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Published: Monday, Aug. 26 2013 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Flower Mound, TX

It's a very sad story and must be devastating for the family, etc. Who knows what teachers can be trusted? Teenagers need to be taught that just because someone is a teacher, and they are in a position of authority, does not mean that they should be followed.

However,this story also had too much step by step information in it.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

Welcome to 2013 where a story like this just glosses over, like it's no big deal, the common gender of the teacher, victim and girlfriend... even evoking a term (object rape), which is no novel that it hasn't yet made it into Wiki, to describe the unnatural way in which all this occurred... appearing in the Deseret News... as Utexmom points out, in step-by-step detail.

Feel so privileged to live in this enlightened age.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

It's nice to see that the law is finally making no distinction between male or female offenders.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

So....a 17 year old lesbian with an interest in basketball hits it off with a 22 year old lesbian woman who happens to coach basketball--but not this teen--and is a teacher--but not of this teen--and they end up having a sexual relationship. I am looking for the crime here, because...

1) She was 17 and it isn't statutory rape if her partner is less than 10 years older;
2) Merely because the 22 year old woman was a coach and a teacher doesn't mean she falls into the category of abusing a position of trust.

It seems as if the "position of trust" question is what this trial is about. It's entirely possible that the therapist erred when they reported the sexual activity between a minor and a legal adult and this whole thing got blown out of proportion due to the well-publicized accounts of teachers and coaches who HAVE initiated sexual relations with students over whom they did hold a position of trust, regardless of the 10 year rule re age differential.

It certainly is a sensational and salacious story, but I'm betting she's found "not guilty." And she will change her name.

Provo, ut

Perhaps a clearer headline would be "Female coach at Riverton High accused of lesbian sexual misconduct with a student" Just get the facts out there, you know, be a reporter.

Auburn, MA

"Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

It's nice to see that the law is finally making no distinction between male or female offenders."

We'll see when it comes to sentencing,,,

Eden, UT

In the newspaper business, the old adage was "If it bleeds, it leads." With the Deseret News, it is "If it involves Sex in any form it leads." The more shocking; the more immoral; the more outlandish, the bolder and larger the font. For a paper that claims to support the LDS Church, the interest in stories related to sex is telling. A little reflection from the editorial board might be in order. I simply ask, why is the Deseret News so interested in stories and news that relate to sex?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

This teacher/coach is going to find out that you don't have to be in a direct teacher-student relationship to be guilty of raping a student. Any employee of the school district is under the obligation to protect the students as if they were the parents themselves. In loco parentis demands that staff place the safety and well-being of the students as the highest priority while the students are in their care.
If the judge allows this to be portrayed as just a relationship between two people it will be a travesty.

Glendora, CA

The trends of times to come. Scary indeed.

Huntsville, UT

It seems teachers need to be given courses about ethics in relation to their student/teacher relationships.

Genola, UT

The newspaper will publish stories they believe are interesting to their readers. People in Riverton especially, and likely in other parts of the state will be interested in a story that involves sexual activity between a student and a teacher because it affects how they view schools and how well they trust teachers. I am always amazed at how people will complain about the nature of a story in the newspaper even when it is clear that they took the time to read it and comment on it. As far as the newspaper is concerned, their mission is accomplished when you click on the link and take the time to read. They don't care whether or not you liked the story or agreed with its publication. They just want to make sure that you'll come back tomorrow and click on some more of their links.

Ogden, UT

Does this story really need to go into the graphic detail that it does? I expect higher standards than this from DN.

Salt Lake, UT

What graphic detail? the only thing i read was they kissed and she was charged with object rape, a standard name for the charge. Teachers should not be having relations with students. She should know better.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

The Coach/Teacher should have waited for the student to turn 18 and graduate if she wanted to have a relationship with this now adult female. Human relationships are messy. Some are, by community standards considered immoral. But they are news and this avid reader was commenting on the news, but not endorsing this behavior.

Salt Lake City, UT

I find it interesting that so many posters are defending this "teacher" because it involves a same-sex relationship. The lengths people will go to in order to justify SGA is truly astonishing.

Regardless of the propaganda of relative morality, wrong is wrong and right is right. I hope they throw the book at her. They would if this had involved a male teacher with a female student.

Middle of the Road
Home Town USA, UT

The whole thing, incident is sick anyway you look at it. It was and is unnatural but becoming a new normal?? I had to reread it to make sure I was reading it correctly. It read the same as if it was a male coach/teen girl or a female coach enticing a young teen boy. There appears to be no difference in how it was reported, as it would be about opposite genders involved.

I agree with Ted's Head. He called it for what it is. Or is it not PC for a reporter to have done the same? Call it what it is. We don't make the rules. God does.

clearfield, UT


I also wonder if the circumstances were male teacher of 22, and 17 year old female student the story would be the same. Doubt it.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Isolating the relationship will be difficult for the defense. They met at a school function, the teacher offered math homework help, the student visited her classroom often.
The entire story reeks of cruising in the school to find partners.


I agree with Observenator. It's amazing that some of you are trying to defend this teacher's actions. Since it's a same-sex relationship, all of a sudden it's okay that this teacher did what she did? You would all be calling for the teacher's head if it were an opposite-sex relationship.

Ted, the crime is obvious, the teacher should not have pursued any type of relationship with the teenager. It's not okay for them to ignore the law, just because they are "in love". What a joke!

Provo, UT

Observenator - I noticed the same thing... The tone of most comments seem to indicate people in general are 'okay' with this relationship.. Unbelievable.
and this comment by her attorney - "Courtney wasn't using her position as a coach, I don't even know what position she had," Brown said. "These two people just fell in love." Could you imagine the outrage this comment would spark if the 'Coach was a male??
I imagine this enhancement was added to the law for this very reason. I want to know my kids, who are easily manipulated, are safe at school. Kids face enough enough pressures from their friends.. they, or us parents, shouldn't have to also worry about coaches and teachers..

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