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Published: Monday, Aug. 26 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Riverside, CA

This wasn't pushing the envelope -- it was deranged. I believe even Madonna and Gaga would be embarrassed by it. The villain is MTV for being such a subversive nihilistic influence in our culture.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Her appearance looked more like a Saturday Night Live skit than a serious performance. In an effort to shock the audience Miley's outfit and tongue wagging was anything but sexy. It was just sad.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

I vote for disgusting.


Makes me sick and worried what my little grandchildren are going to have to deal with. I really worry about my little four year old who thinks that she is a princess and is already exposed maybe to things that are going to influence her. I pray everyday that I can help her see her self worth and that she is very loved. To me this is what is going on with Miley and these other girls who think that this is what people want. They have no self-esteem and mix that with money and no morals then you have what people witnessed last night. Sad that our world is going down the toilet like this. Very Very sad indeed.

Cedar City, UT

A cautionary tale for fathers trying to raise daughter in this crazy world of ours: Keep them grounded in reality, keep them close, and don't leave anything to chance.

Salt Lake City, UT

She was so disgusting. And she has no talent. So wrong on many levels. But, the most unfortunate thing is Miley Cyrus's disgusting performance is hogging the media. At the same MTV Award Show, Justin Timberlake performed one of the best performances of our time. Now this guy is a true talent and we should be talking about him.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

What is it about little girls that become celebs, to then become completely screwed up young adults? To make it worse their parents, in many cases, follow suit? Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, the list goes on and on. You make a fortune for your parents to fight over, but you lose your soul in the process. Oh, of course she knew her "act" was going to make people crazy, and that was the point to attack an older market moving from the pre-teens to the 19-25 yr olds who could care less if she does something obscene. I'm sure she and her team are thrilled to get so much ink, she's no longer a minor child celeb, that's all over and it doesn't matter if she has a fair to mediocre voice, she told adults and the media to kiss off, making her a hero to her target audience. The more column inches she gets, mentions on TV news, her fans just become that more enamored with her buying anything with her name on it. Ignore her, and she goes away into obscurity.

Incite Full
Layton, UT

It happened on MTV... no big shocker, they've been doing this since inception. MTV should not be allowed within 200 yards of any teen. I know when I was an overly hormonal teen and wanted to watch something illicit, that's where I'd turn the tv tuner. It's a known quantity.

If this had been some more risque' singer like Lady Gaga, we would've all relegated it to business as usual. Many child stars have started out innocent and gone trampy. Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears, now Miley Cyrus--part of the reason this happens is because once you get to be a woman in entertainment at a certain age, you no longer can appeal to younger more innocent audiences. So they try to remain relevant by doing something more mature, only to discover the audiences don't like change.

Honestly I think the dupes are those that believed that a person was the role they played once upon a time. Why do we give actors and actresses so much power over us? When will we turn our gaze away from this meaningless box of shadows?

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

From an ascetic point of view the act wasn't even well done.
It was simply gyrating...followed by high-step marching around the front of the stage...followed by more gyrating. She did manage to avoid head-on crashes with the bears, but that is the extent of it.
Had she been a 3-year-old in a dance class I would have suggested to the parents that they try the piano.

Las Vegas, NV

Why do so many girls in show business think the way to show the world they're not a little girl anymore is to behave provocatively? There are more mature ways to show your audience that you've become a young woman.

Christmas Carole

@Morgan Duel & @Serenity: I agree completely.

I have stated before that I have lived long enough to have observed much of life. The EXTREME spiral down of morality is heart stopping. The ONLY aspect of life that I see that isn't obviously affected is religion(for the MOST part). I haven't, nor will I, watch this much public display of yesteryear's private strip club lewd garbage...

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

In the late 1980's everyone was worried about the effect of AIDS. A sexually transmitted disease that we don't know how to control, spreading all over the world, millions might die, etc. MTV kept pushing sex in the videos they showed. At one point, Kiss came out with a video titled, "Put the XXX back in Sex". Immediately thereafter there was a commercial for a Mars candy bar. I didn't buy Mars candy bars for 20 years.


It's not surprising that this happened, but our societal standards have fallen so far, it amazes me. I occasionally watch the Disney affiliate ABCFamily and some of the show that are advertised on there are the worst. I would not call them Family shows.

Kaysville, UT

There is no integrity in this kind of business as they are only looking for money in the long-run, not a 20-year old who has gone from Disneyland to public display of non-affection.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

One of these days people need to rise up and cancel MTV. It is nothing but degrading porn for the young and stupid.

Durham, NC

Folks... burlesque is hardly a new art form. That said...

It is actually quit comforting to see the level of condemnation her performance has received across the board.... from just about every publication out there. We've all seen this act before... from Madonna, to Britney, Lady Gaga to now the latest performer trying to trade on something other than their talent. But even Madonna eventually cleaned up her act. She keeps heading down this road - her career will be a short lived as her dads... because what she is selling is hardly anything unique.

Saint George, UT

The irony in all this is that there are many who express outrage or disapproval of Myley, but are the first to defend abortion. As if there is no connection between what is being seen on T.V. and in the movies and sexual immorality or abortion. Democrats, figure it out!

Allen, TX

SoCalChris - Madonna? Gaga? Embarrassed? They couldn't spell it.

Are you forgetting the Madonna / Spears slobbery kiss?
The bologna dress?

Shock culture was a main element in the fall of Rome. History repeats itself.

Alexandria, VA

I had no problem with her performance - I did not watch it which is what everyone else who has a problem with the performance should seriously consider doing instead of endlessly writing about it in these columns - turn off the TV! No audience - no performance!

St.George, Utah

Kinda like Lady Gaga, as she hopped in her BMW the next morning and sped down to the bank. Lots and lots of $ generated for her to collect as she heads off on some expensive, far away vacation,

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