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Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Korea, AE

Laugh fest...

ute fan logic:

1. That by being admitted into the PAC 12 they have been crowned worthy and that they need to do nothing to be counted among the country's elite programs.

2. Turn around and tell BYU fans that none of the accolades or praise BYU gets from anybody is worthwhile, nor does their national championship, winning seasons, bowl appearances, or higher and more often final top 25 rankings.

3. The only thing that matters is that they are 3-4, 8-11. Winning is everything.

So when they are talking about themselves they use the collective "we're" part of a better conference, but it does not matter if we win, the only thing that matters is that we have a chance to win, and that we've arrived and are accepted into a "Big boy" conference.

Then they come back to BYU fans and say, nothing else matter except wins.

Nice logic. So wins only matter one direction and not the other?

That is why you'll never be respected.

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

The facts of the matter are this is a program where some in senior LDS Church leadership question if it is really needed for the mission of BYU. All this program has done is take away from the effectiveness of state run programs, particularly at Utah State University. Had BYU done the right thing half a century ago and given up football, and not been included in the original WAC alignment, this wouldn't be an issue. The football program should be dropped at BYU plain and simple.

Love skiing
Salt Lake City, UT

Cougsndawgs- You are one of the most reasonable person on here. Way to keep it real bro. Wow, they did deny it. This is huge because Texas don't play nice with anyone. If and when expansion talk comes up again, they will love nothing better than sticking it to BYU. I was hoping that BYU would just approve it and move on. This may come back to bite BYU. Good luck on the season except the Utah game.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ toosmartforyou

"Hey, E Fudd, they're still saying that in Arizona "...We'll get there one day." LOL!!"

Here's the thing! Utah is NOT Arizona! It wasn't too long ago that BYU fans would say "Utah will never crash the BCS", and they did! "Utah will never do it again", and they did! "Utah will never beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl", and they did! Utah will never be invited to join the Pac-10", and they did! Now it's "Utah will never win the PAC and play in the Rose Bowl", only time will tell! BYU fans making those ridiculous claims only reveal their jealousy of Utah.

By the way Scoreboard!

Salt Lake City, Utah

#1 SLC Sports Fan

Your speculation is nothing but bitter jealousy from a BYU-hating Aggie. There aren't now, and never have been any serious discussions within the senior LDS Church leadership of dropping football at BYU.

Utah State is a nice school with a decent athletics program, but Utah State's "mission" has absolutely NOTHING to do with BYU's mission.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

@ Ute fans calling BYU football irrelevant: If it's irrelevant, why do you put so much time into commenting on something so irrelevant to you? Your actions speak louder than your words. It appears that both schools are still highly relevant to each other.

BYU went independent because their major competition left for better conferences and they were not willing to compromise on Sunday play in order to do the same. The MWC no longer had programs that could compete with BYU so BYU left so that they had more freedom in strengthening their schedule. They stay independent because they still won't compromise on Sunday play. It also helps that they have a lucrative contract with ESPN.

Gus Tunkle
Pleasant Grove, UT

BYU is the greatest college football program in NCAA history. The is no "return" necessary.

Brigham's Brother
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What, no prediction for a national championship? Perhaps Cougar nation has learned its lessons...perhaps.

Fashion Police
Olympus Cove, Utah

Elmer Fudd

Sorry to burst your crimson bubble, but 2004 and 2008 were anomalies, not trends. A program that has only finished in the AP Top 25 FIVE times in their entire history and has only won SIX WAC/MWC championships in half a century, THAT program has no chance of ever being one of the big boys in the PAC.

The Utes will NEVER win a national championship.

And, IF the Utes ever win a conference championship, it will be at half the frequency at which the Utes won championships in the WAC, in other words, about 1 every 37 years.

5-7 seasons with no bowl, with occassional break through 7-5 seasons are Utah's new reality.

The sooner you accept that, the better you'll sleep at night.

