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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 21 2013 10:15 p.m. MDT

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MemoFromA Demo

To Iron Rod:

We all know why Hatch isn’t out listening and talking with the people in town hall meetings. He’s too busy serving as Senate Finance Chairman, working closely with our newly elected President, Mitt Romney. After all, isn’t that what he told us he’d be doing, spending millions and millions of dollars pleading to elect him for another six more years?

Wait a minute! Hey, I just realized that Hatch isn’t serving in the powerful position as Senate Finance Chairman, as he campaigned he would do. Ohh! And he isn’t working along side President Romney to “restore America as a land of opportunity and prosperity”, as he promised. Hatch snookered us with hollow promises, ... and we voted for the “old bird” again!! Why would anyone want to attend a town hall meeting with Hatch?

Meadow Lark Mark

A company I'm familiar with, one of the company's owners told me that they would see how the first year of Omamacare goes then they will probably discontinue all insurance offered with the company. Doesn't that sound just wonderful!? This is what Obamacaare is going to do to our country. Companies are looking at this and stopping insurance coverage. So we will have to select the government option. Also this company owner said that it would affect the full-time/part-time status of employees. I know this is just one company. If this company is thinking of these kinds of things then how many others are thinking of doing the same thing. I've said this before and I'm still saying the same thing. OBAMACARE is going to ruin our businesses and our country. We already have coverage for the poor (Medicaid) and the rich have the money to take care of themselves. Yes we needed help for the middle class who fall through the cracks, but OBAMACARE is going to ruin our country. Go Senator Lee. Try to defund the law. Someone needs to do something.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Let me get this straight – you (Lee) propose picking and choosing what parts of the government to shut down (e.g., the ACA) , and then when this hostage taking tactic is not agreed to by everyone else, you lay the blame for shutting down the government on them?
Is this what passes for logic in the Tea Party?

The disdain Senator Lee shows for the democratic process is apparent. Rather than try to win in the marketplace of ideas, he resorts to these sophomoric tactics to get his way, and couches the entire effort in patriotism and the flag… amazing!

Let me know when the Republican Party is sane again…

sandy, ut

Lets please help senator Lee to stop Obamacare. It is the worst idea in American history.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Sad when something that keeps millions of people alive, ruins "your business".
Wondering about your other priorities....

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Sounds like his GOP "handlers" have toned down his rhetoric...

Saint George, UT

Ignorance of liberty is not an excuse for peddling untruths. Although our once 'free market' economy has turned into crony capatilism, to say that third world economies run on a free market is about as ignorant a statement of truth as I've ever read. Third world countries no more have free market economies than the moon has cheese. Wake up America! Education would be a good place to begin.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Lee must know that there is no way for him to keep ACA from becoming the law of the land, which even the Supreme Court agrees it is. The town meeting crowd are just props whose image will be recycled in the next campaign.

How long will it be before the GOP becomes a giant tent containing three old guys, each of whom sees the other two as either "RINOS" or "anti-constitution"? Each day we're a little closer.

Spanish Fork, UT

Senator Lee is doing precisely the things that he promised when he campaigned. He travels the State often, makes himself available to regular citizens, listens, and sometimes even changes his opinion based on more complete information.

He has remained opposed to the pending implementation of Obamacare not because of grandstanding but because of major problems in its pragmatic implementation. I appreciate Lee and his hard work to offer true representation, deep study, and meaningful action in his service.

I wish I could say half as much about our other Senator who truly does grandstand, does not make himself available, and rarely studies any issues unless massive pressures force him to actually look up what he claims to support (example given: his ridiculously unpopular stance on various proposed legislation to allow the Federal government more unilateral control to seize and shutdown internet websites where he finally did some basic research and publicly recanted in order to get re-elected.)

tranquility base, 00

The ACA isn't a great idea because it came from republicans. We could try a liberal idea - for once.

Canada spends half as much as wee do and covers everyone. When you talk to Canadians they never want OUR medical care or system. Never. In fact, many Canadians won't step foot in the US because of it.


Tyler D: "Let me know when the Republican Party is sane again…"

It may be decades before this happens. I am amazed at how inept the republicans are at capitalizing on opportunities. They alienated minority voters in 2012, and lost. Now they are still battling internally on immigration, etc when it is obvious where the majority of the country is.

When republicans can offer alternative solutions instead of threats, rhetoric, and nonsense, they may be able to make a difference. Senator Lee is not offering a solution, he is offering what the republicans always offer; delays, inaction, and obstructionism painted as "principled debate".

BTW - The ACA was patterned after Romney's plan that was implemented in MA. So a republican is threatening to shut down the government over a medical insurance plan that was developed by republicans. Hurts my head to think about this.....

Lindon, UT

That is ignorant. Third world countries are "third world" for a reason. They do not have free markets and the government runs most everything.

