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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 7:40 p.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

As a former very active Republican I'm often asked why I left the party. I'm still a registered Republican but I no longer respect a lot of the platform and I find many of the candidates ridiculous. I didn't leave the party, the party left me. This is NOT the party of Lincoln, it is NOT the party of Reagan, it's not even representative of Barry Goldwater. This is NOT the GOP I knew and loved, this is a clown car of racist, isolationist, fascist and outright nut jobs. I feel bad for what the GOP has come in part because I know it will be years before all this tea party and evangelical nonsense can be purged. The GOP will not be healed nor will it be successful until this extremest cancer is eliminated.

Salt Lake City, UT

One characteristic of extreme conservatism: they're quite good at eating their own. They are simply unable to see the big picture or the common good. It's all for "me" first.


If you can't fault the finding, fault the messenger.

And the GOP is worried that this is becoming a political issue - uh, yeah - when a representative of a political party attacks the integrity of the DA, it tends to become political.

How about, if you think the finding is wrong, you present a fact-based case for why it is wrong instead of engaging in ad hominem attacks?

DN Subscriber 2

Bennion is right, it is a valid question if Gill's background prejudices him against police officers.

Bennion's criticism is founded on facts regarding Gill's formative experiences, and logical conclusions which can be drawn from that. That is NOT "ad hominem attacks" until the news media takes them out of context and then adds in ("for fairness, of course") the biased political defenses from the members of the County Attorney's party.

On balance, I think Sim Gill has been not nearly as bad as some expected, but the County Attorney's office has a long (and sordid) history of politicization and selective outrage, under both parties.

Regardless, we are sure to be treated to a continuing series of stories painting all Republicans as racists, crooks, and bigots, who probably kick puppies and steal kids' bicycles--- even if there are only allegations from Democrats.

I guess if Democrats cannot win elections, they can at least win the battles for public opinion with sufficient help from their media allies.

Provo, UT

This makes me hopping mad. I support the values the Republican party claims to support, but our state party has become the party of extremism, corruption, and lies.

The state party establishment is not at all representative of regular Utahns. The establishment's support of unwarranted police brutality is shocking to everyone I know, as are their incomprehensible positions on a host of other issues.

The manipulability of the caucus system is partly to blame; I've been to lots of caucuses and they are a dysfunctional anachronism. But trying to change the corrupt system from within has failed time and again.

Switching to the Democrats is no good either. As the national Democratic party has gone off the deep end, moderate Democrats throughout the state have lost ground, leaving the state Democratic party in the hands of SL county extremists like Dabakis. The party no longer has anything in common with the party of Cal Rampton and Scott Matheson Sr.

The third parties in the state generally try to out-compete each other for capturing whatever tiny slice of the lunatic fringe our already-extreme major parties leave behind.

We need another party- a party of reason and moderation.

Cedar City, UT

I made the mistake of commenting in regards to this issue using my real name in another online forum. Within hours, a police officer from another part of the state contacted me privately to correct me. Truly, Utah has degenerated into a strange police state where one must bow to authority no matter how corrupt and brutal that authority becomes.

Salt Lake City, UT

The reporter did a good job of clarifying that Chad Bennion was quoting Sim Gill re: an experience sim had as a 8 or 9 year old. I am less impressed with some of the quotes by others. Especially mine. I was very clear that I felt Bennion was not trying to pull in ethnic race but some were interpreting it or reporting that way. We do need to focus on if Sim Gill is pushing the pendulum too far. It is also obvious that we do need some balance. Sim Gill should provide some balance. We don't need a police state. Fred C. Cox

Taylorsville, UT

The GOP and its party does not have any rights and this is an insult that they think they are our government. The GOP has not been elected to represent the people and its time they stop proclaiming and acting like they are our elected government.

Gill has been dully elected by the people and not the GOP, therefore the peoples choice has president over any of the accusation or demands of political party zealous. The GOP or any political party cannot speak out in this outrageous and blatant contempt of our elections and voting rights.

