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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Look at the Utah injury article, BYU fans taking shots at Utah. There's no difference, don't kid your self.


So I take it that Michigan isn't a difficult opponent?

Layton, UT

"Unlike Utah, BYU isn't afraid to continue scheduling difficult opponents on the road."

Hard to argue that, since we scheduled byu this year and in 2016...On the road...Or...Could it be that Utah doesn't have a problem getting difficult opponents to come to RES?

Phoenix, AZ

Beaver Native said:

"I have my doubts particularly about BYU's choice for offensive staff"

I'm not sure why you wrote this. Anae is a somewhat predictable but decent OC. We'll see what he can do for now. Since everyone is commenting about BYU from the Utah side of things, I find it hilarious that they took our terrible head coach in Erikson from ASU as their co-offensive coordinator. Your "pitch" play has just turned into a swing pass. You will also run that play at least 25 times per game. Erikson is too predictable. I would say that about Anae, but he has implemented a new offense, so we'll have to see if he goes back into a predictable rut or not.

I think BYU will have a good year. I don't think they will go undefeated, but it will be a good year. Utah on the other hand, I don't see them doing well. They will defeat Weber St. but every other game is either a loss or a toss up. I don't see Utah bowing this year.

Salt Lake City, UT


What are you talking about?

There are lots of good players who choose to play at BYU overall schools from the PAC, including Utah.

Which school had the highest ranked draftee in the most recent NFL draft?

Utah's recent success in the NFL draft is dwarved by BYU's long-term success in the NFL draft.

Arizona and ASU may have won national championships in multiple sport since 1979, but so has BYU, including a football national championship, which Arizona and ASU have never even sniffed.

If you don't want to be slammed for citing BYU's irrelevant all-time record versus Colorado, then why post it?

Utah also has losing record versus Colorado, but unlike BYU, Utah's most recent loss to Colorado wasn't over 60 years ago, it was only 2 years ago.

BYU's all-time record versus Colorado is about as relevant as Utah's all-time record versus the YMCA, 1-7.

Danbury, CT

I just don't get the Ute fans. The article is about BYU. Not Utah. If Utah has "moved on", why do their fans care SO MUCH about what BYU is doing???

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU has always been treated with respect nationally. Its only within a few programs that BYU is so despised that the fans consider the football program irrelevant. They will watch the games just as they always have and hope the Cougars fail.

BYU has a great advantage against Texas this year. I can't see how 300 lb lineman will be able to keep up with BYU's uptempo offense at altitude. Keep the horns close to halftime and hook em in the second with consistent fast plays and the Cougars come away with a marquee win.

@Spokane Ute

That Michigan game will be fun to watch. Hope the Utes pull it off like they did the last time they went to Ann Arbor. 2015 should be a good year for the team, and a chance to finally get back to a bowl after a three year drought.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"So I take it that Michigan isn't a difficult opponent?"

Don't kid yourself.

Michigan is the one and ONLY elite OOC opponent the Utes have ever enticed into visiting RES, and the Utes simply lucked into that when the Wolverines jumped the gun on what they thought was going to be a long-term, inter-conference scheduling agreement between the B1G and the PAC.

Call us the next time the Utes schedule another elite OOC opponent like Texas, Miami, Florida State, Notre Dame, Penn State or USC to visit RES.

(Sorry, U don't get to count the PAC forcing USC to play U in SLC.)


What was the point of this article? BYU would be elite if they won all their games? Yeah, no kidding? Maybe the D-News should write an article about how if BYU wins most of their games, then they will have a winning record. Why would you watch a team that plays for nothing? BYU just plays a bunch of meaningless regular season games and then goes to some mid level bowl to play the sixth best PAC team (assuming they even accomplish that.) If they had stayed in the MWC they could have at least played the fifth best team and had a conference trophy if they had won it. Their season will be over by game two when they play Texas. Then it's just pointless.

Layton, UT


Cause we're going to grace your stadium on 9/21.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


Home or away, the Utes haven't beaten an AP Top 25 team since the Sugar Bowl.

Despite the continuing delusion of the kids living under that crimson bubble on the hill, the Utes have been in steady decline ever since.

btw, the BYU-Utah 2016 game is in SLC.

Baltimore, MD

"What was the point of this article? BYU would be elite if they won all their games? Yeah, no kidding?"

The point, dear jeru0455, and others who seem be having trouble here, is that BYU, even as an Independent, can still be an elite team.

Despite claims to the contrary from the hill crowd, "eliteness" isn't determined by conference affilation, but by success on the field.

Being a basement dweller in a power conference doesn't make you elite, it only makes U a well-paid doormat.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"Of course, there were down years, most notably the end of the Gary Crowton era, but by and large, BYU was the pace horse of the old WAC and later the Mountain West Conference for decades." -- Rocky Stele

WAC yes, MWC no!

