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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 20 2013 10:30 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Sure Stango, it's possible. Probable though? You're selling our Defense WAY short. Even Gary Andersen himself said the Aggie defense would be better this year. And he has A LOT more credibility on the defensive side of the ball than you do.

Southern, UT

Your team as a whole is nothing without him. I'm suprised you trust what he says. After all, he is the one that said he would never leave USU and a week later accepted a job with WISC. So why do you trust him? The aggies are down since Andersen went to bigger and better things.

The A Game
Logan, UT


How do you know the Aggies are down since Andersen left? Have the Aggies played since then? If they had I'm sure you would be there considering your obsession with USU. Regarding bigger and better things, I can now see why your allegiance has changed from the chickens to the Aggies. Bigger and better in every way.

Southern, UT

How long did it take you to come up with that? Because Andersen was the only reason you did well. Now that he is gone it's almost certain USU won't be successful in 2013. It's common knowledge that when a successful coach leaves the team will not do well the next year. I'm not a fan and you know that. Supporting USU would be a step down for me. I would never do that. As always you are putting words in my mouth. But you are welcome to come to Cedar for a few games. I'd love to see you and chat with you. The invite has been sent so it's up to you to accept.

The A Game
Logan, UT

Ever heard of Urban Meyer and Kyle Whittingham Stanley? Proof that a successful coach leaving does not guarantee a horrible season. No one is saying the Aggies will go undefeated. And no one except you is saying they will lose every game. At the same time, we really appreciate it when SUU Chickadee fans show so much support for the Aggies.

One last thing. "Andersen was the only reason you did well." That's because Andersen is a wizard and can turn into 22 football players. He's the best football player USU has ever seen. But not quite as good as SUU players.

Southern, UT

That's a little immature don't you think? I see this kids name is Stang08 not Stanley. Please everyone stop being confrontational. It is true that teams generally don't have the same success they did the previous year when their coach leaves. But it isn't a fact. Look at when Coach Andersen got the job. Much more improved from the Brent Guy era. And look at Coach Lamb at SUU. Much more improved from pretty much every coaching ara previous. Yes that includes Coach Andersen. Not trying to start anything just presenting facts. Please everyone join me in wishing all in state teams good luck for the upcoming year.

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