The GOP or any party can establish ethical standards and values for its members but its getting sick that party politics is declaring a voice in elected officials duties and responsibilities. We the people choose our spokesman, and the GOP is not one of them and shoud shut up, stop harassing the voters and elected public officials.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

As a 74 year old I find myself in the same position as previous poster "SLDRONE" describes. The Republican party as left many of us. The Bus is being driven by extremists and radicals headed for the cliff! It is way to late to avert the bloodbath that is going to occur in the 2016 and 2020 elections. H. Clinton has only to sit in her rocker and watch the radical right finish the self destruction from the National level to the State and local level. The Chad Bennion debacle is just another pathetic exaample.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Why is it even proper for the County leader of any political party to get involved in the situation at all? Wasn't Sim Gill elected to do a job by the citizens of this county? Let him do his job.

Bluffdale, UT

There is no doubt being a police officer can be a tough job making crucial last minute decisions during an incident. Obviously part of the West Valley police department got out of control and thought they were above the law in their over-zealous enforcement. Lives were lost, careers ruined. A learning lesson to all is to review priorities. Thankfully Sim Gill has portrayed a balance to the problems in West Valley policing. Community faith in the system is rewarded by his actions. I have become a supporter of Sim Gill after hearing what he has done and I was a peace officer for 30 years.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't believe Sim's experience when his was 8 or 9 is a liability for his current office, nor do I believe he is a cop hater. I do wonder if all the over 100 cases should have been tossed the way they were or if they more could have been saved. If you have someone breaking into neighborhoods and they are caught, and then let off the hook, it is a pretty big deal.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Ask yourself this if Mr. Gill had been from LA, New York or even Oklahoma, would Mr. Bennion have questioned his background?

From what I have seen of Mr. Gill, he seems to have done an excellent job of trying to be fair to those charged, and those enforcing the law. It took 9 months to reach the conclusion that the shootings were not legally justifiable, that seems to indicate a methodical process on which evidence was weighed, not a rush to judgement on a band wagon. In fact this paper ran several stories complaining on how long the process was taking.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm a Republican, and I found Mr. Bennion's remarks silly. Rather than engage in a thoughtful analysis of the DA's findings, he engaged in rhetoric and ad hominem remarks. More troubling is his use of his official position as the County GOP Chairman to advance the cause of his private business, the representation of police. Disappointing.

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm curious as to how many people commenting here have lived overseas--and in a "real" setting, not as a missionary. I'm not meaning to stir up the pot here too much, but it's very true that some countries have radically different environments than what we view as normal in the mostly safe, prosperous USA. Even the country directly to the south of us has problems with violence and terror related to drug wars that are unimaginable here. When corruption is found in police forces here in the US, it is still thankfully viewed as something of an anomaly, but that sadly isn't the case in many other countries. So, when I heard Mr. Gill speak of his experience as a child, it didn't surprise me. When I heard that, I also wondered how that might affect his judgment based on what should be proper here. So, no, I didn't view Chad Bennion's comments as racist. Whatever his motivation, I do think it is legitimate to ask how a person's background influences the decisions he makes in his position.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Bennion: obvious pandering to get more votes an get your name out. Your language wasn't "Strong" it was reckless and shows your lack of discipline. This guy needs to be voted out.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I wonder if the GOP rationalizes and feels the same way about Mia Love not being "born" here?

West Jordan, UT

@Just an Observer - Given that most missionaries in any country spend a great deal of time interacting with common people on the street and in most cases, the poorest people in those countries, I think missionaries actually have a more "real" view of those countries than even some of their own residents do.

As for the topic of the article, Bennion happens to be the party chairman, but he hardly represents the whole party, especially in this case. Should he actually BE the chairman? Probably not...but until the voters speak up, that's who Republicans are stuck with. Politicians shoot their mouths off like anyone else. Just because they have a (D) or (R) next to their name, doesn't meant that everyone else in the party thinks that way (especially because I doubt he consulted the whole party before he spoke up...)

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

The GOP is turning into a very scary fascist like party.

I am a registered repub yet I don't identify with anything they do or say anymore. Racists, bigots, runaway spending, wars just to make wars, corporate welfare, tax cuts for the rich, attacks on health care, education, food stamps, the military, sequester, and now on Mr. Gill. Just unbelievable.

I haven't left the party, the party has left me.

Poplar Grove, UT

Well if we are going to bring Sim Gills background into this shouldn't we bring in all the information about Chad Bennion? Like the fact that he is a lawyer for one of these policemen. Or that his wife was convicted of child abuse for slapping her small child in the face, on the same day Gill released the findings on the Willard case? But i'm sure that has nothing to do with Mr. Bennion foaming at the mouth....

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