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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Tooele, UT

Re: "'I'm here to ask you to go out and to make this work,' Dean told the small but energetic group."

Note the word "small." It certainly denotes the level of interest in Democrat politics here. It also wildly overstates the chances of making national Democrat politics work for Utah.

And, Dean, Dabakis, and their socialist ilk are clearly committed to doing their level best to assure that will forever be the adjective used to describe our party in Utah.

Real people want more than cynical political snake oil, more than disingenuously allegations of a false compatibility between Church doctrine and the national Democratic platform.

What we want is actual compatibility. Which we'll never find among the tenets of the national party.

So, you can waste our time and money on the likes of Howard Dean 'til the cows come home. They'll be there a long, long time before real Utahns.


@ procurator: The leadership of the LDS Church has stated - publicly and frequently - that no one party represents perfectly the ideals of the Church and that faithful members can belong to any political party and still be upholding the values of the Church.

Do you disagree with the official position?

Taylorsville, UT

I support that all citizens of Utah to register and vote, we need everyone involved to stop government carnage and expansion to deny us our country and our rights and our liberties.

To register you do not have to commit to party affiliation, and its a lie for anyone to say you should. Remain open and use common sense and thought and foremost do read the Constitution in its entirety, its amendments, and the Bill of Rights, every thing you need to know about government and who is in control is in those documents. Any contradictions are a no go legislation.

To preserve this country and our culture and unity I urge people to register but claim no political affiliation and be an informed voter read all information and pay attention to what is not said and question everything.

The democrats and Republican are the enemy of this country hoping to bend minds and ideas to conform to government control. Remember, we the people are the governemnt and politicians will come and go but our democratic republic will last forever if we choose to keep it out of the hands of politicians. The power is ours to keep or loose.

Glendora, CA

I thank Heavenly Father that I have the state assistance for my severely handicapped son, here in California. Thanks to the Democratic Party. And I consider myself very conservative.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Good. There is lots of griping and posturing about this politician, that legislator....
don't gripe..VOTE

clearfield, UT


I believe that the offical non partisan position of the LDS Church, as well as most any other tax exempt religious organization, has to be that way. If the Church were ever to be seen as a partisan tool, the tax exempt status could be in jeopardy. That's why the meeting houses cannot be used for any partisan politics. However, ask yourself. If President Monson, or any other President of the Church were to attend the political conventions of both the Republican and Democrat parties, which one do you feel he would be most comfortable at? I have no doubt that the Democrat convention platform would have much more in it that goes against basic LDS values than the Republican one would. OK let the battle begin posters.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ happy2bhere: So you think the leaders of the LDS Church are willing to sell their principles to save a few tax dollars? Wow. What an insulting idea.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Political neutrality of the LDS Church has not always been the case.
The Brethren didn't much care for FDR and made it known.
The members were in favor of old age insurance and farmers are generally strong Democrats.
New IRS rules and a growing church tend to encourage silence from the Brethren.
Some issues are safe, like MX missiles and nuclear waste.
But others, like ERA, same-gender marriage, the right to an abortion, amnesty...will have the Church show tolerance rather than activism. These are moral issues with deep doctrinal opposition, but don't expect the Brethren to take a stand.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


No, they're not selling their principles to save tax dollars.

They're simply deciding not to use their positions as leverage to further their political beliefs.

Two very different concepts. Hopefully you can understand the difference. But based on your comment, my hope likely won't be fulfilled.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Nearly 50 people attended Howard Dean's presentation Monday at Salt Lake Community College..." ... "'If you look at teachings of the LDS, there is no reason that 98 percent of them should be voting Republican,' Dean said."


I've never been a member of either the Republican or Democrat parties and have examined the platforms and voted for candidates of both. I've lived in or been based in Utah for more than 60 years and have extensive exposure to LDS doctrine.

From that experience I feel comfortable in stating that if the "nearly 50 people" (with that few, why not give an exact number) who attended this "rally" actually think they can persuade people who, ostensibly, believe in the "teachings of the LDS", that those teachings conform to or even tolerate the deeply, one might even say, religious devotion the Democrat Party has for the idea of killing unborn children or the equivalence of traditional and same-sex marriage, he and they are sorely mistaken.

