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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 21 2013 6:35 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

With a coaching staff that has put MULTIPLE corners in the NFL, I"m not worried.

They'll get it done.

8-4 season and we'll be in contention for the Rose Bowl within last 1-2 games of season.

Utah 30
usu 14

Mark it Down

Go Utes!

Counting down the hours!


I gotta say I'm starting to worry a little about the corners. Utah's been great at the corner position in the last 10 years, which usually means there's good turnover. While there's been times with enough solid players that the starters aren't easily determined, there didn't seem to be much hesitation to put any of them in. This almost sounds like they're not ready to put any of them in. I hope I'm wrong on this. Not sold on whether USU's receivers are good enough to take advantage of it, so I think the real test of these corners will be against Oregon State. But if USU does burn them, I guess that would be proof enough, too.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Chris B,
I thought the big boys from power conferences only played on Saturday? I guess this shows Utah is not a big boy yet!!!

USU 35
Utah 21

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes except against BYU and USU
Go Aggies

P.S. I thought BYU was the only team in America that was having problems at cornerback!!! Good luck against CK and the Aggies!!!


Reno Cougs: Big teams play on Thursdays all the time. What're you talking about?

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

I was just making the comment that some Utah "fans" liked to rip BYU for playing games on days and nights other then the traditional holy Saturday and how Big time schools only played on Saturday and now we have Utah starting the year off on a Thursday night!!! I thought that moving to the PAC12 made Utah a big time program so I was just confused!!!

GO Cougs!!!
Go Utes except Sept. 21st
Go Aggies!!!

Class act
Washington, UT

Utah beat USU 15 straight years and lost in Logan in overtime last year when a makeable FG failed in regulation. It was Utah's worst team in years. Do you really think the Aggies can win in RSL? The talent level and depth is a magnitude apart. Utah has more big (over300lb) athletes than USU and BYU combined. I don't think the game will be close. Go Utes.

Anaheim, CA


Unfortunately for U, those former Ute NFL CBs can't help you now. This may be the poorest group of corners the Utes have had during the Bronco/Kyle era.

Unlike BYU's defense, which is built around great linebackers, Utah's defense relies heavily on corners being isolated on an island and being able to lock down receivers one-on-one. If Utah's corners can't cover one-on-one, Utah's defense is in big trouble.


USU 30
Utah 17

Mark it down.

A loss to Utah State ends any realistic Utah bowl chances.

Counting the hours until Utah is eliminated from bowl contention.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah beat USU 15 straight years and lost in Logan in overtime last year when a makeable FG failed in regulation."

Utah State dominated the Utes in the 1st half and a frantic 2nd half comeback by Utah left the Utes gassed and unable to finish the job in OT.

Chuckie Keeton will pick on Utah's weak corners all night long and the Aggies will easily handle the Utes in RES.

Highland, UT

Interesting. Where's all the 4 star corner recruits?

West Jordan, Utah

Holly Rowe is doing a piece on Andy Phillips. What on earth for exactly?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah State dominated the Utes in the 1st half and a frantic 2nd half comeback by Utah left the Utes gassed and unable to finish the job in OT.


I think you were watching a different game.

We lost our starting QB in the 1st half but were only down 10 points with the offense doing diddly. Tied after 3rd and 4th. Had a shot to win the game but Petersen missed a 52 yard field goal.

Utah lost the game in OT due to a penalty on a future NFL TE Jake Murphy.

Credit goes to Utah State but our worst team since 2002 (5-6) nearly beat the best USU team since 1965. Utah State should have throttled us like they did 2010 BYU (7-6) 38-16, but they didn't.

Utah is 5-1 in OCC play since joining the PAC-12. Utah should be able to handle USU by 20+ points. If not then this will be our worst team since 1986.

Anaheim, CA


Don't kid yourself.

In reality, you lost your starting QB before the season even began. Even a blind man could see during training camp that Wynn would be lucky to last a game or two. Wynn wasn't replaced by Hays until Utah's final drive of the 1st half, at which point, Wynn was 5 of 10 for 45 yards, and three sacks for -28 yards. After replacing Wynn on Utah's final 1st half drive, Hays was 4 of 5 for 42 yards, moving the Utes from their own 27 into FG range for Utah's only score of the 1st half.

The reason U were dominated in the 1st half was because Wynn was in the game, not because you lost him.

"Utah is 5-1 in OCC play since joining the PAC-12."

Utah is 3-1 versus FBS teams (2-1 versus non-big 5) since joining the PAC 12, and, except for bad snap scoop and score gift, would be 2-2 (1-2 versus non-big 5).

Overall 13-12, but a losing record of 11-12 versus FBS teams, and an average Sagarin rating of #50.

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