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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 21 2013 2:50 p.m. MDT

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

It will be interesting to see if the Mormon church ever gives the women the priesthood.

Never you say?

Some Mormon prophets said that African Americans would never be given the priesthood.

But we don't like to talk about Mormon prophets being wrong now do we?

Phoenix, AZ

It all sounds condescending and chauvinistic rationalization to maintain patriarch superiority .

Miss Piggie
Pheonix, AZ

"Women are essential to the Lord's work, Elder Ballard says"

Well, we know they are essential to having families. But, they don't seem to be needed in the church hierarchy as evidenced by the fact that there are none there. The auxiliary presidencies are not considered part of the priesthood hierarchy.

Elder Ballard seems to say that no one knows why women are not ordained to the Priesthood. I should think he would know. Unless it stems from the leadership demonstrated in the Bible... where Christ was male as was all of his Apostles... as well as the custom of all religious leadership from Christ's time til today (with few exceptions). Even God Himself is male. Females seem to be getting a bum rap.

On the other hand, if I were female (wait, I am female) I wouldn't be a bit put out about not being privileged to be in the Priesthood.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Essential to the Lord's work... as long as they toe the line and obey the men, right?

orem, UT

We talk about accepting people decisions about their own lives and yet acidic non members/inactive members (active but angry members) try to convince LDS women how trapped we are. Your comments are condescending and ignorant. It's really annoying when people tell you how unhappy you are when you aren't. Non believers hate that about zealous members of any Christian faith. Why don't you people lead by example and trust LDS women are happy NOT having the priesthood and don't feel we have to "toe the line and obey" (what an old and tired comment)?

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

A Scientist

1.96 Standard Deviations

“Most everyone has family or friends who have been caught up in various, troubling contemporary social issues,” he said. “Arguing about the issues generally does not bring any resolution and, in fact, can create contention. There are some questions about the church's position on sensitive issues that are hard to answer to anyone’s satisfaction. However, when we seek the Lord in prayer about how to feel and what to do in these situations, the impression comes: Do you believe in Jesus Christ and do you follow him and the Father?”

Enough said.

Miss Piggie:

Women don't get a bum rap. We are all spirit children of heavenly parents (Read 2nd paragraph in The Family - A Proclamation to the World. In other words, children of a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother).

Also, read Genesis 2:18-24 in the Bible. Soon after Adam and Eve were created, Adam said (Verse 24): "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

Apparently Adam had a Heavenly Mother as well, or else how could he leave her?

See now? Women are divine.

orem, UT

tow, not "toe" :) unless it means step on the line with our toe, or drag our toe across the line, or draw a new line with our toe....


Jeanie, actually, "toe" the line is correct.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Toe the line means to obey the rules exactly.
Examples include to toe the starting line or remaining behind the line on a tennis serve.
In military marching exercises the soldiers would literally line up straight by "toeing the line."
Perhaps you have done too much boating.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Miss Piggie,

Auxiliaries are not, strictly speaking, part of the priesthood but all authority flows therefrom. The Relief Society President serves as a Bishop’s right arm. She knows a lot of the struggles is every bit as essential as the High Priest Group Leader and the Elder’s Quorum President. Young Women’s Presidents are as essential as the Young Men’s Presidents. Is Primary important? Only if the rising generation is.

Yes, part of this is Biblical. But women were in Christ’s inner circle. They remain so in the Church today.

A Scientist

Is that how it works in your house? I know a few members who think this way. In my experience they have not been the leaders. My experience has been that the more involved in leadership the less (men or women) understand this to be the proper interaction of men and women and the more there is a fully functioning team.

orem, UT

Just looked it up, your right. Thanks.


Folks, whatever your feelings on female ordination, can we at least try to be civil? Personal attacks and strawmen arguments never lead to progress. If you really want to dialogue, share your desires for what you think is best. Then spend at least as much time listening to others' desires.

Personally, I desire ordination for all. I love the priesthood ordinances and want my wife, daughters, mother and sisters to be involved in those with me. I am impatient by nature. But I find encouragement from Elder Ballard's remark that he does not know why the current restriction is in place. That is a much better view than what occurred with the racial restriction on priesthood - which we justified with folklore we now find embarrasing. I also find encouraging the church's recent statement that referred to the gender restriction as a "practice" and referred to equality as a "doctrine." Other practices have changed - such as polygamy and racial restrictions on the priesthood. I hope and pray for the day when this practice will also change and my wife's hands can find equal room with mine in blessing our children.

orem, UT

Say No to BO-
Sadly I am not a boater, just ignorant of that old phrase.
...yet still very happy to be a non-priesthood holding, LDS woman. :)

Vancouver, WA

The headline distracts from Elder Ballard's message. As we can see by the tremendous influence and success the young women are having in missionary work, the unique female brain with it's ability to focus on many things and multi-process is different than the male, and the resultant abilities are irreplaceable. We need each other and compliment each other, it is up to us both to utilize one another's strengths to the highest ability. Good leaders do, without pandering or dismissing opinions (on either side).

Cache county, USA

Man cannot be alone.
But woman can.
Men are less secure.
And I'm a man.

S Mark
Woods Cross, UT

Yes, Elder Ballard, I do believe in Jesus Christ and I do follow him and the Father. For this reason, I believe that all God’s children must have the ability to exercise the priesthood. Mormonism is unique, because we do not see our Eternal goal as “getting to a place called heaven.” Mormonism is about becoming. Heaven is not a place. Rather, heaven is what we become. To become like Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and Heavenly Mother, we must be able to work through, and learn to understand, all that They went through. Priesthood is integral to this process. For this reason, it is critical to the development of my daughter, my granddaughter, and all women in the Church that they be able to hold and exercise the priesthood.

Eden, UT

Women in America still get paid less than men while doing exactly the same work. If the Church really values women, they should spend the same money they spent during the Proposition 8 issue in California to correct this disparate treatment of women in America. Words in support of women are shallow compared to the actions needed to support the words.


If God is male and his wife is female, and we assume neither have changed sexes during their existence, wouldn't it be more accurate to assume that gender is an earlier concept than God's plan?

Chandler, AZ

I agree with Brother Ballard..women are essentialfor everything.I am so glad that they are so nice and helpful. They are pretty and smell nice too

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