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Published: Saturday, Aug. 24 2013 3:20 p.m. MDT

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No Illusions
Midvale, UT

OK RockOn, so you are saying the only sure win for the Utes is Weber State? Playing at Wazzu will not be easy, The Buffs beat you a couple of years ago in the annual Toilet Bowl with your new rival. Fact is, when USU beats you on your home field you will be looking at possibly a 1-11 year as per your own post. Will a year like that keep the "Great Whit" his job? And next year you will not have your true rivals to get up for, how will that turn out? My guess "The Great Whit and his Cougar turn-coats will be looking for a new job."

Las Vegas, NV

I am so tired of reading that the Utes are going to have a down year, bologna! The Utes will have a successful year. Whit is an excellent coach that probably hung on to Jordan Wynn too long, but outside of that he has done nothing but improve this program year in and out. Utah IS the first team to ever be invited to a BCS conference, nobody knows how long this will take to be competitive. But Utah has been in almost every PAC-12 game with a chance to win it with 5 minutes left with just few exceptions. I think the DesNews is just trying to stir the pot, how about focusing on reality. A new offensive line is going to make huge mistakes in Provo, the offense is not going to be successful until that unit gels which in all likely hood will be next year. QB's are going to get hurt, due to missed assignments, it will be a long year in Provo. Utah is going to be just fine!

Just Smiling

Wow ...this is great. Good work D-News and BYU fans- Without a game played you have Kyle Whittingham looking for a new job and the Y as a national championship contender with their newly revamped, supercharged, turbo driven, no one will stop it, we're going to be danged good and we're going to be scoring alot of points....without playing a single down. The no huddle offense is not a brand new idea and I don't recall the team Anae is coming from as being a national champion. Really, really, really tired of article after article referring to Utah's past 2 years records that obviously proves that they won't have a winning season. I have an idea... let's play the games. Maybe BYU had a better record for the past 2 years but they haven't beat any quality teams for 2 years and have lost to Utah 3 in a row. Are there any athletes that write for D-News that understand when you leave a C league and go to an A league, there's a learning curve? Compare apples to apples!

Salt Lake City, UT

It should be noted that Utah was the alternate choice for the PAC 12. Utah was invited for the Salt Lake TV market, the athletic teams didn't count, and do not count.

I would like to see Utah do well but the odds are against them because it is hard to recruit against the old PAC 8 schools with sun, beaches and the life-style.

If Utah does well in athletics it is a Cinderella story, nice to dream about but seldom gonna happen.

It's about money. Utah will be paid a nice paycheck to show up, play well and loose and go home.

I hope they do well but they were "hired" for the role of runner-up in a two-man race.


Three wins. Write it down. Gonna be a miserable year for Utah.

Highland, UT

@co ute

Any BYU fans opinion on this is just as relevant as yours, or any other utah "fans". We all read the papers and many read the blogs, we all know people at both schools on the teams, coaches, and admins. We all watch the games. We all listen to the radio.

utah "fans" like yourself have this strange idea that simply because you CHOSE to like a certain team it makes you more knowledgeable than everyone else. You also think that because the team you CHOSE to like is in a particular conference you all have some vastly greater reservoir of knowledge about that conference or about the game in general.

Here's a bit of knowledge you seem to be in need of,

YOU don't KNOW anymore than anyone else. Your opinions are of no more relevance than anyone else's. I'd actually assert that since you live out of state you may know less, making your opinion even less relevant, than the majority of BYU fans that live in state and post here.

utah "fan" angst is an interesting thing considering all the bragging you do and how you have supposedly "moved on". lol

Aurora, CO

Well Chris B. I guess being the .2 in the PAC-10.2 has its price.

But at least you have your forum.

For my money KW is a great coach for Utah being able to balance the "state of Utah culture" with the BIG-5 Conference needs. But the PAC-10.2 sees a bigger picture and KW may be a little too "Mormon" for the liberal west coasters.

Bountiful, Utah

To CO Ute from Parker,

Why do you look forward to time away from the Holy War? Could it be that this game adds additional pressure to the Utes' already-difficult PAC-12 schedule as to affect the Utes' postseason hopes and KW's continued relationship with the University? Would you like a cupcake on the schedule in BYU's place? What possible good would that do for the Utes to water down their schedule?

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

This whole article is a non issue. Kyle is safe since he is a top tier coach. If it gets to the point of having multiple seasons of 8 or more losses then he'd better worry about the safety of banks and the stock market since his job will be held by someone else. Until then this is just another example of a slow day in the sports department waiting for something more concrete to write about.

Arlington, VA


"Why have wins been hard to come by?"

Simply because U haven't been any good...

Average Sagarin rating of #50 in your first two seasons is proof of that.

Regardless of how you cluelessly spin it, there's NO Excuse for losing at home to a 10-loss team that hadn't won a road game in four years.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

4 wins will be pretty hard to come by.

