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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 21 2013 6:20 p.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

Look at the time stamp on christina's post, it is 5 minutes before the next post was made. That means christina made her post first but it was probably being reviewed by the moderators for awhile before they went ahead and posted it at which point it went in right in the order it was submitted, which was apparently first.

Where the moderators failed was after reviewing it they then allowed it to be posted at all. I can tell you I've had far more innocuous posts denied by the dnews many, many times. Based on the stuff christina posts I highly doubt any of her posts are ever denied by the utah "fan" moderators that run this site. That is not the case for BYU fans, ours are denied routinely, almost any post criticizing or pointing out any deficiency whatsoever in the utah programs are automatically denied.

Anaheim, CA


"Look at the time stamp on christina's post, it is 5 minutes before the next post was made."

Not implying anything sinister (or maybe I am), but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the post was made a couple of hours after the time stamp; for an "insider", that wouldn't be at all difficult.

It's simply too coincidental that christina's post are so frequently the 1st, 2nd and even 3rd posts on nearly every BYU article.

The moderators do seem to green flag many of her posts that are much more caustic than many of my posts that have been rejected.

Gus Tunkle
Pleasant Grove, UT

This is great news! I can't wait for BYU to play these games. (Or any games!) They will be super awesome this season! Hooray!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU doesn't have the luxury of playing Colorado and Washington State every year, so the Cougars have to sprinkle in teams like San Jose State to round out their schedule.


The only think you "sprinkled" in is 2 Big 5 (aka BCS) teams around your mid-major schedule.

BYU's 2015 Schedule as of today:

9/5 @Nebraska
9/12 Boise State
9/16 Michigan
10/17 @Southern Miss
10/24 Cincinnati
10/31 Connecticut
11/7 @San Jose State
11/14 @UNLV
11/21 Fresno State
11/28 Utah State

Colorado and Washington would be a step up.

East Salt Lake City, Utah



Frisco, TX

I think we're going to see BYU play 4 to 5 games each year with MWC. Two are a given with USU and BSU. I'd like to see more with SDSU, Colorado St and Air Force. Hoping we don't ever play in Laramie again.

Four games against MWC, six games against "power conferences" and two others (against teams like Houston, Conn, etc) I like it!!!


6 games against the Big 5 teams?


As of today it's 4 against MWC, 2 ACC, 2 CUSA, and 2 Big 5 teams so far.

With only 4 home games and 6 road games I doubt a Big 5 team will want to schedule the first game in Provo. So you might get a road game but I think having 7 road games is just crazy, even for Notre Dame of the West.


Well, BYU lost in San Jose last time so...

Highland, UT


I'm pretty sure the ACC is "big 5" as you put it. Nice try at obfuscation but you failed....again.

As for colorado or wsu being a "step up" over any of the teams on BYU's schedule you just posted...well.... fail again. They certainly are not. The only teams on that schedule either of those teams ranked higher than last season were southern mississippi and unlv, and they were pretty close to the same with unlv at 157 compared to cu's 156 and so miss at 167 compared to wash st 104. That is right both colorado and wash st ranked lower than uconn, Nebraska, Boise st, michigan, cincinnati, usu, fresno, and san jose st.

Fail....major fail.


Highland, UT


That's a very good point. I would not put that out of the realm of possibility.


It's a conspiracy!!!!
An inside job giving special treatment to a Ute fan. LOL! Duck, DeepBlue, and others.

West Jordan, UT

Not a Huge announcement...just an announcement.

Omaha, NE

"BYU's 2015 Schedule as of today:"

Wow, ute fans know BYU's schedule better than BYU fans do. Talk about obsessed! I have no clue and don't care at all what some other utahs team schedule is years to come. I love these people who just love to follow BYU sports! Best team in the land, and they prove it over and over by them sharing all their BYU knowledge with us!

SJSU is just like USU, Ball State, and Southern Miss. One good season then back down they go to mediocrity or below. By 2015, this will be an easier game.

Palo Alto, CA


LOL at your delusional spin.

#25 Nebraska, #18 Boise State, #24 Michigan, #21 San Jose State, and #16 Utah State all finished the 2012 season ranked higher than any of Utah's 2012 PAC opponents except #20 Oregon State.

"bcs" and "big 5" labels are meaningless. There's no guarantee than any particular team on Utah's future PAC schedules will be any better than #21 San Jose State.


"Colorado and Washington would be a step up."

Colorado is one of the worst teams in the country and it's hilarious how you tried to slip Washington into the discussion, instead of Washington State.


Glad to see another game being played in recruiting rich California. Anytime you see BYU schedule a game in California, regardless of who it is against, chalk that up to recruiting. This is the same reason why BYU is playing against Fresno State, and in the Poinsettia Bowl in 2015 and another Poinsettia Bowl sometime after that. More games in California means more exposure to recruits. Period.

Everyone around the country remembers what Kyle Van Noy did in the Poinsettia Bowl last year. How many linebackers in California were watching and said "I want to be the next Kyle Van Noy?"

Also love that the game in 2015 is in November.

Great work by Tom Holmoe.

Go Cougars!

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

I'm afraid that the next Kyle Van Noy in California will be playing for USC.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

I am not sure why Utah fans would dis Colorado and Washington State. Colorado beat Utah in SLC the first year in the PAC for the two teams, and last year lost by a touchdown at their house. Colorado is currently EQUAL to the Utes meaning the game could go either way.

Washington State is on the rise. Its too bad the Utes don't have them early on in the season to make the game more in favor of the Utes because Washington State will be a much better team when the two schools face. Washington State may be better than the Utes right now.

SJSU is better than all three schools presently. However Fales will be playing pro ball by the time the Cougars play the 2015 game so it will be hard to say how good/bad the team might be. I just hope they are at least an average bowl eligible team those two years.

BYU will play recruiting games in California and Texas it seems yearly.

River Falls, WI

RE: Uteology

Talking about BYU's 2015 schedule (so far)... "Colorado and Washington would be a step up."

Really??! Of the teams currently scheduled six of the ten were ranked at the end of last season. Here's how Colorado and WSU would actually stack up (Sagarin rankings)

#19 Utah St
#20 Michigan
#22 Nebraska
#29 SJSU
#36 Cincy
#41 Boise State
#58 Fresno St
#104 Washington State
#156 Colorado
#157 UNLV
#167 Southern Miss

So if we swap out our two worst opponents for CU and WSU then the two PAC12 powerhouses become our two worst opponents. Now, I didn't go to the school on the hill so maybe they do math differently there... Perhaps Uteology can explain to us how CU and WSU would be a "step up"?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Yes we do math differently, we don't make any inferences off a sample size of ONE. If you look at last 3 years you'll get a better understanding of what BYU can expect in 2015:

Utah State #71
Southern Miss #86
***** Washington State #88
San Jose State #95
***** Colorado #110
UNLV #147

So you can most likely expect about half your opponents to be about as good as Washington State (aka PAC-12 conference "bottom feeder").

Adding ANY Big 5 bottom feeder would be a "step up" in competition.

If you disagree, then please continue "sprinkling" 2 Big 5 games annually around your MWC/AAC/CUSA schedule.

River Falls, WI

RE: Uteology

Sorry, but your argument doesn't hold any water. Replacing a really bad team with a different really bad team = wash. It doesn't matter if one is ranked #425 and the other one is significantly better at #225--they're both still really bad.

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