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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 7:40 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

When it comes to comedic relief, the GOP is the gift that keeps on giving.

Logan, UT

I'm a registered Republican (though mainly just so my vote counts in this state), and I found this Bennion fellow's comments to be very unprofessional at best, and more along the lines of extremely offensive. It sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. I find it further alarming that he's actually getting support from the Republican party. In my opinion, they're all a bunch of authoritarian crooks.

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

For what my opinion is worth, I have lived in foreign countries both as a missionary and as a regular, working guy. I felt my experience in the latter case gave me a far better idea of what real life was like there. Missionaries are limited to a particular kind of experience and a routine that shields them from interacting with people in many ways that they would if they were there just to live and work or go to school.

West Jordan, UT

Several have posted their distaste for the GOP. What we as a community, as a nation, as citizens of the USA, is that first of all, people are not perfect, no matter what their position in the government. They are trying to do their job as they see fit, but make mistakes. There is not only corruption and lies in the GOP, but in the Democratic Party as well. Too often, we get too focused on political agendas and fail to see the real issues that bind us together instead of polarize us as a people. I do not like playing the blame game and finger pointing and bad mouthing - that's divisive. I do like constructive dialog which seeks to find common ground to build on.

Sandy, UT

The GOP is not the party of radical extremists, and they have definitely not gone too far to the right. But what too many of them HAVE done is pander to foolishness in hopes of gaining some political ground. It really doesn't take a mental giant to figure out that the murder of Danielle Willard was totally unjustified, and it shouldn't take ANYONE 9 months to arrive at this obvious conclusion. But just because West Valley City can't sustain a viable and credible police department doesn't mean that all the GOP lemmings need to jump on the band wagon with one Chad Bennion to simply prove that they're up in the night. Those who have joined this chorus have only hurt their own cause, and the cause of those seeking accountable government. The more they pile on, the more they weaken their base, because the truth in this case isn't that hard to figure out.

Sandy, UT

Advice to James Evans: Don't be fool enough to follow Chad Bennion down the rat hole. You might want to look at the facts and maybe even test the waters before you jump into the fray. If you're saying that WVC cops had a perfect right to murder a little unarmed 21-year-old gal last November 2, you're headed in the wrong direction and you should be aware enough to realize that.

Huntsville, u

Some of you have no idea what police officers have to go through every day they walk out their front door and go to work. I have seen the abuse 1st hand from some of these punk kid gangsters just trying to egg them on while their friends are sitting back and only videoing the parts they want to show. I hope all police officers start wearing video cams and then we will see the real truth. Of course the Libs are against that. I wonder why????

Eagle Mountain, UT

" I hope all police officers start wearing video cams and then we will see the real truth. Of course the Libs are against that. I wonder why????"


I consider myself a liberal, and the only people I know that are against dash cams in cop cars are dirty cops.

They keep both parties honest, and protect the rights of the citizens.

If I am mistaken in my line of thought, please correct me.

Clearfield, UT

The victim was a 21 year old unarmed female. Two officer were involved in the shooting. I find it difficult to believe they couldn't dodge a car that was backing up. I understand law enforcement can be a demanding profession and have always been willing to give the police the benefit of the doubt. It appears to me that Sim Gill made the correct decision. Sim Gill has my admiration and support.

Bluffdale, UT

Why is it that Utah GOP leaders continue to paint themselves into the radical right corner? Even when they have a door open behind them to exit the room, why do they refuse to use it?
But what can we do? The Democrats have the only other viable party. Or do we have to begin something new?

sandy, UT

Bennion did not lash out at Gill until AFTER his wife was found guilty of a 2nd degree misdemeanor child abuse.His comments were driven by anger not by reason or careful consideration of the facts that Gill addressed. His comments about Gill are worthless to reasonable people who are looking for truth and guidance from the "intelligentsia". State GOP Chairman Evans is piling on because it is the only thing he can do, other than admit the truth that Bennion's comments were racist. The State GOP is putting forward Evans, a black, to say "See this isn't about race. Why our State Chairman is black and he ought to know racism when he see's it".Well I suggest that politics really does make strange bedfellows and that personal and moral choices give way to pandering to the inherent racism of the general population in Utah. Especially since Obama is our President of the United States of America!!

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