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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 21 2013 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Most of these people are drug-dependent and need long-term medical care. But since Reagan, we just let them die in the streets. I say it would be a lot less expensive and a lot more compassionate to move them off the crime-infested street into care centers and rehabilitate them.

Murray, UT

Most of "these"people" are not drug dependent or "in need of long-term medical care." As a formerly homeless person who is now a fierce advocate for homeless health care and works personally with homeless people on a regular basis, I can inform you that your stereotype is a complete misconception, Iron Guy.

What individuals and families experiencing homelessness need is employment that pays a living wage, consistent health care, and affordable housing. They also need your compassion and understanding, i.e. to be treated like human beings.

If you would really like to help rather than simply criticize and marginalize, donate your time, money or goods to the service providers participating in HOST and other outreach programs. Tha t will help create posotive change in people's lives.

J Wilkes, Vice-Chair, Fourth Street Clinic Consumer Advisory Board.

Murray, UT

Irony Guy; Most homeless people are not "drug-dependent." that's a stereotypical misconception. What individuals and families experiencing homelessness need is rapid re-housing, consistent medical care and follow-up, and jobs that pay a living wage, and food security. You are correct that it is much less expensive to provide these basic human needs than to incarcerate and instituionalize people.

As a formerly homeless person who now advocates for homeless people, I can attest that these basic needs are crucial in improving our communities by improving the lives of those in need.

J Wilkes
Fourth Street Clinic
Consumer Advisory Board

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