West Jordan, UT

Glad to see an article not criticizing BYU for something! Looking forward to a great season! Go Cougs!

Saratoga Springs, UT


Nice rankings of toughness and importance! TO bad it doesn't really matter for a 4-8 finish, 2-7 Pac-10 (Again, you are still not recognized by Pac-10 fans, they still don't want you and Colorado). The only thing Utah and Colorado are good for in the Pac-10 is a couple extra conference wins.


Cedar Hills, UT

Utah is in the PAC12 right now because of two BCS bowl wins. Simple as that. TCU same thing. BYU hasn't even been to a BCS bowl and therefore isn't considered a major college football program until it does....at least not in the same sense as those programs consistently in the top 20. Wins will do the trick no question but the Y has the double hard task of getting those wins on the road because nobody is going to come to Provo anymore. It can be done but it will take some good fortune getting great players and that is much easier said than done.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Beaver Native,
Thank you for saying what you did!!!! BYU will not compromise its principles to join a conference and they should not be asked or expected to do so!!! I would rather hold my head up high and know I have honor, spirit and tradition on my side then to give it all up just to belong to a certain conference!!! Stay the coarse BYU!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!
Go Aggies!!! Beat Utah

Logan, UT

"Independent BYU just needs wins to return to nation's elite"

Isn't this true of pretty much every sports team...ever?

Cairo, AE

I'm with Joe. Doesn't every team in every sport require wins to be elite. I mean with exception to Notre Dame.

pocatello, ID

Orem, UT

BYU has won 3 of the last 4 versus Colorado, and hasn't lost to the Buffs since a narrow 7-9 setback in the 40's. In the meantime, BYU has dished out a beatdown in Boulder and beat the Buffs in the Freedom Bowl.

Compare that to Utah's two most recent meetings with the Buffs - a LOSS to a 10-loss team at home, and a 7-point win over an 11-loss team in Boulder.

btw, Utah is 0-8 lifetime versus Washington. BYU is 4-4, including a win in 2010.

The Arizona schools have excelled in other sports, but the sad truth for U is, as pathetic as the Utes have been in PAC football (7-11), the Utes have been even more pathetic in every other PAC sport besides W gymnastics.


Who is the one spinning? You totally ignored what I was commenting about while focusing on BYUs all time record against CU.

No wonder BYU fans can't handle numbers. You are comparing Utah's time in the PAC with the Arizona schools. Kind of a difference in years don't you think?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It's time for both Utah and BYU to start beating the better teams on the schedule. Talking the talk is one thing, but walking the walk is a whole different story. I would love to see both Utah and BYU win 9-10 games this year; but looking at the schedules, that's a tall task indeed. Best of luck to both schools, except when Utah visits Provo.


Frisco, TX

I love it - look how many Utes have already posted on this article.

On Sat, the DNews confirmed that Wilson had solidified his spot as starting QB. There are four comments on Wilson, and yet on this BYU article there are over 80 comments with about 20 of them being from Utes.

Conclusion - Utes would rather discuss BYU football than their own program.

There is also a good article in the Denver Post about the Buffs, but no Utes have commented. Who is your rival?

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Utah is in the PAC12 right now because of two BCS bowl wins. Simple as that."

Nope, they aren't.

The Utes are in the PAC simply because they and Colorado were the two schools with the best cultural fit, along with decent academics, decent-sized television markest, and decent athletic programs, after the PAC 10 / Big 12 South merger fell through.

Utah's flash-in-the-pan football program had as little to do with it as Colorado's down-in-the-dumps football program.

The PAC simply needed a couple of warm bodies to hold a CCG and increase their television market.

It's as simple as that.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Wins will do the trick no question but the Y has the double hard task of getting those wins on the road because nobody is going to come to Provo anymore."

NOBODY, that is, except for teams like Texas, USC, Notre Dame, Boise State, and...


Winning on the road, though more difficult, earns even more respect.

Unlike Utah, BYU isn't afraid to continue scheduling difficult opponents on the road.

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