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Published: Sunday, Aug. 25 2013 10:20 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I am a cyclist. When I ride on city streets I'm always straining to figure out what is going on behind me. My daughter who is also is a cyclist has come to think riding a bike in traffic is totally nuts - "it's just a matter of time before you are in an incident with a car." Though it's to late to help this young man, maybe the Church needs to take another look at bike safety. I know they watch these things all the time, but maybe it's time for another look. Meanwhile, I feel terribly for this young man's family.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

Sad news. We send condolences to the family.

Plano, TX

God bless Elder Wiberg's family. May they be comforted and blessed knowing a joyful reunion awaits them. My heart goes out to them!

Harwich, MA

The Church has got to get Elders off bikes. From a doctrinal standpoint the work has to "move forward". But no on bikes. It doesn't need bicycles to a. jeopardize the lives of young men. b. make them look foolish with their idiotic packs and helmets. and c. it takes away their ability to walk, talk and socialize with those they would miss while riding down the road. It's time for someone to get smart.

Richmond, VA

Yet again, another tragic news of a missionary killed on his mission. My heart aches for the parents and his family and pray for them to find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

My brother and sister-in-law are serving in the same mission and have been working with this young man in the same branch in Bintulu, Malaysia. They emailed the family and told us and asked that we remember Elder Wiberg in our prayers. They're all devasted because he's apparently a much loved young man in their little branch. So sad, yet the work must go on! RIP, Elder Wiberg!

Kaysville, UT

I am sad that this incident happened but with the knowledge this missionary's parents have and their attitude at such a moment are due to their belief in God's plan.

The newspapers are doing a service to help improve safety and health for missionaries as it is such an important aspect in life. With a city of missionaries worldwide, it is critical for parents to know and to emphasize to their sons and daughters to be cautious. The Church does so much to emphasize safety, health and security to missionaries and their leaders in all the different languages to ensure missionaries can do their work they were called to do.

I am thankful God has His plan for us in aspects of our existence.

Thanks for people who serve others that they may know His plan in all phases of life.

Santa Clara, UT

RED - Maybe the readers would like to know about this. I did. So try to read around this news and let the rest of us carry on.

Fort Collins, CO

MrRed - since this story is currently #2 on the DNews most-popular list, obviously lots of people are interested. That is why it is reported. If you are not interested, why did you click on it? The beauty of the internet--you only have to read what you are interested in.

My condolences to this young man's family. We all mourn with you.

Syracuse, UT

MrRed, Have you every heard of "scanning" ? ? ?

Try it sometime. Those stories you don't like or want to read, you can skip. I hope you don't turn on a TV and just sit and watch whatever station it is on without turning it to find something you want to watch!

Sad story! I love the attitude of the family as hard as it is for them. May their faith grow and their hearts be gladdened by the knowledge they gain. I am so sorry for your loss.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

My sincerest condolences to the family. May God give them peace.


My condolences to the family of this fine young man. my prayers are with you.

Mount Pleasant, UT

It just breaks my heart every time I read about one of our choice and willing missionaries that have died serving Heavenly Father. I hope he did not suffer and pray that the Lord's choicest blessings will be upon his family and extended family and friends. He is certainly in a much better place filled with love and peace.

Montesano, WA

My heart grieves with this family. I agree with the post of getting elders off bikes. There is other ways to get around most cities have mass transit and if they need a ride some were members can supply that.

Sandy, UT

I am saddened of what happen and rest in peace. I am not going to judge of what went wrong of those missionaries when riding bikes. This summer I saw two missionaryies on bikes crossing 4-way street diagonally near Quarry Bend (near 7th east and 90th/94th ski connection, Sandy, Ut). What were they thinking and they were showing poor examples to anyone. Should they stick with cars and walking?

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

If you think about it, while it may sound like there are "a lot" of missionary deaths, it really is quite a low number in proportion to the 75,000 out there. Serving a mission is still a very safe way to spend those two years.

And considering that missionaries are set apart to the Lord, it really is up to Him if he takes them home or not. He can save them from accidents, or he can extend their missions on the other side.

A mission is still the very best place to be.

Florissant, MO

We are hearing of more deaths now that the mission force has increased. It makes my heart sad when a young missionary is killed, but I also am glad that they went in such a positive stage in their lives. Death is hard and my heart goes out to this family and the others who have lost a missionary recently, but I do not doubt that they find comfort knowing that their child died in such a great service. I can only imagine the great missionary work that this young man is now doing.

Cedar Hills, UT

Riding a bike in a congested city area - especially overseas where the traffic rules are largely ignored - is inherently dangerous. That is a fact. My son was hit by a car in Miami on his mission and fortunately he ended with only some scrapes and bruises. I have to concur with many who have posted here that bikes ought to be done away with on missions but then I think in a more practical manner and there just isn't any way to get around other than bikes in many places in the world so....I guess we are stuck with bikes and their danger. This is so very heart breaking and sad to lose your son on his mission and this family I'm certain is devastated even with the comfort of the gospel. The age old question keeps on coming up - why doesn't the Lord protect his missionaries? Good question but unfortunately there is no answer. Life is life and bad things happen to good people. You try to be as careful as you can and then go forward and hope for the best. I suspect we will find the answer on the other side some day.

South Jordan, UT

Im so sorry! I hope that you can find peace at this incredibly difficult time.

Bellevue, WA

There is too much traffic on the road now for cycling to be safe. I would be very concerned if my children were expected to cycle on their missions. It is time to do away with bikes for missionaries.

Pittsburgh, PA

Very sad. We will probably hear more of these stories unfortunately as a result of more missionaries serving in the field.

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