Springville, UT

Hey Pipes and BigCougFan,
Trying to rip on Utah's tough season last year, you're forgetting a key fact: Utah still owns BYU. If Utah is no better than 9th in the PAC-12, BYU would be 12th. How do I know that? Because Utah has continued to thump that embarrassing independent program, who is not even relevant enough to get invited to a relevant conference.
Expect another Utah W against BYU in Provo this year. And Utah will finish at least 7-5 this year - a very commendable season for the nation's 12 th toughest schedule...

Layton, UT

Sooner or later Whit will move on...and he will take the PAC12, the upgraded facilities and the Utes Fan Base with him...lol.

When he does move on, Whit will be just fine, and the Utes will be just fine...There's a lot of very good coaches out there that will jump at the chance to coach a program in the PAC12.

Thanks to duck and the rest of the haters for their expertise on the Utes, their coach, and their Fans...Their input will be the deciding factor on whether Whit goes or stays...lol.

Go Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah has never had three consecutive losing conference seasons."
Yes, and the level of competition in the PAC12 is just like the Mountain West.

National press writers predicted it would take 5 years for the Utah and TCU programs to catch up to their BCS leagues. Shouldn't coach Whitt be given those 5 years? Hate to see him run off early because of the impatience of a local writer.

Salt Lake City, UT

Kyle’s conservative/risk adverse coaching style was great for the MWC. However, clearly, it is not working for the PAC-12. Kyle’s biggest fault is his loyalty to those close to him and his aversion to hiring people who are smarter than him. Hiring Brian Johnson as the OC is one of the biggest jokes in College FB. At the same time, hiring a former personal injury attorney (Sharieff Shah) in lieu of an experienced corner back coach are just 2 examples of Kyle’s inability to recruit talent at the national level for the UTES coaching staff. If Utah goes 6-6 or 7-5 this year and is invited to a mediocre bowl, Kyle’s safe. Another 5-7 year, the heat will really be on. A 1-11 or 2-10 season, Kyle will be looking for another job. It is interesting to note that Chris Hill has only 2 more years left on this contract and Hill has lost a lot of clout on campus in the last year, would a new AD let Kyle go in 2 yrs if things don’t improve?


Beautiful posts by CO Ute and Just Smiling. It is very tiresome for Ute fans to have to be reminded that Utah has not gone undefeated in the PAC 12. No, they haven't had the luxury of playing a few challenging games, padded by playing many of the weakest (WAC) teams available in college football. Unfortunately, that has given most BYU fans a false sense of superiority. As Just Smiling has accurately pointed out, during this period of adjustment, Utah has STILL managed to beat BYU.


Your continued reference to, in your own words, utah "fans" as opposed to BYU fans is insulting. I'm not sure why the Deseret News editors continue to allow you to do this.

Beaver, UT

@ Zorro

"If it's BCS games Utah fans want to keep going to, jumping from the MWC was a mistake! You only had 2 games a year; BYU & TCU with the rest walk overs. Do you really think you can out recruit USC, UCLA, Stanford & Oregon? "

"If UA & ASU can't do it how do think you can??? REALLY?... REALLY?

That's the difference in mentality between Utah fans and BYU fans. BYU fans want the easier road with lesser rewards at the end of each season. With that BYU will reach their 3rd tier bowl game that nobody cares about and some meaningless ranking (some years). Meanwhile Utah fans embrace the challenge of playing top quality competition each week. Losing seasons will happen, but Utah will adjust over time. Plus the rewards a team gets in a BCS conference far outweigh anything a team get as an independent (except Notre Dame).

To put it simply: Utah faces the challenge and BYU shies away from it!


ThomasJefferson, "With an easy out of conference schedule, why they wanted to drop BYU"

How do you figure that? Fresno has been on about the same level as BYU and USU, and BYU fans have told us what a quality team they are since the Cougars scheduled them (but not when Utah did). Michigan is clearly head and shoulders above BYU and USU. Additionally, Utah will have to actually travel outside the state to play both of these teams, adding some degree of difficulty. With only three nonconference games, and having one of them as basically a tune up and exhibition home game for the fans, playing both the others inside the state of Utah every year does little for recruiting and expanding the program's footprint. Selfishly, I'd love to play USU and BYU every year, but with present circumstances, I understand it's just not going to happen. But I don't mix emotions with reason to make up excuses why they don't, like several on each side do.

pocatello, ID

South Jordan, UT
Utah bit off more than they could chew going into the PAC12 and thought, that with their inflated egos, they could play with the big boys. The news during spring and fall practice for this team has certainly been under the radar, not very much to cheer about.


Inflated egos, really? I have not seen Utah players and coaches running around with cute t-shirts displaying catchless phrases.

One and done BYUalum. One and done.
One loss = no title shot for BYU masquerading as an elite team.

pocatello, ID

Arlington, VA

"Why have wins been hard to come by?"

Simply because U haven't been any good...

Average Sagarin rating of #50 in your first two seasons is proof of that.

Regardless of how you cluelessly spin it, there's NO Excuse for losing at home to a 10-loss team that hadn't won a road game in four years.


Regardless of how you cluelessly spin it, BYU is 3-8-1 all time against Colorado.

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