For example, killing an unborn child simply for being inconvenient and unwanted, the reason for the VAST majority of the killings, will **never** be acceptable by God, and hopefully never by the LDS church.

clearfield, UT


Boy you sure don't seem to understand the laws about taxes and seperation of church and state. A church has no choice but to keep neutral or they could lose their tax exempt status from the U.S. government. Principles of the leaders of a church have nothing to do with that. Your point seems to be that the LDS Church should go ahead and become political and endorse political parties and candidates, and pay taxes, rather than stay publically neutral in their beliefs and save, as you put it "a few tax dollars". REALLY?

Newbury Park, CA

I was reading an interesting story about Wilfred Woodruff. It seems that 120 years ago most members were Democrats. That party was slightly more favorable to the Church and Utah Statehood. The Prophet suggested that it would be a good idea that members also join the Republicans. It was clear that until the other party also had a political motive they would oppose any progress.

Seems like a lot of groups should consider that being a voting block can limit your effectiveness. In cities like Detroit and Chicago, corruption and misgovernment abound. That could change overnight except for partisan block voting.

S. Jordan, UT

I would happily join the Democrat party when they alter their platform to support limited government, conservative fiscal policy, right to life, personal freedom, personal responsibility.

When that happens Howard, come sign me up!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Some day they may support being fiscally conservative.
Some day they may support a smaller government.
Some day they make think ending the life of a baby is wrong.

But personal responsibility?

Not going to happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

A party that believes in taking care of the poor, the sick, the elderly, is entirely consistent with Biblical teachings.

Hayden, ID

@ Atl134, Taking care of the poor, the sick or the needy and the elderly! We all agree but creating dependency is NOT consistent with Biblical teachings! That's why the LDS church has a fast offering based welfare system and recipients are required to work for what they receive. Now if the government would do that, much good would be accomplished. Detroit is what we get when Democrats take care of the "poor", the sick and the elderly except they become permanently poor, permanently needy. Some of us can see the difference and some can't or won't!

Orem, Utah

Howard Dean says, "If you look at the teachings of the LDS Church there is no reason that 98% of them should be voting Republican." I guess Mr. Dean has not read "The Family a Proclamation to the World" recently. I guess he has not paid much attention to General Conference where members are encouraged to be self-reliant. This flies in the face of Pres. Obama's who has swelled the food stamp rolls and believes that more gov't oversight and a bigger gov't and more spending is the correct answer. As an LDS Republican I am happy where I am at and I won't be jumping to the Democratic Party anytime soon.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "atl134" you are only telling a half truth. Is a political party that believes that other people should care for the poor, sick, and elderly consistent with Biblical teachings?

Can you name a time when Christ or any prophet from the OT ever told people to petition the government for assistance?

Christ taught that you as an individual must help your neighbor, and that you as an individual should care for the sick and the elderly. Turning that responsibility over to a government official is contrary to Christ's teachings.

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . faithful members can belong to any political party and still be upholding the values of the Church."

I not only agree, I'm an illustration of the principle -- an hereditary LDS Democrat, probably since before you were born.

Now, belonging to a political party, and supporting its views and candidates, are two entirely different matters.

My Party has not recently, or consistently, earned my vote. Dr. Dean's speech indicates it has no real intent of doing so anytime soon, stressing political tactics and propaganda packaging, over the content of the Party's message.

Re: "A party that believes in taking care of the poor, the sick, the elderly, is entirely consistent with Biblical teachings."

No argument there. But, you can't honestly be suggesting that party is the Democratic Party. Or Republicans, though small-government Republicanism has a greater chance than Democrat socialism.

Nothing in the last 100 years has been more corrosive of essential American freedoms, prosperity, aspirations, faith, decency, honesty, or happiness, than socialistic Democrat political positions and tactics.

Notwithstanding, we live in hope!

Mesa, AZ


"A party that believes in taking care of the poor, the sick, the elderly, is entirely consistent with Biblical teachings"

But they accomplish their purposes by confiscating the wealth of others. Creating taxes to fund social programs is not found in the scriptures. Taking care of the poor, the sick, the elderly has always been voluntary not compulsive, in accordance with free agency.

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