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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 27 2013 9:10 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah 30
usu 17

Utah will be 8-4 with all 4 losses against power conference teams, and we'll be in contention for the Rose Bowl within the last 1-2 games of season.

This may be the beginning of another 15 game winning streak against our little logan brothers.


I'll be there Thursday. Will U?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Last year we all underestimated Keeton.

We'll contain him and they don't have enough talent around him.

I think Keeton will be overwhelmed by what the defense does.

2 interceptions by Keeton, Mark it Down

Utah 30
usu 17

Ogden, UT

Not a fan of either team, but the Utes won't be 8-4 this year, that's for sure. Even with the Utes playing the majority of their games RES, where they have an advantage...they will still lose most games this season.

Logan, UT

Chris B is oblivious. To be in contention for a Rose Bowl the Utes will need to win more than two or three Pac12 games. Considering they play the two weakest Pac12 oppenents the last two weeks of the season it's highly unlikely they'll be in contention for anything other than a long winter break from football once again.

Salt Lake City, UT

U won't contain Keeton. Mark it down.

The A Game
Logan, UT

All the Ute players get haircuts at their new barber shop before the game. Mark it down.

Woods Cross, UT

"2 interceptions by Keeton, Mark it Down"

What is Keeton going to do? Intercept his own passes?

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is rated 9th in their league. They will not be 8-4. They may beat Weber State and Washington State and Colorado. Mark that down.

South Jordan, UT

BYU fan here. I agree with Chris B's prediction for the game but 8-4 season? Um probably not.

Las Vegas, NV

Enough talk! Let's play! Two days.

Go Utes!

SomewhereIn, UT

Chris B won't comment on the game AFTER the game. Mark it down.

Logan, UT

If you can't name any other players on the roster other than Keeton - without looking - you don't get to say we have no one else around Keeton.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

ute seniors 0-1 against the Aggies. Mark it Down.

chrisbe knows less than the national media. Mark it Down.

Aggies start utah's season off in a bad way again. Mark it Down.

The A Game's comment is the funniest one I have read in a long time. Mark it Down.

Go Aggies!!!

How in the WORLD is this a personal attack mr moderator?

Idaho Falls, ID

The Aggies will win the the Battle of the Little Brothers.

St. Louis, MO

All predictions are worthless. Ready for kickoff!

Go Utes!

Park City, Ut

Dare I venture to say that I think the national media knows USU better than the local media? Probably not, but they aren't blinded by the rose tinted glasses the local media likes to wear when talking about the utes. Reveng is only good if you have the personell to pull the job off. USU is expereinced where it counts the most, O-Line, D-Line, D Secondary, and QB. Joe Hill is a burner, and watch out for DiMartino! Our WR's have experience from last year and beyond. Watch out for TVL!

Aggies 24
Utes 17

Cedar Hills, UT

I don't think Chris is too far off on his prediction on this game. I hope the Utes are overlooked all year long.

Can't wait to get it started with a W on Thursday.

Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

If I am wrong and usu wins I will GLADLY come on here and say

"I was wrong you guys were right"

But when I'm right, I gladly remind you all I was right.

And I'll continue to boast about being a better team in a better conference with better bowl history with better facilities.

We're a better program. And I'll remind you all year long!

Cedar Hills, UT

Park city ag

Keep telling yourself that the Utes don't have any weapons. Your 1 W out of the last 15 games will be short lived.

Look for York and Murphy to have huge games and the D to be surprising stout.

Can't wait

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

That's right, Chris knows more than the football experts across the country. I still cannot believe that Chris is not an anchor on ESPN or FOX Sports. His predictions are NEVER wrong.

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