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Published: Thursday, Aug. 22 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

Yet another stud offensive player. Has a bit of Unga in him it seems. This offense has no excuse to not be good, led by their consistent offensive coach who regularly had BYU in the top 25 and winning conference championships!


I've known Paul since 2008. He is a great young man. Very hard working and very humble. He is also very athletic and very fast. Paul will do great things this year for the football team.

August 31st cannot come soon enough! Go Cougars!

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Hopefully he will continue to make an impact, on opponents face masks!

Can't wait for the opener!

Go Cougs!

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Does the name Thretton Palamo mean anything, cougar nation?

to Cougar Claws

That, my friend, is a 15 yd penalty.

Cinci Man

I'm excited to have a running game that does not have the QB draw as the number play. I look forward to a sophisticated game plan instead of the previous Anae game plan where there were essentially four plays, each with a unique way to line up so it was 100% predictable. I'm also excited to see these players bring their best on every down instead of the cockiness that was not coupled with intensity of execution. This could be a great year if the Cougars keep injuries to a minimum. The offensive line has to be precise and expert. The defense must be fierce. Bring on a great year! One more week of waiting and we'll know what we have.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Mister J

Ever heard of smash mouth football? That's what I was referring to, not illegal helmet to helmet contact.

Go Cougs!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Mr. J,
No, the name Thretton Palamo means nothing to us. Should it? And for a running back to leave an impact on defenses' facemasks, that act does not incur a penalty. Never has and never will.

Gray, TN

BYU Alumnus Living in TN - we're off to see Opening Day at the U of VA (a stone's throw from Jefferson's Monticello) - Go Cougs!

Harrisville, UT

"set to" make an impact; and
"looks to" make an impact

Isn't there a better way to phrase the athlete's intentions or potential? Both phrases are way overused in the Deseret News' sports online headlines.

How about Rugby All-American Paul Lasike (hopes to make/has all the tools to make/is prepared to make/could make/is focused on making) an impact in football

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Mister J

"Does the name Thretton Palamo mean anything, Cougar nation?"

Why would a former rugby player who made 2 solo tackles in mop-up action for Utah last year mean anything to Cougar nation?

Did Palamo play for a national champion rugby team?

Hugh Janis
South Jordan, UT

A cool story about an athlete that wants to play competitive college sports. I admire him and wish nothing but the best for this kid. I think it's pretty cool that they have designed plays specifically for him. Good move Cougs.

Layton, UT

I really think one of those Rugby plays should be the drop kick. It would be almost certain to make the highlight reel!

Gus Tunkle
Pleasant Grove, UT

He will be a really fun and cool player to cheer for. I am so ready for BYU Cougars football to start. I will cheer the loudest of anyone in the stadium!! HOORAY!!

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