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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 5:55 p.m. MDT

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Korea, AE

Que the trolls and naysayers....

What brilliant pithy negative statements can u come up with?

I can't wait until the first game.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

"Fast" in Provo is anything quicker than a 4.8 40 time.

I think the main reason utah dropped byu is its not a quality win anymore. 20 years ago it was. But times have changed significantly since then. Does anyone know the last time byu won 4-0 in the former rivalry?

Mapleton, UT

No trolling from this Arizona kid. Just True Blue. Go Cougars!!

springville, UT

Awe crissy, tell us again who the U played in their bowl game last year?


"Does anyone know the last time byu won 4-0 in the former rivalry?"

I assume what you really mean is won four-in-a-row. Do you really want to count on four-in-a-row before it actually happens?

I do expect Utah to be better this year than last, but I also expect BYU to be better. It will be fun!

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

Getting excited for the season to start. We have got some playmakers on both sides of the ball. Win/lose Expecting the games to be entertaining. Bronco has proven he knows how to put a good defense on the field. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all of the talk about the offense is more than just typical preseason hype.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

This is the most excited I have been about BYU football. Can't wait to get the games going and see what this new revved up offense can do. Watching a broken QB just wasn't the same thing I had been accustomed to from BYU. Its time for BYU to step up and win those close games.

Idaho Falls, ID

I am cautiously optimistic. As with every year, there is a lot of hype and very high expectations. It will be a hard fall if this team doesn't deliver.

Salt Lake City, UT

Twenty Years ago beating the Y would have been a quality win. Because it seldom if ever happened. Having lived those games I remember the hard fought battles with the Y's rival Utah State. I also remember the gimme game at Thanksgiving where we were all buying bowl game tickets rather than watching the 70-31 slaughter fest of the U. (54-10 wasn't born yet I assume). It was nice to see the U finally bring in a coach who could even things out (McBride) and the games were fierce but respectful. And then in recent history the Y had the Crowton debacle, then the Urban years (too few) and since then the inevitable crumbling of Urban's empire to be the shadow of what it was and the chorus of "We're in the PAC12" trolls who haven't watched the Sagarin rating dropping like a stockmarket sell off in a recession. I fear for the U that the percipitous drop can't be stopped especially with this years schedule. So yes, the U should have cancelled games with the Y for a while. Having a much improved Y on the schedule will only make the schedule harder.


@2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP by U.4-0
Oh I am sorry to hear it is a former rivalry. I thought Utah fans still considered it a rivalry... I mean they stormed the field three times.... So who is your new rival? Colorado?

West Point , UT

Which week do we play Utah again? Sorry I've been so focused on Sept 7th, Oct 4th, Oct 25th, Nov 9th, & Nov 23rd, that I completely forgot about when the Y plays the utesies. I'm pretty sure that's why, when I had to consult the schedule to find out when the game is against the kids on the hill, I saw that the game time was TBD. I wonder if ESPN forgot about the game against the PAC cellar dwellers too...."oh that's right they (BYU) have to play Utah, maybe we should figure out what time works for our schedule and see if we can squeeze them in". Lol

Danbury, CT

Who cares what Ute fans think? I thought they had "moved on" but apparently always interested in what BYU is doing. Frankly, I don't compare what I do with my "little" brothers.

There is always a lot of hype about BYU at this time of year and then we get into the schedule and lose heartbreaker games we should win. I'm glad to see the Offense shaken up and believe if we are anywhere near as good on Defense as we were last year, and have a decent Offense, we can win the close ones and perhaps score some upsets. It will likely take a few years to set this new Offense and put together a season where we can be in contention for a BCS bowl. A win in such a bowl will always be the criteria for arriving at the next level.


Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

It remains to be seen who will emerge as Utah's biggest rival. I'm hoping for UCLA or USC, but that would require a lot of really good years for the Utes competing for PAC 12 South titles. May just continue to be BYU by default for a while. Colorado? No chance. Rivalry cannot be contrived. Until the Buffs return to glory and battle the Utes for top dog in the South for a few years, and that seems pretty unlikely, who will get up for that game every year?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Doman didn't need a quarterback coach because until the final game he didn't have a real quarterback.

Aurora, CO

Now I know why Utah is so happy, happy, happy not to be playing BYU for the next few seasons. After this years game they won't be recovering for a few weeks and will be in the PAC-10+2 cellar looking up at Colorado. That 54-10 score will be a distant memory and the new regime will be the talk of ESPN.

GO COUGARS and let's all hope for a quick recovery for those Utes.

Utah, you can always use the phrase those adorable Cubbies from Chicago made famous "wait until next year!"

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

@2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP by U.4-0
Good one Christy. Trust us, any win the Utes are able muster up this year will be considered a quality one.

Phoenix, AZ

"Wait until next year!"

LOL, that's awesome mindgames.

Oceanside, CA

Re: SLC Watch and mind games

"Having a much improved Y on the schedule will only make the schedule harder." "That 54-10 score will be a distant memory and the new regime will be the talk of ESPN."

Based on what?? A shakey offensive line that's having problems snapping the ball to the QB; no cornerbacks; and a QB that hasn't proved he can throw over five yards?

Rexburg, ID

Re: ImaCaMan,

"Based on what?? A shakey offensive line that's having problems snapping the ball to the QB; no cornerbacks; and a QB that hasn't proved he can throw over five yards?"

It appears you are referring to your Ute offense.

Let your mind be at ease, the BYU offense will be just fine thank you every much.

Danbury, CT

Maybe Utah's real rival will be Utah State. USC has UCLA, ASU has U of A. The other rivalries in the PAC are well established. I think as long as Ute fans are obsessed with BYU they will always be rivals and comparing themselves to BYU. All these Ute bloggers here are proof...every day sitting and waiting to pounce on every article about the Y.

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