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Published: Monday, Aug. 26 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

The saddest thing is that she wasn't booed off the stage. This is an illustration of how corrupted and desensitized our society has become. MTV will continue to air this and even worse, until enough of us turn it off and stop feeding them money.

Bountiful, UT

This is what those so called "artists" have to pull off where there is no talent. I just saw the pictures in the news and that was enough to say what a low class act!

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The question isn't what is wrong with Miley when in fact media attention is the lifeblood of celebrity. Nor is the question why is a conservative newspaper like the Deseret News adding to the notoriety by running this story. The question is, why am I and others reading it and offering comments. Answer that third question and first two answer themselves.

CF Mom
Sandy, UT

Hey Deseret News That "woman" who played Hannah Montana's mother is Brooke Shields a star with decent values who grew up in the same Hollywood environment that Miley did. She is not just a casual commenter on the current event but, I am willing to bet, has a perspective that Miley Cyrus could benefit from.

Salt Lake City, UT

"High school girls who got pregnant were literally unheard of, and if it did happen, they were taken out of school and even sent away by their parents."

The average age of someone having a first child is increasing... teen pregnancy has pretty much dropped to its lowest levels.

Salt Lake City, UT

typical mtv production.

Durham, NC

"High school girls who got pregnant were literally unheard of, and if it did happen, they were taken out of school and even sent away by their parents."

Ummm.... I am the product of such a situation.... and I came into existence well before MTV was even a thought. What, you think adoption and abortions are new. Please. Just because people had a smidge more class and didn't talk about private matters back then, surely doesn't mean these things didn't go on.

We doing our family genealogy last year found out my father in law was born 1 month after his parents were married.... which no one at least ever spoke of up to that point. The world biggest syphilis outbreak happened during WW1. Any ideas how that happened?

Park City, Ut

And yet she got exactly what she wanted, everyone talking about her. She's a business Woman and she's in the business of selling her image and her music. She needs to generate talk and "buzz". You and other media outlets fell right into her trap. Bravo!

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

Lindsay Lohan 2.0

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

Glenn Beck called her performance "A cry for help" on the radio this morning, personally I think it's a "cry of laughter", as she and her family are laughing all the way to the bank at all the attention this is getting. Don't like it, turn it off and don't buy her music. It's the MTV Video Music Awards - what kind of performances do you expect? While I don't care for her music, and don't think she's particularly attractive, she has a right to grow up and be an adult, even if most of you want to keep her as wholesome (and fake) Hannah Montana forever. At least she's not involved with drugs or driving drunk like Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

What was more alarming is how much of music today is all about "entertainment" and not truly music... not one act that I saw included guitarists, drummers, keyboards, horns... the days of "bands" making it big appears to be a thing of the past...


I like what she did. Good for her. The fact is she will be rolling in money, that is the idea right? If the DMN is in an uproar about it, then it has to be good.
With her actions she shed her old look, and on with the new. Go Miley!

Spring, TX

Even though MTV is part of my DirecTV package, that crap does not get on my TV. Long ago I blocked MTV from the channels we can view. I'd prefer to not pay for it, but since that's not a choice with DirecTV, I've done the next best thing and blocked it from my channels.

Heber, Utah

TxYfan- So, your post is like hundreds I've read nationally. I too am fed up with paying for a "package" that I don't watch or need. I want to be able to pay for 10-15 channels that I actually watch. I don't need 5 shopping channels, the channels that show real housewives that aren't real, MTV, all the lib media channels, etc. So, what do we do about it? If there are enough people willing to send a message to the cable/sat companies, maybe things will change. I just cancelled Dtv last week. When they called and asked for me to re-consider, I told them I would love to, when they allowed the consumer to pick the channels they want. The lady didn't know what to say on the other end. If enough people did this, and sent a message that most Americans don't like this crap on tv now days, maybe the networks would get smart and listen. Until then, they don't have too, because most of us are too willing to be lead along by the cable!

Bernard GUi
Puyallup, WA

Mothers: Don't let your daughters be Disney girls!

Freeland, WA

Wow. I agree that Miley's performance was raunchy and inappropriate. But she is one person. The music and entertainment business cannot be blamed. People here are so quick to jump on the bandwagon and slam musicians to the ground. But let's not forget those that have done so much for the music business and are class acts. Phoebe Snow, Etta James, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Laura Marling just to name a few. If you look for the good in the world instead of focusing on the negative so much, you will find the good and there is a lot of good out there.

Allen, TX

I am actually more disappointed with the Will Smith family, who clearly showed their shock and dismay, yet failed to take their kids and leave the venue.

That one move would have made a huge difference.

All it takes for evil to win is for good men and / or good families to do NOTHING.

Layton, UT

Isn't this typical for MTV? Weren't they the guys who came up with the superbowl halftime show that featured a "wardrobe malfunction"?When this whole thing dies down, people are going to forget all about her and thus begins the viscious cycle of having to come up with newer and raunchier displays to stay in the spotlight. Next come the drugs, booze...
I'm with all you guys who wish that they just pick and choose the cable channels they paid for. It really is sick that we pay for cable, and have to blockat least half the channels because we don't want to watch the smut. Has anyone noticed how when a performer has real talent, keeps their nose clean and continually cranks out quality material whether it be music, books or some kind of dramatic performance, they are stared at in wonder as a miraculous genius? I'd rather go to a Josh Groban concert anyway.

New York, NY

She accomplished exactly what the performance intended...to shock and get people talking. Personally, I was more horrified at her huge tongue than anything else....sadly, she does have talent (song writing skills and a nice voice), but the selling of the sex bothers me....what is next for her? Between her and the mindless Kardashian group....our youth are in trouble.

Ikeja, 00

I am grateful for parents who takes the training of the daughters seriously and help them to grow int beautiful young women,as I read through the comments i come to appreciate my late mum for all the training and love she gave to us five girls.This young lady needs help because i believe she is lost somewhere and is crying to be saved,her behavior on the show shows this.

Mesa, AZ

MTV isn’t that the same outfit that ran the series Skins and got in trouble with the FCC because of underage nudity. Yeah that’s the one.

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