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Published: Monday, Aug. 26 2013 9:45 p.m. MDT

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Korea, AE

Chris B. 4 Prez!

Quick, name the winner of the third place BCS bowl last year without looking it up.

Can't, can you. I know you can't.

That is because no one cares.

If you think anyone outside of SL County cares that you beat Alabama now, you're sadly mistaken. No one cares.

Also, now that you've done so well in the PAC, your name is anything but lauded anywhere but in your own minds.

But thanks for playing.

Question? Where will you be watching BYU play their bowl game this year? You'll have plenty of time to decide when the utes aren't going anywhere.

Layton, UT

What a dumb comment. Do you really think more sports fans across the nation know who byu is vs who ended up 3rd in the BCS last year or who beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. lol.

Question? Does crow taste better in September or November? You should know.

Go Utes.

Stockton, CA


So what's your point?

Korea, AE


Thanks for proving my point,

"who ended up 3rd in the BCS last year or who beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl."

Gee good point. No one cares about either of them.

My comment had nothing to do with who knows BYU. The comment shows that utah fans think too much of themselves for something that no longer matters.

As far as eating crow, you tell me.

You're all pounding your chest like it is a forgone conclusion that utah wins simply by showing up. Isn't that what happened at the Utah State game last year? That is the kind of ute logic that will make it sop you don't show up for weeks on the comment boards come Sept 22.

utah is nothing, win or lose. No one respects you, and no one cares.

Go to any football site and look at the PAC 12, the u gets the least amount of press.

It is for a reason.

It has nothing to do with BYU.

In the words of my good friend who is also an ASU alum...

"no one cares about utah. we don;t even think about them."

And they own you.

West Jordan, Utah

Even as a Ute, I can see the dream scenario for BYU regarding Jamaal Williams. I know it's early, and maybe other accomplished RBs like perhaps say Harvey Unga, shouldn't be lost on untapped potential like that of Williams, but I, from the outside looking in, can envision Williams as being an all time BYU RB. I mean I see Williams and his potential in those terms.

If Williams' body matures right and injuries don't derail the teenager, then I fear Williams from the red side.

My doubts, if I was a BYU fan would be your offensive line and how the tempo thing (fast) comes together. But Anae has done more in the past with the Di Luigi types. What will Coach Anae do with Williams? It could be scary good but both good and bad are possible with BYU and Utah relative to their offensive abilities vs. my considerations there along with my semi projections of offensive struggle. The coaching philosophies and offensive roots of Anae and Erickson will go forward with or without the skill set and talent of the whole offense. Consider all of this with the fast tempo approach.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Layton, UT

I wouldn't know how crow tastes because the smooth taste of winning seasons and bowl games is the after-taste cougar fans enjoy.

But crow must be really bitter served in December.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Y Grad/Y Dad:

Sure must have tasted delicious after 54-10, right? (Deny, deny, deny...!) You may need some Tabasco sauce after Sept. 21st! Cup cake win-padded seasons don't taste nearly as good as thrashing TDS in their house, especially after all the turnovers TDS gave up. I want win #4 in a row to come without a single TDS turnover, so that the ignorant can't blame the "should have been us, if not for" turnovers excuse! Beat us before reveling in weak winning seasons and bowl games that nobody outside of Happy Valley even remembers or cares to remember. GO UTES

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