Yes, I hereby declare wins against Virginia, Texas and Utah to start the season... I will let the team do the talking before I go trolling in lol land! But gosh, talk about fodder if 1-2 at home... Losses to USU and OSU will be hilarious beyond all description! Simply because they will have happened in a sea of red fans! At least save for the candy cane fest on Thursday night!

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: 54-10

I'd like to see you weigh 300+ pounds in full pads and move at the pace they are going to be moving at. The lineman are in plenty good shape.

Provo, UT

if anything, the O-line has to be better than last year!

Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

I hope it works as smoothly as the article, players and coach predict. I am particularly concerned about rotating centers and snaps to the QB, it's always scary when that combination changes during a game. I expect some mistakes but hope the firepower of the offense and the toughness of the D will overcome those mistakes. Go Coogs.

Salt Lake City, UT


" Yes, I hereby declare wins against Virginia, Texas and Utah to start the season... I will let the team do the talking before I go trolling in lol land!"

And yet you "declared" wins rather than waiting to see actual wins before you went trolling.

Rotating the entire offensive line works about as well as rotating quarterbacks, and is perhaps even more disastrous.

West Jordan, UT

I've never heard of o-line subbing. need to get those lineman in shape. None of the hurry up offenses rotate lineman regardless of depth.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Holy Cow!! Is everyone else as excited as I am? I can barely contain it. The BYU Cougars are so neat-o!!

Ogden, Utah

What happened to the "Go Hard, Go Fast" philosophy? Not sure if Anae realizes this, but subbing players into a game also gives your opponent the same opportunity to sub players. If the "Go Hard, Go Fast" philosophy is to work you have to be in shape to run the offensive series of downs, no matter how many there are.

Marriott-Slaterville, Ut

after another 5-7 season perhaps 54-10 can change his id to 5-7 ???

springville, UT

5-7 and talking smack.

Ute fans lets talk about your bowl game last year, shall we?

Omaha, NE

Logically speaking, I would not want to be a lineman at the Y. Reasoning: I would be worried that the NFL scouts would not see enough of me to anticipate me playing in the NFL as an every down lineman. Hopefully this is a one year deal until the Y figures out their O-line situation, but if this becomse the norm, I would play elsewhere if I was hoping for the NFL.


Surfers Paradise, AU

How many holding penalties will the team endure till they realize that subbing in linemen at that pace will no doubt create penalties on the offensive end because they're not prepared for the snap. Just wondering. This time in known for the most inopportune holding penalty at the worst time.

Omaha, NE

Re: Max-was-right.

Who is Max and what was he correct about? Are you refering to Max Hall? If so, are you alluding to his embarrassing tirade about the U and its fans, players, and students? I am not sure I would claim your ID as this was truly embarrassing for both schools and especially the Faith which BYU represents.


Provo, UT

Utah has a better chance of being undefeated going into their game against each other, than BYU does. I don't think either team will be undefeated then. Offensive line is so important in football. BYU is weak. I don't think the coaches have a lot of confidence in the o-line. I still predict losing seasons for both teams. Schedules are very difficult.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Ironman and Pavalova

The plan is to basically go go go for a streak of plays (maybe 10-15) until the lineman can't go anymore and get tired, then they get subbed out. It's not like their getting subbed out every play, just until they can't go anymore. That will be the coaches decision, not the players.

Also, assuming the offense is successful (which it should be because it's been proven to work), and BYU is better conditioned than their opponent, BYU will be moving the ball very efficiently and at a rate that keeps the defense on their heels, this will create momentum on the side of the offense that will keep them more energized and the opponent tired. As far as penalties, again, they aren't going to be subbing that often, only until the lineman can't go anymore, which the coaches said could be anywhere from 10-15 plays. So there shouldn't be any more penalties than there usually are. If you noticed, BYU has a highly penalized team with a slow paced offense. But, some of the teams with the most wins also have the most penalties. Just saying.

Stockton, CA

Quick!! Someone get those idiot BYU coaches to read the posts on this board before it's too late!!!!!!

South Jordan, UT

Chill out people! This whole playing 10 different lineman is not weird or new. Oregon has been doing this for years now and it has worked splendidly. One of the nice things about this pace thing is we'll be able to sub in fresh bodies and the defense won't.

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