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Published: Sunday, Aug. 25 2013 4:35 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Duckhunter: mountainflying is another screen name for utah "fan" jenny83. She has spent the last several weeks predicting Hill, and other BYU athletes will get injured. Just more "classy' posting by another utah "fan".

Well said!

It's sad and classless when any fan becomes so desperate that they resort to wishing injury on an opposing player.

Oceanside, CA

Re: Steven S. Jarvis "Hill was awesome last year."

Really? He showed that he was a very good runner and could throw a good five yard pass. Add a little grit and does that remind you of anyone?

Eventually he may turn out to be awesome, but he wasn't last year and this year hasn't even started.

Hyrum, UT

I get so tired of reading about fair-weather fans dissing Riley Nelson for not giving All-American performances while playing with multiple broken ribs and ruptured vertebrae in his back. Most QB's wouldn't even attempt to play under those conditions. But he did because Bronco asked him to. And not only that, but he led the team to a winning season and made them bowl eligible. He did everything Bronco asked of him and then some.

I'm grateful to Riley for making the extraordinary efforts and contributions that he did, and under such extremely difficult circumstances. It's ludicrous and selfish for anyone to ask or expect any more than what Riley gave under those conditions.

Tooele, UT

Any quarterback that was hurt as bad as Riley was last year wouldn't think more about him playing instead of his "team" when he wasn't even close to playing at 100%. So to you Tators, I don't think he did anything to help the team last year. He could have sat out for a few games in the hopes of healing so he could play better, but I'm sure that it was him that told everyone that he was in great shape and ready to play.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Hill has played 4 games. He started and won two games...against Hawaii and Utah State!

Wilson played 12 games last year! Against PAC 12 teams! Started 7 and won 3...Was a stud from SoCal in high school.

Hill is from Pocatello...

Why all the hype about Hill?

Cedar Hills, UT

Hill was pretty raw last year - hard to even complete a pass. Hopefully Anae has schooled him back to being a real BYU QB.

Wellsville, UT

My wish for BYU this year is that Taysom uses his arm a lot more than his legs. I hope it has been drilled into him when he does need to run is to slide, slide, and slide. One other thing some quarterbacks have trouble with is when there is no play throw the ball away. I believe he can be a great quarterback.

Right now the best quarterback in the state is Chuckie Keeton until someone shows their better.

Go Cougars!!!
Go Aggies!!!

Highland, UT

@hey baby

Because Hill is an obvious talent and wilson has already shown mediocrity. It is the difference between knowing a guy is only ok and knowing the other guy is a superior talent.

How many of those pac12 teams wilson beat last year were actually good? Considering none of them had a winning record I'd say none of them were. He lost to all of the good pc12 teams he played against. Kinda shoots your entire "point" down now doesn't it?

Then of course there is the fact that even many utah "fans" are already questioning wilson's ability and hoping for a quick switch to manning or cox. You can go to the front page of the utah section right now and find posts from utah "fans" about it. If even utah "fans" aren't all that excited about him then why should anyone else be?

In short the answers to your questions are obvious, but you knew that already, you just wanted to try to troll things up.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Were the teams Wilson beat as good as Hawaii and Utah State? As an old coach you must realize that there are two sides of the game. Utah State has the best QB in the state..but how good was the defense that Hill tore up?

And your second part?? Utah fans doubt him? Quite an argument hunter. So, if I can get more Ute fans to say Wilson is good, does he get better?

I can get ChrisB right on this task.

BYU might beat Utah some time in the future...just not this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Hey Baby
"Why all the hype about Hill?"

Because the article was about Hill, at BYU. No longer at Stanford where he was a 4 star recruit and still has Harbaugh's approval. This is an article about BYU, not Utah, Not Wilson. Why you were allowed to post off topic I don't know.

"Hill is from Pocatello..." And that means what? Wilson competed against Tanner Mangum (from Idaho) in the Nike Elite 11 and if I remember correctly came in dead last of 26 QB's at the camp. Tanner came in 1st as the MVP. Where you're from means nothing.

"but how good was the defense that Hill tore up?"

Let's think, Utah State was 19th in the Sagarin rating at the end of the season, so we can say probably pretty good.

So now your questions have been answered I suggest if you want to talk about Wilson that you go to the Utah articles.

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