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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 28 2013 9:45 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

..and those numbers don't tell the tale of how groceries are sold to family members, friends, neighbors for 50 cents on the dollar and how much waste there is in the program. They do tell that the benefit paid is, in most cases, too high.

Mchenry, IL

Basically 1.14 percent of the money is being used wrongly.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

The numbers speak for themselves. The program has doubled in size since its inception, and the amount spent now is $75 million up from $36 million.

People are seeking answers from the government cannot argue with this data. All they can do is remain silent or use tactics to distract from this information.

This food stamp program needs to be scaled back yesterday. It is such a waste. Churches, neighborhoods, private businesses, and non-profit organizations can easily step up and take care of those who need this sort of help.

There will be the usual kicking and screaming from those who have become dependent. But we must be strong and firm. There is no such thing as a free lunch. This food stamp money is not always going to be there. It will eventually run out.

Those who believe the government will always be there to take care of them will be sorely disappointed when the money dries up. They are usually the people that have no problem wasting other people's money, but when they have to shoulder the responsibility, usually take responsibility for themselves.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The real fraud is in the qualifying process.
The second fraud is that immigrants have become a public charge, with the official sanction of our government. You should see the list of goodies an immigrant can get and still not be considered a public charge. USCIS public charge information is available on line. It may shock you.

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

All government programs are subject to massive waste and fraud. Senator Tom Coburn has detailed exact waste and fraud a hundred areas, but Congress yawns and goes on wasting with the lame excuse that the savings would be inconsequential, evidently mirroring their true feelings about the American people.

Sandy, UT

That is just the amount that is sold. Just go to a supermarket in a bad part of any big city and you will see food stamps used to buy junk food or steak while the user buys booze and cigarettes with cash. If only yhe feds could work out a model like the bishop's storehouse. Of course if the government tried it would be run by SEIU and most of the food would be gone or rotten before the poor could get their hands on it.

salt lake city, ut

If all these government handouts are really helping people, then why isn't the number of poor people going down? No one is complaining about trying to help people who are needy. We need more accountability when applying for state or federal funds.

Another thing to consider is the people who are qualifying for all kinds of programs because they are not using their honest HOUSEHOLD INCOME. I personally know many situations where people are living together, but not married and only using their individual income on the government forms instead of the household income that is required.

Syracuse, UT

I'm tired of working so I think I will go out and take advantage of this program. I have supported others for so many years that I think I will have others support me now. It is only fair that I get my turn at the freebies now.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


Imagine that.

During a recession people need to use safety nets to survive. Kinda shows the purpose for which they were created.

The solution? I have an idea. Lets give more tax cuts to the rich, get rid of min wage, and cut food stamp funding while increasing agriculture subsidies. That should fix it! I'm sure Walmart and McDonalds will finally pay their employees liveable wages.

Hayden, ID

A Census Bureau report on Wednesday revealed nearly 46.2 million people (one out of six Americans) live in poverty in President Barack Obama's economy. Yet, the Obama administration touted the country's horrific poverty figures and attempted to spin the statistics in its favor. Dependency is just another form of slavery but it sure wins elections, which is really the point for Democrats.


More than 5,000 active duty US soldiers receive food stamps. Congress refuses to give them a raise. More than 60% of the people getting food stamps work full-time jobs, hence the term "working poor." And, as pointed out above, 1.14% is used wrongly. Yet every person I have ever met who calls himself a "Christian" derides the poor for being lazy and unwilling to work.

Layton, UT

So foodstamp use is up... and that means the President's economy is getting better how?

Cache county, USA

The food stamp issue is more broken than the government. And they issue the darn things.

Castle Rock, CO

I'm discouraged by the judgmental tone of so many of these comments. Aren't we told in Mosiah not to judge those who needs help? Aren't we told that we are all beggars before God? The food stamp program has very low levels of fraud and there are some pretty strict income and work requirements for applicants.

Maybe we should ask ourselves why so many Americans can't afford food while a very small percentage basks in absolute luxury. If workers were paid a decent wage and if there were jobs for all, people wouldn't need to turn to food stamps.

Boise, ID

Even if there is only 1% fraud, too many people are living off of the government. Scale it back. Cut it in half. No fast food, no junk food, no soda, no steak, no lobster, no nachos from the gas station.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

barack's biggest "success"

Mcallen, TX

If each food stamp, feeds three people, than half our people are fed by a bankrupt government. Add the school lunch program, and we find a very dependent population.

Why do I feel, we're being led into a trap?

Utah Native
Farmington, UT

When we found ourselves unemployed in the late 90s (just months after purchasing our first home and buying a new car) with two small children, I swallowed my pride and went to apply for food stamps. We had been tax-paying citizens for years, but I was told we did not qualify because we owned a new car. I explained that no, we did not own the car, the bank did, and if I could, I would return it! The food-stamp worker told me, "We can't issue you food stamps and have you take your free groceries out to a brand-new car in the grocery store parking lot." I was dumbfounded, having thought previously that programs like this were in place to help people in times of temporary need. We did qualify for WIC for our kids, but like IDC suggested in a previous post, the food choices were limited to very specific items. That's the way food stamps should be, too. Staples such as eggs, milk, etc., should be covered, but not the junk food, the soda, and the gourmet items.

Baton Rouge, LA

Big Government is a conduit for corruption. The more they try to control - the more they lose control.

Bastrop, TX

The Food Stamp program, like so many other welfare programs, is not, of itself, bad. The problem is in the failure to monitor these programs....Selling, etc. are really bad, but the problem for me(and I have seen this more than once)is the woman in the full length mink, who pushes two baskets around the supermarket, pulls a roll of $100 bills out of her handbag to pay for one of the baskets, then pays for the other with Food Stamps.....Then, after she loads the goodies in the trunk of her Cadillac, she drives away.....What's wrong with this picture??

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