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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 21 2013 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Mark B
Eureka, CA

If we put a cap on jury awards, then sat back expecting insurance premiums to drop, I suspect we'd be waiting a looonnnggg time.

county mom
Monroe, UT

It is not conservatives who pushed Obamacare through.

Nancy and her crew of cronies and Obama himself are the people that came up with this new tax. They are the ones who made a deal with the devil and bartered away our right to choose.

It was and is the Liberals that want us to accept this load of crap law.

It is the Liberals that created the debt that is owed to these huge insurance companies.

How do you feel about them all, Obama included, making massive amounts of money from all of us?

How do you feel about insurance companies have a greater influence on our political leaders then any one or anything else in this nation?

Far East USA, SC

Yes country mom

Blame the liberals. That is easy and probably makes you feel better knowing that the GOP doesnt get bribed by the insurance companies.

Im not defending the liberals. but, the gop is just as guilty.

But, they dont have to worry about you. They have you snookered into thinking if everyone votes "R", all will be ok.

Sleep well.

MemoFromA Demo

To Tyler D.

You write: "Let me get this straight – you (Lee) propose picking and choosing what parts of the government to shut down (e.g., the ACA),..."

Tyler, don't you get it? The government is broke, and Senator Lee is one of the few statesmen who is willing to stand up and do something about it. We can't afford Obama Care! We can't afford it! Don't you get it? Our country is broke and fortunately Senator Lee is recognizes that we need to pick and choose what parts of government to shut down. We shouldn't be in the buying mode, -- which we are doing by funding Obama Care, -- we should be in the price cutting mode. Right now we're spending over a trillion dollars a year more money than what we take in. Obama Care will only add to that deficit spending!

the truth
Holladay, UT

The republicans can not put forth a plan, until the monolithic mess that is obamacare is undone.

One thing at a time done in the proper order.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

mike lee fields question at SF meeting...

Questions from like minded people...

Answers to those like minded people who expect and are not disappointed by the answers...


But wait...

"...He (lee) said those who bring up the term "shutdown" show they’re willing to shut down the government “if we don’t give them what they want, and I say that’s not fair...”.

The irony in that quote is just special...political manna from Heaven.

And then...

"...Samantha Jensen, a 15-year-old from Spanish Fork, asked, "If you don't want a shutdown, why are you proposing a bill that will do just that, that will shut down the government if they don't defund Obamacare?"...".

Thank you Samatha!

Bless you for your outstanding courage!

And how does lee respond...

lee "...responded by saying he has "never, ever, ever proposed a shutdown" and that he is proposing the opposite...".

And thank you mike lee for taking DN readers as well as Spanish Fork listeners through the looking glass to visit the alternative world of mike lee political speech.

Jabberwocky indeed.

Beverly Hills, CA

During the 90's I was a Republican. I supported the plan that is now Romneycare/Obamacare. Health insurance providers still make plenty of money and people are being covered who were not before. Preventive care is much cheaper than Medicaid ER and hospital stays.

Instead of celebrating that the plan which Republicans came up with passed, they are fighting against it and it will harm Americans. Lee will benefit from this health plan as he tries to stop it with ZERO plan to replace it with anything.

Why doesn't he have a plan to replace it? BECAUSE IT IS A REPUBLICAN PLAN. One of many reason I left the GOP.

Sandy, UT

If congress can't stop Obeymecare, that will be proof positive that they're entirely ineffectual and clearly unable to do anything meaningful to ensure the survival of this country and its economy. I have worked closely with the medical ("health") insurance situation and with all levels of government for 1/3 of a century, and I can guaranty you that this bill is entirely unworkable and extremely destructive in very many ways. People should have known that when so many said they'd have to actually pass it before finding out what's actually in it. SOMEONE had better do something constructive to stop this disaster soon; this bill is definitely NOT the answer to anything we want to see.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The Senator should resign if he fails to stop the Affordable Health Care Act. He could not accept his government health care that would go on if he gets rid of the act. Live by tea party principals, go down when they fail.

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