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Published: Sunday, Aug. 25 2013 10:45 a.m. MDT

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Three word answer guilt guilt guilt, and a society that incubates and breeds it.

West Jordan, UT

We thought our son was just going through typical teenage moodiness. I felt compelled to describe the symptoms of depression. I told my son to think about it and please come talk to me and that I was there to help him. He did come to me and admit that he had the symptoms and that he had been contemplating suicide. He was 18. He is 20 now and refusing to take prescribed medication. Since he is an adult I do not know what he has been diagnosed with but looking at what he had been prescribed I believe he is bi-polar and he fits the symptoms. Parents don't ignore the signs. Show your child you are willing to talk even if what you hear from them terrifies you. Help them see it is a medical issue. It's hard because there is a stigma but you can't worry about other people. It's your child's life. We have helped my son get a job, get into school, and figure out what he wants from life. He's writing a book. He's in counseling and is seeing that life is worth living.

West Jordan, UT

All the people who believe that the commenter who suggested not having guns in the home has an agenda of gun control, you do not know that for sure. Having a child who is bi-polar and has been suicidal has caused me to re-think getting a gun and a permit. I fully believe in the right to bear arms. I know that if someone wants to take their life they can do many other things.I have rope in my garage. I have a bottle of sleeping pills in my medicine cabinet. But it's my choice to protect my children. If the mother of the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary had thought the way I do her son might have had a harder time carrying out his plan. Maybe he would have given up and lost interest. But when I see my son become angry as a symptom of his illness I'm glad I don't have to worry he can find my gun. My dad hid and locked up parts of his gun and ammunition all over the house. My brothers still found and assembled it and shot a hole in the ceiling.

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