The MWC pace horses were TCU and Utah, BYU just Quested for what they did. They produced more NFL talent including better QB's (Smith and Dalton), better recruits, and BCS wins.

"BYU’s history from the Cotton Bowl victory forward has been very pedestrian; no undefeated seasons, no BCS bowl games and most importantly no BCS Bowl game wins. The fact is this BYU’s football program has been just speed bump albeit higher than let’s say SDSU or UNLV in the road for the real power programs in the MWC; TCU and Utah"

Those two horses have moved on to greener pastures.

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

It's always been tough for the ute fans. Two B[S]CS Bowl victories, an invite to the Pac 10+2... And who ends up on the Street & Smith's Pac preview? None other than Kyle Van Noy.

Being part of a big conference hasn't changed your image. Now hear this, Wyoming of the Pac... "NOBODY CARES ABOUT U."

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Steve Jarvis

Thanks Man and good luck this year. Nice to respond to a civil comment as opposed to someone who simply hates their rival.

When you have USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, etc. on your schedule year in and year out, you don't need any more elite opponents coming to town because you play in one of the top 3 conferences in America. and why in the world wouldn't USC count? They come to SLC every other year. BYU has a great schedule this year, but Utah's is still considered more difficult. That's what happens when you are a member of a top caliber conference. Call us when you beat one of those teams listed. Until then, it's just drivel. Sorry, but simply playing, and getting beat by top teams doesn't say much; and the same goes for Utah. Now who's kidding who? U Mad Bro?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Home or away, the Utes haven't beaten an AP Top 25 team since the Sugar Bowl.

@ Rockwell or Scenic View, or who ever you have

Neither has BYU.

Face it, both teams need to start getting quality wins, or get used to being a below average Independent; and a lower tier PAC 12 school. Anyone can schedule good teams, it's beating those teams that matter. That's the facts; plain and simple.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"The MWC pace horses were TCU and Utah..."

Sorry to burst your crimson bubble, but

MWC championships overall:
Utah 4

While TCU was a member of the MWC:

MWC championships
Utah 1

Top 25 finishes
Utah 3

Top 15 finishes
Utah 1

10+ win seasons
Utah 3

During the Bronco/Kyle era (which is when TCU entered the MWC), Utah had one good year, and little else.

As far as a pace setter, U couldn't even beat the teams at the bottom of the conference. The Utes lost to every bottom dweller in the MWC - Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado State and pathetic 10-loss UNLV.

The same pattern has already begun in the PAC, where the Utes lost to pathetic 10-loss Colorado in their first season.

Pace setter?


Park City, UT


"When you have USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, etc. on your schedule year in and year out, you don't need any more elite opponents coming to town..."

Actually, you do if you have any hope of making the playoffs.

"USC, UCLA, Stanford, and Oregon have all had recent down years, where they were barely mediocre, let alone "elite" -

or have you forgotten,

BYU DESTROYED Oregon 38-8 and UCLA 59-0.

Remind us again how many Top 25 PAC teams you've played, let alone, beaten, so far.

When they've come to SLC they've been decidely NOT elite!

Now who's kidding who?

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

@ CougarSunDevil,

Admittedly, I'm an amateur that never even played H.S. football, although I broadcast H.S. games for three years. I don't know enough to consider myself an expert. My reasoning about the offensive staff is based on the fact that BYU once let Anae go. Agreed that Anae is a decent OC, but BYU needs more than a decent OC at the level of play they are at now. I'll be cheering for BYU and I hope you're right.

Not being from the Wasatch Front, the Utah game doesn't have the same meaning for me as most of you. Both schools have had great teams in the past and will have great teams in the future, but the last year or two have been disappointing for both teams. Too many are looking at past successes as predictors of the coming year when the last couple of years have been less than stellar. I wish both teams success this year. It would be great to see one or both at a BCS bowl game, but I think that's not likely this year.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Gordonblue

Not kidding anyone, I was perfectly honest. Neither Utah or BYU have beaten a top 25 team in quite some time. The BYU-UCLA game was 5 years ago. UCLA finished the season 4-8. The Oregon-BYU game was 7 years ago. Oregon finished 7-6. Are you actually gloating over these victories? Really? Further more, Utah's schedule includes 5 top 25 teams, all within conference. Plus #26 BYU and #19 Utah State (per Sagarin rankings). If you actually think that a 13-0 run wouldn't get Utah into a playoff, I have some Ocean front property here in Spokane that you might be interested in. It's quite obvious, you are kidding your self; as usual. Nice! I also love the use of CAPS, always a nice touch...........sheeesh!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Wins over top programs don't matter. What matters is attitude.
If you know you're elite, then you're elite. It doesn't matter if you can't beat good teams. What matters is what you believe.

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