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Published: Saturday, Aug. 24 2013 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Wally West

re: metamoracoug

If Oregon (under Chip Kelly) took 10 to 13 seconds on the play clock; there is no way byu runs a play every 8 to 12 seconds. Y U ask?

1) Its the 1st season no way a transformation like that happens overnight
2) Bronco prefers the Rex Ryan method (ground and pound) then let the D take control.

re: Adirondack Cougar

Good point. Oregon (not the Irish) would have played Bama last season had the P12 officials not slowed down the pace for Stanford.

Hank Pym

Rich Rodriguez has an innovative offensive mind but it was Matt Scott that made UAz so good.

RR is ethically dubious & will flame out like Mike Leach (Anae's boss @ Texas Tech).

I'd personally go old school like say Dennis Erickson. The trick there is; Can Dennis successfully hybridize the Joe Gibbs Redskins philosophy with the zone read?

Provo, UT

Koloss - Arizona had a good offense because of Matt Scott and Rich Rod, but I'm sure Anae learned a few things while there. The point is that he has grown and improved since is first go-round at BYU. Additionally, I monitor football news pretty closely and I'm not aware of Bronco making Anae a scapegoat. He simply requested that all assistants reapply for their position - operative word there being "all." Anae chose not to and went to Arizona.

Bountiful, UT

@Cougar Claws
"Ever heard of Arizona? They're a school that put up 34 points against Utah last season. Robert Anae was their offensive coordinator."

Not quite, Anae was the OL Coach and the Run Game Coordinator at Arizona, not the Offensive Coordinator.

I've seen improvement at several positions over last season or at the very least a nice job of reloading by new players and coaches. The one area that still makes my stomach queasy is the O-Line. For the most part it's the same cast of characters who couldn't get the job done last year. Especially concerning is the right side of the OL with Stringham and Yeck. IIRC, wasn't Stringham the guy who whiffed on the block in the failed 2 pt conversion attempt in the Boise St game that cost us the game?

Until I actually get to see the OL on the field my enthusiasm is somewhat tempered. I hope they really have improved, I guess we'll get a glimpse into that on Saturday.


Cougar Claws, Anae not the offensive coordinator at Arizona, he was the line coach or something like that.

I'm a big cougar fan but chuckle when I see some of these posts. BYU is an underdog at Virginia at Vegas.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

I'f im not mistaken BYU was the underdog playing Washington St. last year and we all know how well they turned out. It doesn't matter what anyone says until the game is played. No one knows whats going to happen in the first few games. The cougs have been underdogs in plenty of games, they usually play better that way anyways.

Bring on Virginia, Go Cougs

Highland, UT


"BYU is an underdog at Virginia at Vegas."

Uh...no they're not. They are anywhere from a 1 point favorite to a 4 point favorite depending on the book you check. Considering the home team (virginia) gets a 3 point allowance that means BYU is really a 4 point to 7 point favorite.

The more you know.....

Lincoln City, OR


Granted, Virginia is no Weber State (a Utah opponent this year) but they are part of the Big Bad BCS System ... They also won 4 games last year (not 3) and had victories over Penn State, NC State, and Miami (all of which would have thumped Utah).


How could Coach Anae have a new Offensive Scheme when he is a veteran coach??? Say that out loud to yourself five times and see if that makes any sense to you... Yeah, me neither...

Still not covinced a veteran coach can devise new Offensive Schemes? "Watch and Learn."


Seems like everytime I read a post of yours it's dripping with anger... Don't be so hard on yourself, it's only football... The fact is that Anae's resume reads Ofensive Coordinator, Assistant Head Coach and Line oach at AZ for 2 years and was directly responsible for the run game and reported directly to Stoops for that part of the Offense... Both years that he was there the Wildcats were one of the top 16 run offences in the country.

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