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Published: Sunday, Aug. 25 2013 10:20 p.m. MDT

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sandy, ut

I don't know why god doesn't protect missionaries who are out to serve him. It is a tragedy and my thoughts are with the family.

Houston, TX

As a missionary in Rio de Janeiro in 1971, I would have been thrilled to be able to ride a bike. We walked many miles between bus stops, and were on our feet the entire day. However, even as pedestrians we ran a great risk of being hit by cars. One of the Elders in our mission was nearly killed when he was hit by a bus. Everyone was agreed that the Brazilian traffic was just too eratic for us to ride bikes. The Lord is watching over His servants, and those that are conducted into Paradise have a work to do, probably with their own ancestors, bearing a testimony "for the anges to look upon."

colleen peters
Portage, MI

I so empathize with this family. Our son was struck by a taxi while serving a mission in Japan but thankfully he survived. Thanks to his companion, mission leaders who had him moved to Kobe with a broken back. Three months in traction and still in pain but he finished his mission and so will this young missionary, just in a better place. Such sorrow but joy to know he still is serving our Lord.

Cedar Hills, UT


I have to agree with you. There have been several tragedy's in the past year of missionaries and the thought of losing your son or daughter while they are simply serving others is horrific and mystifying. No answers. I do recall on my mission in Alaska many years ago being saved from harm ...or worse... and I am left to wonder why I was spared while so many others are not. No answers. The age old question of why do bad things happen to good people goes unanswered.

Greenway, AR


He left with dreams of changing hearts,
one soul at a time.
He was following his Savior’s footsteps,
and seeking out the blind.

And though today we mourn his loss,
we know eternity waits.
He still is serving the God he loves
beyond the golden gate.

So look to the sky for rainbows of love
for he is waiting there;
someday you’ll will walk with him again
and climb up heavens’ stairs.

© Forrest Phelps-Cook

Cool Headed
Sandy, UT

Thank you to the Wiberg family. The value of your son's service and faithfulness cannot be measured in silver or gold. May heaven bless you with the tender mercies you deserve.

Salt Lake City, UT

I seen a man get hit a few blocks from my house, right here in Salt Lake. It can happen anywhere? The important thing is that he was doing what he wanted to do and it was something good. If we had to choose the moment, it would never happen. God bless his parents and family. Even though you know he is ok, realty is also hard. They have to feel the pain. The more we love someone., the greater the pain of losing them. God bless you

Medical Lake, Washington

First of all. Condolences to the family. I'm impressed with their public statements.

Secondly. It is frustrating that when ever tragedy strikes, so many gravitate towards eliminating something. Let's do away with bikes. More people die every year in car accidents - usually due to a drunk driver - but we never talk about getting rid of booze. But if someone slips in the tub, then destroy them all; everyone shower. A missionary was hit while crossing the street - make it so no one is allowed to cross streets.

Its noble to want to prevent future accidents, but our efforts are better aimed at increasing skills rather than eliminating something from the world. If we are going to eliminate anything, let's eliminate ill will and hatred. We might still need bicycles.

sandy, ut

Patriot -

Yes this is one of the main things I struggle with - why are some spared and some aren't? I have come down to only one conclusion - that it is the luck of the draw. I can't see a god who allows lives to be taken so young while their families pray with faith for their safety, while sparing another life. It doesn't make sense. I don't buy the whole theory of "he had missionary work to do on the other side" - if god needed missionary work done on the other side I doubt he would let a young man be killed in order to fulfill that. That is not a god that I would believe in.

Manti, UT

It must be one of the world's greatest sorrows to lose a precious son. When the son is serving a call he received from the Lord, the sorrow especially becomes even more heart-rending and could cause us to question our own reality. Except the reality that life goes on, that, as President Monson said that death is only putting out the candle so one can greet the beautiful dawn, skirts our consciousness. The reality that this son of God walked into the bright light of eternity while leaving this veil of tears behind is perhaps little comfort to us, who can only see through the glass darkly. But hope, the hope of a bright future, of a brighter day in realms of glory gives some light to our dark world. The excruciating sorrow which we must go through is, in a small way, comparable to the suffering and sorrow of our Savior while he was suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and later on the Cross. He did this so we could have comfort in the most tragic circumstance and feel the arms of His love. May God bless and comfort his family.

Grandma 20
Allen, TX

My deepest condolences to the family of Elder Wiberg, and may our dear Heavenly Father wrap you in the arms of His great love that you may find great peace and comfort.

reno, NV

My condolences to the Wiberg's family. I have a daughter out on the field I pray for her safety every day but if it God's will to take her home during her mission I would be very honor that Havenly Father is taking her back home. Really, I will do miss her so much though. Elder Wiberg's is going straight to haven, he's so so lucky. May God Bless the Wiber's and comfort them through this sudden going away of their son Jason. Bless you all my brother's and sister's.

Springville, UT

God bless this young man's family. You're in our prayers.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

My son is serving in the same mission. My heart goes out to this Elder's poor family - I know it would absolutely devastate us if something happened to our son. My son did mention in his letter that he will be more careful on his bike so that may be a positive thing to come out of this tragedy if it helps the other missionaries be more careful.

There are now 75,000 missionaries serving so accidents will happen from time to time. My prayers are with the family.

Saint Louis, MO

This is sad news. Religious missionaries throughout history have always been targets of opportunity.

Cedar Hills, UT

I knew Elder Wiberg during his early days here in Malaysia. A gentle heart, a strong soul, and one thing I told he and his companion often was that their parents wold be proud of not just what they were doing, but also how they conduct themselves. Elder Wiberg asked to take a photograph with me before I returned to the States on a trip. I have it posted on my Facebook now.

The real story, I think, however, is that Elder Wiberg was an organ donor, and in the sadness of his death, perhaps we can feel some comfort in knowing that through his sacrifice, at least six people in Malaysia have received the blessings of renewed lives.

Elder Wiberg came here to serve the Lord. I'd say he followed every aspect of what it means to be "Christ-LIKE." Elder Wiberg gave everything--literally--to serving his God.

Were we all to leave such a profound legacy.

Evansville, IN

I am wondering why missionaries in Malaysia are riding bikes when taxis are plentiful and very cheap. I have driven in Malaysia myself and the traffic isn't terribly crazy by Asian standards. But, it doesn't seem to me to be worth the danger when the expense of a cab is so minimal. How unfortunate.

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