Also, your point about Papa Johns is only half-baked. Companies won't only raise prices, but, as we are seeing, they will cut employment. Part-time will become the new full-time under ObamaCare as more and more companies will cut employee hours so as to not have to pay for insurance.

Redding, CA

this Lee guy doesn't have a plan that'll work. The ACA has many good points, requires all of us to buy insurance, requires insurance companies to cover all applicants, and helps the low income person purchase insurance. Lee's plan?? drop it all, don't modify, don't have a civil debate about pros and cons of Lee's plan??. Lee continues to be an embarassment to Utah voters. Lee's Republican friends in Washington are moving away from Lee over his plan?? to shut down the gov't. Lee, come up with some constructive points to improve the ACA or to improve the health insurance system in the US, that Congress will pass, that's how our representative democracy works.
Make no mistake, Lee wants to shut down the gov't, whether over this ACA matter or whether over the upcoming debate over the debt ceiling. think that was an unintended pun . . .

Far East USA, SC

The GOP would be have much more credibility if they put ACTUAL legislation forward concerning health care reform.

They keep screaming REPEAL and REPLACE, but have not produced the replacement.

If they actually have better ideas, lets see them, in the form of legislation. Until then, it just reminds me of Romney (I will balance the budget, cut taxes and increase military spending.. How? I will tell you once elected)

pleasant grove, UT

I get how it's tempting to say the free market fix healthcare by itself. But demand for healthcare doesn't follow market trends. It's different.

Prices are artificially high and rising--$50 for tissue? Seems like a lot, but we shrug it off because insurance covers it.

Without Obamacare, preexisting conditions and other loopholes leave the most vulnerable of us slipping through the cracks, relying on things like neighborhood yard sales and penny boxes at gas station cash registers to help pay for needed treatment. And essential things like preventative care are out of reach for many, so they wait until serious problems send them to understaffed emergency rooms.

Many of the complaints targeted against Obamacare are driven by organizations funded by massive corporations that benefited from the pre-Obamacare chaos. The individuals behind this push make enough to be their own insurance providers. Yet the working poor do their rallying for them.

Sure, there are other ways to fix healthcare, but it's amazing what Obamacare's been able to accomplish even against the obstructionists in the house. Since they have no ideas of their own, why not use it as a starting point and build from there?

county mom
Monroe, UT

I am wondering why so many of you support Obamacare?
It is a mess, a massive economic mess for this country.
Obama has exempted big business, congress, senate, himself, the supremes and the unions. Not even the IRS, who are supposed to implement Obamacare want to be subject to it.
So as usual, small businesses and individuals take the brunt of this crappy law.
If they actually wanted to make it Affordable, why didn't they cap premiums?

Cambridge, MA

To "readerman" you realize that the hugely inflated costs at the hospital and Doctor's offices are due to liability.

Doctors pay anywhere from $17,000/yr to $180,000 year for malpractice insurance for themselves.

Actually prior to Obamacare most states were under HIPPAA (1996) that mandated reasonable waiting periods for people seeking insurance when they had pre-existing conditions. Those with uninsurable pre-existing conditions were sent to a state or federal high risk pool. The ACA did not create that, it was done 20 years ago by the Feds, and even longer ago by states.

verum peto
Cedar Hills, UT

Everyone is trying to find fault with our Senator with him not having a town hall meeting in Salt Lake County. But the real fault lies with Senator Hatch who refuses to have any town hall meetings. Imagine the public outcry that we would hear from the Hatch town hall meetings.
But unfortunately the editorial board of the Deseret News would rather conveniently leave that part out and structure the dialogue to the activity of Senator Lee and not on the inactivity of Senator Hatch.

county mom
Monroe, UT

I really do not know what to say to those of you who do not realize that most of our national debt is owned by US insurance companies.
Please look into the actual split of who we owe all those trillions of dollars to.
Obamacare was never designed to eliminate the need for health insurance, as a matter of fact ,it was passed as a farce, to force us all to get health insurance and to make the working class cover every one else.
It is a massive new tax that feeds directly into the mouths of US insurance companies. Unlike Auto Insurance, Obamacare is for everyone no matter who. It could work with 3 simple changes to the law.
1. EVERYONE must have it. No exceptions! Not the government and its employees, not big business, not unions, no one can be exempt ever. Not even the President!
2. There must be a cap on premiums. The insurance companies must be treated like utility companies and gain approval from a congressional board for any premium rate hikes.
3. Tort reform must be passed. Limiting liability on doctors and hospitals.

They're forcing the working class to fund health care for everyone.

Far East USA, SC

country mom.


Do you understand that Obamacare was not intended to replace those who get their insurance through their companies.

It was meant to deal with the percentage of Americans who currently DO NOT have coverage.

It was not meant for congress. It was not meant for Exxon Mobile employees.

Then, you want the government to regulate the premiums.

I can just imagine the conniption that the right would throw if your desires were included.

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