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Published: Saturday, Aug. 24 2013 3:20 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Kyle knows how to have top 5 undefeated teams.
Ericson knows how to have top 5 undefeated teams.

It's only a matter of time until we return to where we belong.

Kyle said from day 1 it would take time to get the depth needed to compete in the Pac 12.

Recruiting has improved EVERY YEAR since our Pac 12 invite(both average stars AND head to head recruiting against in state schools)

Things are coming along EXACTLY as Kyle stated from day 1.

Why have wins been hard to come by? The pac 12 teams have had 100% Pac 12 recruits. We're slowly getting to that level.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm fully behind Whittingham.

He'll take us to 8-4 this year and we'll be in Rose Bowl contention within last 1-2 games of season.

Mark it Down.

I'll remind you all that I called it. 8-4 and we have as good of a chance for South Title as anyone but Colorado.

gilbert, AZ

I bet Whittingham will get 5 years to turn the program into a program that can compete in the PAC12 before he is in serious jeopardy of losing his job. To be fair to him he needs a chance to recruit with Utah's new facilities and PAC12 clout. I don't know why some people thought the transition to the PAC12 would be easy, but at least for the foreseeable future people will by tickets to see the elite PAC12 teams that come to Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

It would be unfortunate to lose Kyle. I like him. He is after all, a Cougar alumni. I think the fact that the utes are going to have a down year is a given despite posts to the contrary by a few delusional fans.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I like Kyle (After-all he's a graduate of the best University in the State) but his team hasn't produced much more than hot air for the Ute fans to spew on the BYU story comment boards. Aside from an invite to the PAC 10/12 there's not a thing to cheer for up on the hill.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think it's tough to judge Whittingham at this point. Obviously he has a record which through 2010 was above reproach. He had a signature season in '08, a few top-25 finishes, and was consistently good. And the win against Alabama was one of the most impressive in college football history. Then the past couple seasons, while I won't go so far as saying the wheels have come off, there has been a sharp drop in success. On first glance, that might be attributed to the conference move. There certainly has been a large decrease in the number of gimme games. But at the same time, Whittingham made a terrible hire of a 25 year-old with one year of coaching experience at any level as his OC, under recruited the QB position to the point he was starting a transfer from a Division II program that no longer exists, and lost to a Colorado team that was slaughtered by middling Mountain West teams that year with a division title on the line. Arguments can be made both for and against him, but I do believe that he has squandered his unquestioned job security

South Jordan, UT

Utah bit off more than they could chew going into the PAC12 and thought, that with their inflated egos, they could play with the big boys. The news during spring and fall practice for this team has certainly been under the radar, not very much to cheer about.

I think that Kyle Whittingham (former BYU standout player) will certainly be looking for another job if his team doesn't produce this year. And, this is the hardest season ever for them. It will be interesting indeed to see how it plays out. We will be able to see a lot when they play Utah State this coming Thursday.

I think this is BYU's year to beat the Utes.

Go Cougars!

Down under
Eugene, OR

Me thinks Whit better dust off the resume because 4-8 won't cut it.

St George, Utah

IMO, Utah is in for 2 more losing seasons before Kyle is able to right the ship and get back on track. I think Kyle is a great coach and I wish he would have taken the job in Provo 8 years ago, but the competition in the PAC-12 will keep Utah in the cellar another couple years. 2016-17 will give the Utes a schedule without Oregon and Stanford, and will wrap up 4-5 years of Pac-12 recruting.

Ute fans will just have to be patient until then.


It is interesting how much alike Kyle and Bronco are, with both being good defensive coaches but both having put into place offensive coaches that couldn't produce good results. Now, both seem to have their offenses better positioned, but maybe not totally productive in the first year of a new offense.

I think Kyle is a good coach and while he, like everyone, has made a few mistakes I hope he gets at least a few more years to improve the Utes.

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT

Toughest schedule in school history.

Just one game at a time.

Ute's will do the state proud.


p.s. The PAC12 should play an 8 game conference schedule like the SEC, not 9. It just gives half of the teams 1 more loss. Most the SEC schools shedule a bye or cupcake (out of conference) right before the final stretch. Heck, most of them have 8 home games as well.

Frisco, TX

I think the article is spot on. Another sub .500 year will put a lot of heat on Kyle, and a sub .500 year in 2014 would send him packing. I hope that doesn't happen, but I don't see any way the Utes go bowling this year. To think they will go 8-4 is looking through crimson colored glasses.

Personally, I hope U go 10-2, only losing to the Cougs and the Aggies. Good luck.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I think the biggest blunder KW has brought on himself is OC turnover. Since 2008 we've had 5 OCs which has lead to a inconsistent offense.

I think KW has two more years. His first PAC-12 class graduates next year. If the program still can't compete in the PAC-12 then look for KW to be fired.

Look for BYU to make a 2nd offer if he's fired from Utah.

Plano, TX

He's safe unless 2014 is bad. He's a good one.

Plano, TX

Chris B. - your posts today sound like Baghdad Bob. Relax, all those multi-star recruits will pull through for the U.

Bakersfield, CA

Here's the harsh reality folks.
Since UA & ASU joined the PAC 8 35 years ago,they have reaped:

UA- 1-Tri Champion

ASU- 2x Champion
1 Co-Champion
In 35 years!!!!!

If it's BCS games Utah fans want to keep going to, jumping from the MWC was a mistake! You only had 2 games a year; BYU & TCU with the rest walk overs. Do you really think you can out recruit USC, UCLA, Stanford & Oregon?

If UA & ASU can't do it how do think you can??? REALLY?... REALLY?


Right about now, Whittingham is probably wishing he had taken the BYU job when it was offered in 2005.
But he made his own situation, now he has to own it.

Sandy, UT

But he's probably already made enough money to carry him through the rest of his life. Just like the Romans near THEIR downfall, we do love our spectator sports. And our open borders, and our "cheap" labor, and our attempt to police the known world, and devaluing our currency, etc., etc. So history repeats itself, but as long as "our" team is winning, who cares . . . right?

CO Ute

To the 3 or 4 Cougar fans above that made basically the same post. Yes we all know that KW went to school in Provo though you seem to be obsessed with pointing out that fact. We also know the KW is coaching at Utah and turned down a chance to coach the team down south.

Regarding you thoughts on his skills as a coach, your comments are irrelevant to real Utah fans; just as you don't care what we think about your coach. You really should worry about what you are going to post if we beat you again this year. Frankly I'm thrilled with the decision to take a break from the Holy War for a couple of years.

Spanish Fork, UT

Where will the wins come from?
Based upon last year's performance and projected strengths of this year's teams:
Likely losses: ASU, @ARIZ
Flip a coin: @BYU, USU
Likely wins: WEB, @WSU COLO

Probably 5-7
Maybe 6-6

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