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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 27 2013 7:25 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Not really.

These two programs are vastly different and when you look at the last few decades, it's absolutely dominated by big brother.

Once in a great while usu will have a better season and beat us, but that hardly makes it a rivalry.

Power conference teams don't have rivalries in their truest sense with wac 2.0 teams.

Besides, almost 100% of utes cheer for usu every other week.

Just as we cheer for weber state and southern Utah as well, usu is no more of a rival than they are

Utah 30
Usu 17

Mark it down.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The truth is other than the last year or two, I really couldn't care less whether usu did great or terrible.

They are a step below any PAC 12 program and as such I don't even consider them a possibility to be a rival.

Anderson did some great things and they put together a great year last year.

And even if they continue to be a decent mwc(WAC 2.0) team, no PAC 12 team is rivals with Mwc/WAC teams.

USC and ucla aren't rivals with San Diego state.

Same with us and usu.

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Let the Ute BCS arrogance flow!

It's so appropriate when a WAC team beat U guys last year!

Logan, UT


Hey guys, guys... Hey everyone... Quiet down... Mmkay, thanks. I just invited you all here to remind you that USU isn't a rival. Just in case you thought they were, I simply cannot abide it. They're not, mmkay?

This Aggie cares not one whit how Ute fans define, classify, typify, describe, or otherwise articulate the nature of this game.

Bring it on. Little brother is ready.

Southern, UT

The Utes beat the WAC 2.0 favorite yet again.

Lehi, UT

UTAH is setting itself up to fall "Hard Again" The Aggies are dirty, mean, & nasty, with Experience! and The Aggies have an Attitude! Get ready for a Dog Fight! Aggies 34 Utes 27

West Jordan, Utah


And that same WAC team beat you guys a couple of years ago as well. Since then BYU beat them twice, but by a last second fourth down deflected pass by Reilly Nelson (his one shining moment and miracle), and then a 6-3 score last year in Provo with a score won in the bottom of the ninth inning (just like the shootout 7-6 game loss @ Boise State).

Utah hadn't lost to USU in fifteen years, then they lose in overtime on a ridiculous P.I. call on a Jake Murphy (5 yard push off zone call). Utah was lousy last year, USU had their best team ever and in Logan won an overtime game. It happens. It better not happen Thursday or Duke hits the fan.

John S. Harvey
Sandy, UT

Utah State by four. No idea on the final score, just the outcome.

We don't care if the Ute fans think of us as "rivals" or not, either way the Utes lose a "heart-breaker" (for them) in their own stadium on Thursday night.

Idaho Falls, ID

When the Aggies pound the utes into submission in that glorified high school stadium in SLC, it will be a rivalry.

The A Game
Logan, UT

We need that barber shop!

Syracuse, UT

I just LOVE it when the little brother beats the snot out of Big Brother....or the ones who "think" they are the big brother. USU has more talent, more humility, more guts and more umph that the uties have, have had and will ever have. The mighty utes will fall and hang their heads and hearts as they walk off the field.

If the truth be known, they just don't want to have a rivalry right now. If it is BYU or USU and they get creamed, then they look in the mirror and cry because they get beat by, "to them", a team from an inferior conference or place. They cannot "pick" a rival because everyone else already has one and the u doesn't want to be humiliated by anyone in their pac 10.2 conference when they ask if they can be someones rivalry and then they get turned down.

So let's hear it u fans....who is your rival?

St. Louis, MO

It seems Aggie fans are brimming with overconfidence. Hopefully not too much so you do not "fall 'Hard Again'". Coming here and stirring emotions on this comment board is proof there is life to a long fought rivalry, even if the overall 77-29-4 Utah record says otherwise.

Go Utes! Good luck to the Aggies after Thursday.

Richmond, VA


"So let's hear it u fans....who is your rival?"

Well, us Cougars, whether they want to admit it or not! Don't care if we don't play them every year from now on but when we play, it will always be a rival and that's always very exciting.

As for the game on Thursday, I hope the Utes will not make the mistake of underestimating the Aggies based on their 15 yr stretch of victories. And to look down on USU as not worthy of being a rival is a sure way to demoralize their confidence it they got beat once again.

May the better team won!!!

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

For saying it's not a rivalry... I've never seen such a desperate cry for a win than utah players and fans have let out over the past few weeks.

St. Louis, MO


Both thoughts are true. The games will always mean something and no one should overlook any state team.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

"who is your rival?"

BYU. Most Utah fans would say as much. USU is a rivalry but not as important of one (at least not on Utah's end and if I understand USU fans correctly, Utah is a secondary rivalry to them with BYU being their primary one). Turns out having a self-righteous fanbase is a good way to get both of the other schools in the state to hate you.

Logan, UT

USU @ Utah will be a close game.

Utah is well coached, has great players, and is very motivated to win.

Little brother has a new OC, DC, and former OC who became the Head Coach. Linebackers and WRs coach remained the same. We also have great players and are motivated to prove last year was no fluke.

This will be a fantastic game.

Can't wait.


North Salt Lake, UT

I remember a time when BYU fans didn't really think much of playing Utah; winning 16 out of 18 games will do that.

The denial from the Ute fans in these comments is both familiar and entertaining.

North Salt Lake, UT

"When the Aggies pound the utes into submission in that glorified high school stadium in SLC, it will be a rivalry."

So you're saying the rivalry will officially start when the Ute fans wake up Friday morning?

North Salt Lake, UT


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was all the ref's fault you lost.

Last year, USU ran up nearly 400 yards of total offense, including over 150 yards on the ground against your "NFL caliber" players, had more penalties and more turnovers, and still beat you.

The whining from Ute fans on Friday morning will be EPIC.

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