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Published: Monday, Aug. 26 2013 9:45 p.m. MDT

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Aurora, CO

Great story about a young man who came to BYU because he saw the potential that only BYU offers. There are many athletes who appreciate the standards that BYU expects from each student.

There is the thought that every athlete is a prima donna because they have been looked up to their entire lives because of their athletic accomplishments. But many have goals that exceed athletics. Many want the great experiences that a college scholarship offers. BYU is blessed to have athletes like Jamaal Williams, and Jamaal is experiencing the great opportunity that BYU offers.

Jamaal, enjoy the next three years...I know I will.

I look forward to a 10-2 season this year and even greater things in the following two years.


Salt Lake City, UT

I don't believe Jamaal was one of the high star recruits when he committed to BYU and I am glad the Y gave him his chance to shine. Not a lot of schools would have let a 17 year slip into the lead rusher role no matter how good he was. I look forward to a great year with Anae's renewed rushing model and especially the "Go fast, Go hard" attitude. Let me add a fan's simple hope in addition to that. "Go Fast, Go Hard, Go Far" and of course. Go Cougars.

I also have a simple question for other posters.
If you find off topic comments and comments intended to be disruptive, could you take a second and just hit the blue report abuse tag and let's keep our conversations on topic and not let the comments get hijacked by those not interested in a serious conversation.
Thank you.

Sandy, UT

How can he be this good. He was only a 2 star recruit?


Nice to hear Jamaal has a good head on his shoulders and is a great example and leader. Go Cougars!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

There are tons of fans here in CA who know about Jamaal Williams and we're all fired up to see him take it to the house on Saturday. Go Jamaal and Go Cougars!!

Frisco, TX

I really like Jamaal's humility on top of his outstanding ability. He's a class act and will make a huge impact this year. The running game should thrive this year.

Glendora, CA

Jamaal will get to show the nation how good he will be on the Coug's team. We need to recruit more Jamaals from Southern Cal and Texas, etc.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

@ SLCWatch - I have been going after to those off topic comments to be disruptive mostly CB.

Jamaal, Good Luck and have Fun!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"you don’t have to go to the most popular school to have a big impact on the team. You can go to the regular schools, like BYU, somewhere that’s not really known about"


I thought byu was a big national program and everyone in the country knows about byu?

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

People may say I am premature in this, but Williams has the makings of being the best RB in BYU history and making an impact in the NFL

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris, The key statement is that he chose BYU over the PAC. Your jealousy is showing.
I guess JW thinks that a "Regular School" is better than going to a PAC school. Hmmmm.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

"I thought byu was a big national program and everyone in the country knows about byu?"
Not everyone, just way more than know about U

Your rewind and replay of the exact same thing a thousand times is stuck. Tap the needle a bit Chrissy

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

He could be the best RB in state history.

Las Vegas, NV

He will could be one of the best RB's in BYU history. Hill could be the best QB. Van Noy is probably the best LB in school history. Cody Hoffman could be the best receiver ever. I'm seeing a pattern here.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

Bright and focused your man with great goals and attitude... Love it!

Ashburn, VA

"'Coach [Mark] Weber came to my school," Williams said. "That’s the first time I ever heard of BYU, I thought it was a D-II school. I didn’t know what BYU was. I was playing the [video] game NCAA ‘13 and I was like, ‘Oh snap, BYU is a D-I school. I didn’t know.'"

Here on the east coast, most people I talk sports with think Utah still plays in the WAC.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

JW must not have watched much college football on TV because BYU is on big time NATIONAL TV almost every week and the utes.........well you might occasionally see them on the PAC network if anyone even knows how to find it and if they choose to put the bottom feeder games on.
And hey, BYU is on NCAA '13 video game along with Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Ohio State, Florida State, shall I go on?

Highland, UT


Van Noy and Hoffman very well could be "the best in school history" but I have heard exactly no one claim hill could be "the best in school history", no one. If you have a real point then you don't have to make things up to try and make your point. In essence you have no point.

Chris B. 4 Prez!
Salt Lake City, UT


That's because on the east coast, most people you talk sports with...are mainly concerned with field hockey, and escaping bitter winters and crusty ski slopes! Thinking the Utes are still part of the WAC...illustrates how self-absorbed and out of touch the east really is. Out west, every former east coaster says they'll never go back! Go figure...! GO UTES

Chris B. 4 Prez!
Salt Lake City, UT

@Down Under:

PAC 12 Network...BYU TV. Both lacking substance, with an even lesser group who bother tuning in to either one! That being said, I'll take my PAC 12 network and watch reruns of the massacre that took place when the Utes were in Happy Valley last time, as opposed to nailbiting TDS victories over Idaho and New Mexico State! GO UTES

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