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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 21 2013 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Although I do not support his position on Obama Care at least he is holding town hall meetings.
Can anyone tell me when our Senator Hatch has held his last town hall meeting with real people in attendance? Telephone town halls do not cut it.

Also when was the last time Rep Mathison has had an actual town hall meeting with real people in attendance?

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

I agree with Iron Rod about Sen. Hatch. Where are his town hall meetings.....oh, I forgot; he will not be up for re-election again and if he is it will be 5+ years from now! Come on Senator Hatch.....where are you? RE Senator Lee's efforts to defund Obamacare, I say Bravo! Keep up the good work! The government shutdown is a Cunard and would only happen if the dems cause it by not passing a continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare. Too many Republican office holders (plus Romney) have fallen for that ruse.

Layton, UT

So, you prefer a Senator that just makes bad decisions, but at least shows up to tell the people he will continue to make bad decisions?

South Jordan, UT

Does the Senator have any ideas for what he would like to replace it with under the dream scenario of being able to repeal the Affordable Care Act? We used to hear a lot of GOP talk about "Repeal & Replace" but they never got around to saying what they'd replace it with. I'm personally not the biggest fan of ObamaCare, but it is certainly better than what we had before.

Durham, NC

Iron Rod asked "Can anyone tell me when our Senator Hatch has held his last town hall meeting with real people in attendance?"

From a quick search - the most recent I was able to find was in December at WSU.

Like Iron Rod - I don't support the tactic being taken by Lee, trying to defund a law passed. You fix the law, you don't just defund what you view is a bad law. That aside, I do respect Lee's passion. May never support the man, but do admire his drive and his passion. Then again, never say never as you just never know just how bad the alternative option to Lee could be. I might even support the occasional issue Lee stands for..... this is just not one of them.

Fix the law.... do the hard work. This is just the easy path of grandstanding for the public.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Farmington - Aug 28th.

Great?!, my wife and I's 28th anniversary.
I had so wished I could be there and grilled him myself...

Brigham City, UT

Mr. Obama ran for president in 2007, stating he would reform health care. And he was elected in 2008. No surprises then with what he has tried to do. And then was re-elected. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect and will be adjusted in the future as needed.

Springville, UT

Pretty sad tht Lee has to misrepresent the ACA. Once, just once, I would like to see a constructive proposal come from him. If he doesn't like it, what is his proposal? He has nothing. He is nothing but a petulant obstructionist who, along with his other Tea Partt Senators is dismissive of the Constitution and the will of the people. If they can't have their way, they will deliberately destroy the country and the economy. Nothing of value is coming from them - no ideas to move us forward. Zip. Nada. The far right wing is out to destroy the country, and Mike Lee is one of the ring leaders.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Blocking Obamacare is vital. It is ill-conceived and fraught with unintended consequences.
It will join Social Security, the prescription drug plan, Medicare and Medicaid as unsustainable government programs.
Lee is right to find a way to stop it before it does more damage.

Saint George, UT

It is truly amazing, but not surprising, to watch the people who want big government complain when private enterprise not providing the work necessary to support families. The Republicans and Democrats are for the most part people who don't have a clue as to the proper role and function of government and love the status quo. Democrats and Republicans want the rich to get richer, the powerful to become more powerful, and the slavish peasant class to do the heavy lifting. They lack integrity, conviction, and patriotism. Obamacare is Socialism from the ground up. The rich and powerful could care less about the peasants and as long as they can give them a few crumbs(health care the latest) and keep them quiet (while stealing their labor). The ruling political class is quite happy about it all, while the great mass of men and women are defrauded from their dreams and rights as citizens of this great country. Thank you Senator Lee, who is warming up as one of the great patriots this country has ever had.

Roosevelt, UT

Senator Lee is at odds with the world.

He loves a good camera fest.

He is at odds with his own party in Washigington. Means that unless Washington agrees 100% to do things Utah's way that Lee will be not useful to the voters in this state. And for that to happen. Sorry senator we sent you to the capital to help the state not to grind your own personal agenda.

Poor decision on our part.

Lindon, UT

I'm guessing that if Esquire lived in the 1700's he'd be saying the same about our Founding Fathers. Anyways, just a few points:

1-For those who do support ObamaCare, I do not want to hear any complaining from you when you cannot find work in the private sector and your family is hurting.

2-The problem with big government and their "economic" policies is that they fail to consider the secondary effects, and the things that won't happen because of a bill.

3-A pure free market system in health care is what this country needs. Those who will say I'm wrong, cannot be sure, because all we've seen thus far is crony capitalism in the health industry. By freeing up the system doctors will have to compete by offering better care and lower prices. Insurance (like car insurance) will then only be necessary for big procedures and surgeries.

Salem, UT

Did anyone notice the pictures section- very old and very white- clearly Spanish Fork is the face of modern America- perhaps the pictures explain more about the Lee message than anything else- it appeared the only young person in the room was holding a sign against Lee's position- interesting


"Lee responded by saying he would like to enact a continuing resolution into law that would keep the government funded but cut Obamacare. “A lot of people have blatantly mischaracterized it as a shutdown threat,” Lee said. “It is not.”

What is Lee offering?

a) Pass the continuing resolution cutting Obamacare OR

b) no continuing resolution to keep the govt funded?

Lee is dishonestly trying to have it both ways. Republicans only have the majority in the House, not the Senate, not the Presidency. Hostage taking is not governing.

Moab, UT

I wish we had more representatives in DC and at the state level who have respect for the Constitution and have the moral backbone to stand up to unconstitutional . progressive policies that Senator Lee has shown. He is doing exactly what he was elected to do....stand up for us and fight the progressive machine that is destroying this nation. Just the fact that he is holding face to face town halls across the state speaks volumes about his character and integrity. Matheson and Hatch??........both are more concerned with their image of prestige the office brings, their big out of state donors, and the lobbyists than they are with the people who elected them. ,

St.George, Utah

Smart for Senator Lee to keep on fielding.
It is quite apparent that he is unable to hit a home run.

South Jordan, UT

Mike Lee is doing what he promised when he was elected! He is fighting big government and the Affordable Care Act. He is a strong advocate and supporter of upholding Constitutional principles and rights. Thank you, Senator Lee; we support your efforts 100%. Even at the end of the article, the dummies get it wrong and state that he wants to shut down government. The liberal media fans the falsehood of this idea. We need to defund Obamacare and keep the government running.

If you haven't picked up a copy of Mark Levin's new book, "The Liberty Amendments" which outlines how the states will have to get involved and step up, to save our Union, pick one up and start your education. This is a "what we can do about this mess" book! Well written.

Salt Lake City, UT

"1-For those who do support ObamaCare, I do not want to hear any complaining from you when you cannot find work in the private sector and your family is hurting. "

The Papa Johns CEO noted that Obamacare, if fully passing on the costs to the customers, would force him to increase prices 14-17 cents a pie. That's really not a big price increase on items that cost around 8-10 dollars each (it's 2%).

Salt Lake City, UT

"3-A pure free market system in health care is what this country needs. "

Absolutely not. That's the worst thing imaginable, that's why NOBODY in the world other than third world nations with life expectancies around 50 do that.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I hope Lee succeeds in shutting down the govt. Then GOP loses big in 2014 and Congress can do what they should've done in the first place--extend Medicare to everyone. No more "big insurance" telling us what we can and can't afford when we're sick. No more giant CEO salaries in health insurance companies (e.g. United Healthcare, biggest CEO salary in the solar system).

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